My $2 Movie Theater tricks!

movie theater hacks for families on a budget -

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ $2 movie theater! When taking a “big” family or group it sure is way easier on the wallet to spend $2 a person. Here’s my favorite tips for making it easy and even LESS expensive! 1) Go early enough to get seats all together. This can be a problem. […]

The Salt Project – what to do with kids?

farmington trail fish

I was able to share this post I wrote up on the The Salt Project blog recently and I wanted to share it here as well. You know me, I like to use the hashtag #coolmom on Instgram when I’m having one of those moments. Also looking to create more of those simple, everyday moments in our […]

Bad OVERSEAS online clothes buying experience

bad online buying experience what you see if not always what you get

I teamed up with my good friend andpartner in crime Chalyce Hadley  to bring you this “public blogger service announcement”….. LOL! what does that mean? I means, it’s something that you should be aware of. Back in the first week of December (2014) Chaylce called and told me she had just ordered some super inexpensive clothes […]

If you give a Blogger a Tshirt

team no sleep tee - cute story from Brassy Apple

I’ve got a fun and silly narrative to share with you today!!! I debut the story and all the pictures on my Instagram account today piece by piece (would love for you to follow me over there!). It was fun to unfold it all but thought I’d put it here so it can be read […]

Excavate! Dinosaurs – kids book review

excavate dinosaurs book

  Not sure if you have 6 more weeks of Winter in your area or if Spring is on it’s way….Some days you just need a little “something” in your back pocket to help entertain the kids! Something different, something fun and if it’s a little eduational (or A LOT eduational) as a Mom I […]

Sassy Steals Birthday GIVEAWAY

sassy steals birthday giveaway

Sassy Steals is one of the best daily deal sites and most likely to have what you’re looking for! You know what we’re talking about—that one item that is simply you. Whether you are looking for a great deal on that trendy, must-have accessory, that must-have outfit for you or your family or the perfect […]

FASHION – All the RAGE – Leggings!

how to wear leggings

Have you heard about this? And when I say, “all the RAGE” I mean there has been some RAGE about this subject. (source) A blog post written up and posted by Veronica Partridge titled, “Why I Chose not to wear leggings” got some crazy attention that landed her on National TV! When I read the post and […]

Crafting – All the RAGE – Marquee letters!


There have been a few things lately that I am SEEING everywhere! In the Crafting/Creative realm it’s Heidi Swapps new custom MARQUEE Letters! (source) Now the DIY Marquee Letters have been big for a while now but that smart Heidi Swapp, she make it even simplier and so much more accessible! Bloggers have been swooping […]

Shopping Giveaway!


TGIF everyone! Today I am thrilled to be collaborating with a gorgeous and talented group of bloggers to bring you a $550 Nordstrom gift card, or paypal cash (winner chooses). Looking for the perfect Valentines dress? Clothes for the kids? Or maybe even a birthday gift for a friend? Think of all the possibilities!   To enter, […]