I might be committing Blog Suicide

go where your heart takes you - BrassyApple.com

I have thought over and over how to present and type up this blog post. Should I even say anything? If I do, what do I say? Everything? Just a few pieces? and by saying ANYTHING, am I commiting blog suicide??? After agonizing over this for too long I realize it may never be perfectly […]

Sugru – fixing the future the DIY way

Sugru - the DIY way to fix the future - BrassyApple.com

As a blogger I get pitches all the time to try products and share them with you. Most I turn down because 1) they aren’t applicable to me and what I talk about here 2) It’s not something I would buy normally (too expensive, etc) and 3) there are always some strings attached and sometime […]

Life is a Climb – forge ahead or take in the view

life is a climb - BrassyApple.com

I love hiking…and that’s no secret if you follow my Instagram account. I’m always sharing pictures from our family walks and hikes. We were on a trail today and yes I was snapping photos to instagram out and share later but they reminded me of this little video I created last August. I thought it […]

Mason Jar Blender – check it out!

Mason Jar Smoothies - BrassyApple.com

We know Mason jars have been all the rage for a few seasons now so when Tribest reached out and told me about their Mason Jar blender I just had to see this for myself! I’m not a food blogger but a girls got to eat right?! And like you, mornings are busy. We’ve got […]

California fashion in 3 easy ways – Style

California fashion in 3 easy ways - BrassyApple.com

Hello again! Tara here from Salt and Pepper Moms! I’m so excited  share with you today some California Inspiration outfits. I recently had the opportunity to visit California on vacation and while I was there I loved “people watching.” It seems to me like California people are always beautiful and super fashionable. I loved spying […]

DIY pretend makeup kit for kids


Check out this BRILLIANT idea for pretend makeup from My Craftily Ever After. How fun would this be to create as a stocking stuffer or for a Christmas gift with dress up clothes! Thanks My Craftily Ever After for the great option for moms who don’t want their little girls wearing makeup yet or for […]

Kids DIY Peter Pan Collar – Refashion

kids diy Peter Pan collar REfashion from Mommy Make Things - BrassyApple.com

 Hi friends! It’s Jess again with the Mommy Makes Things blog! I’m here to share another simple Refashion idea for the little ones and just in time for Back to School! Peter Pan collars are still one of my favorite fashion trends and thank goodness it doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. What […]

Refashion – Animal Print dress to skirt

Dress to skirt Refashion - BrassyApple.com #sewing

Refashion is a passion of mine whether that is for my wardrobe or for my life. Maybe this Refashion will get your excited to go thrifting to create something fabulous for your own wardrobe! Be sure to check out the before and after! I love a great before. Here’s my thrifted dress that had this amazing […]

DIY simple Bow Tie – sewing

DIY bow tie from SweetCharli - BrassyApple.com #sewing

Bows, bows, bows, I like bows!  Usually I am making something with a bow on it for one of my girls or for myself.  Today, however, I am making a bow tie for all the sweet little boys out there!   This tutorial is easy.  I, being a simple sewer, can do it – so […]