Refashion – Animal Print dress to skirt

Dress to skirt Refashion - #sewing

Refashion is a passion of mine whether that is for my wardrobe or for my life. Maybe this Refashion will get your excited to go thrifting to create something fabulous for your own wardrobe! Be sure to check out the before and after! I love a great before. Here’s my thrifted dress that had this amazing […]

DIY simple Bow Tie – sewing

DIY bow tie from SweetCharli - #sewing

Bows, bows, bows, I like bows!  Usually I am making something with a bow on it for one of my girls or for myself.  Today, however, I am making a bow tie for all the sweet little boys out there!   This tutorial is easy.  I, being a simple sewer, can do it – so […]

Beauty products – differences between Real and FAKE ones!


Hello everyone! This is Courtney from Fry Sauce & Grits. I normally write posts about bras, but this month I thought I’d do something a little different. I had an experience this last week that made me really mad, sad, and upset. I recently got a haircut and needed to buy some new hair products […]

Mother Daughter Crafting made EASY – Crafters Crate

Mother daughter craft ideas - Crafters Crate -

As moms we are always looking for activities to keep our kids happy, learning, creative and occupied during the Summer break….but when it comes to back to school time that doesn’t mean that the crafting has to stop! Schedules are tighter and busier and there’s not always a lot of extra time to sit down, […]

Flat to FITTER – Skinny up a BOXY top!

Refashion a wide top to be flattering - #sewing #refashion #tshirt

This is one of my FAVORITE refashions to do! It’s so basic and will work wonders on the tops in your closet! I’ve shared it often when I go and speak/teach refashion classes but I’ve never shared it here (what???? I know right?) It will also change the way you shop the sales/clearance racks. I […]

Apple Tree Craft – Kids DIY

Apple Tree kids craft from IHeartCraftyThings - #kids #fall #apple #preschool

Making an apple tree craft at the end of each summer has become a tradition for my family. Big, full apple trees are reminiscent of the end of the summer season to me and the beginning of my most favorite season…Fall! The apple tree we made this year not only has a handprint making it […]

DIY fabric flower corsage

DIY fabric flower corsage from Tea Rose Home - #sewing #accessory #fabric

Hi everyone, this is Sachiko from Tea Rose Home again! When we think about refashion, the first thing that comes to mind is to change an article of clothing to something different, right? In this post, I want to introduce a slightly bit different approach. You don’t have to change the clothing itself, but by […]

Create Walking Sticks – Kids DIY

Kids DIY Walking Sticks - #kids #craft

Supplies: Walking Sticks Paint Brushes yarn (optional) Something to cover your work space Small plates and bowls for paint and water After Hiking this Summer and each kids searching out and finding their own branch on the ground to use during our outdoor adventures I thought it would be fun to personalize them. We brought them […]

Family book activity – Bubbly Car Wash!

Family service activity from a book -

Summer may be coming to a close for you and maybe the Summer break is already over. That doesn’t mean reading is or family activities. I absolutely love making a book come alive or enforcing a theme or idea we just read through an activity. So going to the carwash is a given right? Although […]