25 ways to #LightTheWorld this Holiday Season


More… The Holiday Season brings an increased amount of MORE with it. And the more can be good – More traditions. More memories. More events. More parties. More good food. More seeing friends & family. and on and on…. And hopefully in all of that we get MORE of what the season is really all […]

7 costume ideas you can DIY from 1 dress


I completely LOVE versatile clothes! You know that…. I also love getting in the spirit of Halloween and DIY’ing my own costume to have fun with the kids. I can usually pull something together with the items we have around the house. This year was no different. We LOVE this modest Little Black Dress from […]

Modest Clothes and dreaming big


When we lived in North Carolina my daughter and I found it difficult to find local options for modest clothes. Not only modest but modern, stylish, trendy ones too! Shorts were way to short. Skirts were just as bad. Everywhere the tops were sleeveless and who wants to layer with all the humidity? NOBODY! Dresses […]

Best TIPS for organizing a FOOD FIGHT!

Best tips for a food fight - BrassyApple.com

Yes you read that right!!! A FOOD FIGHT!!! Something I have wanted to “throw” (yes pun intended) together for a long time now but just happened to move into an area where they already held an annual one! LUCKY US!! My friend Heather throws a GREAT food fight each year to celebrate the end of […]

Kids Neighborhood .25 cent fair!

Kids summer activity - 25 cent fair BrassyApple.com

This activity is one that is always a HIT!!! It’s great for Summer fun, reunions, church groups too but also can be used anytime of the year – indoor or out! Main Details: Set a day, time and location – we have found that the morning hours are great before its too HOT if you […]

5 stress free ways to CREATE with your kids

Tips for crafting with kids - BrassyApple.com

Crafting with kids can be stressful. It can be messy and overwhelming and sometimes more work than we as Moms are up for! Am I right? It has definately gotten more enjoyable and easy as my kids have gotten older. BUT the more I created with them the more their love for creating grew which […]

Motherhood – hey I get it!

Motherhood - you are doing better than you think - BrassyApple.com

Mother’s Day. Love it or hate it – it is right around the corner. I think as women we struggle with Mother’s day because it can bring up our own short comings. Maybe you have lost a baby, maybe you are stuggling to have children, maybe you placed your baby with another family.The “maybes” could […]

Always floral in the Spring

mixing patterns with florals - brassyapple.com

What’s that line from The Devil Wears Prada movie….”Florals in the Spring…how ground breaking..” ha ha ha!!! I think it is something close to that. I am not looking to start any new trends or break any new ground. Florals in the Spring are ALWAYS popular  – always. And sometimes they comes across as always […]

An extra day – LEAP YEAR

today is a special day - BrassyApple.com leap day activities

  We have a LEAP day this year! 1 extra day to live life! I am NOT Holiday Mom. I am NOT Pinterest Mom. I am not even sure what “label” my parenting has. But if you have been a “Brassy” reader for any length of time you know I like to be intentional about […]