Maybe that is why people decorate EARLY for Christmas

Why people decorate early for christmas - Brassyapple

Christmas decor…. everyone has a difference of opinion of WHEN it should go up. I tend to not be bothered by that. I am on the other end of the spectrum. I get bothered when it stays up “forever!”. I am a take it down and put it away type of girl. And yes I […]

Treasures left behind – #PyrahPlantation

treasures found at #PyrahPlantation -

Today’s installment of Pyrah Plantation – our “new/old” house, a 60s southern home – has to do with the some treasures that were left for us by the owner. If you missed the 1 post be sure to click over and read a bit about how this new adventure all started (and see the outside of […]

Our new old southern home – #PyrahPlantation

The #Pyrahplantation - updating a 60s southern style home in NC

Hello from the EASTern part of the USA!!! Having lived in the Western part (Idaho, Utah, Arizona) my whole life this is quite a change. It is absolutely beautiful here! There are trees everywhere and they are so high and tall! Luckily we moved here when the humidity is low so we have months to […]

Brassy is scoping, are you?

periscope with BrassyApple

What? another social media platform to join??? YES!!!! Ok – I waited and waited to join up on Periscope but just a few days ago I did and I must say…. I am diggin it! Are you on Periscope??? Well Brassy Apple is now! and I just jumped in and did 2 scopes over the […]

DIY Fringe Fashion

diy fringe fashion round up -

I love an easy refashion and adding a little FRINGE to different pieces of your wardrobe can be FUN, interesting and easy too! Here’s a round up of DIY fringe idea that will have you pinning it, creating and shaking your fringe around town! DIY Fringe bag worth swooning over! this is on my list […]

Family Service Project – Utah – Eyes4Zimbabwe

service and gratitude quote

I am one of those people that while scrolling social media and see an awesome service opportunity that was in my area or that my friends participated in I get a little bit bummed that I didn’t know about it. We are a “DO GOOD” family and always love getting out and being involved. SO […]

Adult Coloring Book Craze

adult coloring book FUN - brassyapple

Are you in on the craze?? Have you heard or seen of Adult Coloring Books? Well coloring is NOT just for kids anymore! It is sweeping the globe. These aren’t simple toddler pictures with easy lines and spaces to color or characters, super heroes or holiday themed pages in book. These are Landscapes, cityscapes, intricate […]

12 steps to Change

Addiction recovery quote - 12 steps to change -

In the world of social media you may have often seen the hashtag used #thestruggleisreal. I think everytime I have seen it used it’s done in a playful way… lighthearted and funny like dealing with a toddler, getting out of bed in the morning, to long with out a diet coke, etc…. . But what […]

Are we CRAZY??? Look at what we just did!!!!

Taking a leap of faith -

OH my goodness!!! This is a some GOOD NEWS we have been wanting and WAITING to share for 8 months now! When my husbands job brought us to Utah 5 years ago we stepped out of our comfort zone and went for it! We didn’t really know the area and only knew a couple of […]