Best Thrifting Tips – Instaseries

Best tips for buying clothes second hand -

Did you catch my BEST thrifting tips for clothes last week? I am starting to do some Instablogging on Instgram and that is where I shared all 6 of my favorite tips! lo You can see all my Instablogging series that I will do by searching the hashtag #BrassyInstablog  Of course I’d love it if […]

Life Success Through Storytelling

share your story - laminine -

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it thousand times. There is power in sharing YOUR story. Just recently I had the privilege to be featured in an eZine magazine. It was the fall 2014 edition of YES – Your Exceptional Success. I received this opportunity because I chose to share a story from my life which […]

Bravery and Beauty – join the movement

share your natrual beauty -

I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat started it with her recent song and video called TRY. And I wanted to push this movement along and invited women from all over to join me and share what they looked like without make up on!! I’ve been […]

Brassy Secret Project countdown – 1 week!!

Bravey and Beauty Project - #Iambraveandbeautiful

It’s coming!!! It’s exactly one week from today!! What am I talking about?? If you don’t follow me on Instagram – YOU SHOULD! LOL!! even if you don’t post to Instagram it is my FAVORITE way to keep up with friends and peek into the lives of everyone else – ha ha ha. I like […]

Be the Good – Sewing Dresses for Zimbabwe

be the good styled tshirts

When you look good, you feel good. Use that feeling to spread some good. You know I’m a big advocate of getting yourself ready for the day you want to have. To help your inside match your outside or vice versa. There is something about that perfect tshirt, or lipstick color, accessory or your favorite […]

I might be committing Blog Suicide

go where your heart takes you -

I have thought over and over how to present and type up this blog post. Should I even say anything? If I do, what do I say? Everything? Just a few pieces? and by saying ANYTHING, am I commiting blog suicide??? After agonizing over this for too long I realize it may never be perfectly […]

Sugru – fixing the future the DIY way

Sugru - the DIY way to fix the future -

As a blogger I get pitches all the time to try products and share them with you. Most I turn down because 1) they aren’t applicable to me and what I talk about here 2) It’s not something I would buy normally (too expensive, etc) and 3) there are always some strings attached and sometime […]

Life is a Climb – forge ahead or take in the view

life is a climb -

I love hiking…and that’s no secret if you follow my Instagram account. I’m always sharing pictures from our family walks and hikes. We were on a trail today and yes I was snapping photos to instagram out and share later but they reminded me of this little video I created last August. I thought it […]

Mason Jar Blender – check it out!

Mason Jar Smoothies -

We know Mason jars have been all the rage for a few seasons now so when Tribest reached out and told me about their Mason Jar blender I just had to see this for myself! I’m not a food blogger but a girls got to eat right?! And like you, mornings are busy. We’ve got […]