My story as a Gestational Carrier – part 1

What if their story was my story - #ldsconf quote

After our announcement about me being a gestational carrier we’ve naturally had a lot of questions. Besides a ton of supportive and very touching comments – so thank you! I am totally open to answering questions the best I can…or sharing what I can. In sharing this personal journey and also being open to answering questions […]

What if their story was my story….announcement from our family!

What if their story was my story

There is more to say and more to come… but for now, I think this says enough!

Don’t look around…. Look up #PrinceofPeace

ldsconf quote

Over the weekend I took part in watching and listening to what my religion calls General Conference. A twice a year event that is broadcast all over the world and open to anyone attending, watching or listening. Split into 2 sessions of 2 hour blocks over 2 days messages of hope, faith, love, healing, encouragement, […]

Meet The Model – Shona


Let us introduce – Shona! She is our second feature in our Meet the Model series with our Boutique Store –  noVae Clothing. We first met Shona when she was Miss Bountiful. Her beauty is not only in appearance but in personality, the way she acts and everything about her. She is truly a kind […]

Meet the Model – Stephanie


Before we started our new venture with noVae Clothing I worked on sharing empowering messages in our motto of Wear good, Feel good & Do good. I shared many social media posts on how women need women. I’d like to carry a version of this into noVae Clothing by sharing the women who take the […]

25 ways to #LightTheWorld this Holiday Season


More… The Holiday Season brings an increased amount of MORE with it. And the more can be good – More traditions. More memories. More events. More parties. More good food. More seeing friends & family. and on and on…. And hopefully in all of that we get MORE of what the season is really all […]

7 costume ideas you can DIY from 1 dress


I completely LOVE versatile clothes! You know that…. I also love getting in the spirit of Halloween and DIY’ing my own costume to have fun with the kids. I can usually pull something together with the items we have around the house. This year was no different. We LOVE this modest Little Black Dress from […]

Modest Clothes and dreaming big


When we lived in North Carolina my daughter and I found it difficult to find local options for modest clothes. Not only modest but modern, stylish, trendy ones too! Shorts were way to short. Skirts were just as bad. Everywhere the tops were sleeveless and who wants to layer with all the humidity? NOBODY! Dresses […]

Best TIPS for organizing a FOOD FIGHT!

Best tips for a food fight -

Yes you read that right!!! A FOOD FIGHT!!! Something I have wanted to “throw” (yes pun intended) together for a long time now but just happened to move into an area where they already held an annual one! LUCKY US!! My friend Heather throws a GREAT food fight each year to celebrate the end of […]