Snail Mail Society – Join in or Request!

Join the Snail Mail Society - - send a little cheer and kindness in the mail!

Raise your hand if you love Snail Mail! Me too!!! Just like this funny cartoon below, there was a time when we loved getting email. Now our inboxes are overrun and we long for the days of that handwritten note in the mail. I would love to change  this and make a shift back to […]

Paypal Cash Giveaway – enter to win!

PayPal Cash Giveaway

Perfect time of year to giveaway some cash! I’ve teamed up with Ruby Claire Boutique to bring this amazing giveaway of $400 into your Paypal account! Get some cash in our hands for the Holiday Shopping season! Enter today! good luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eat your pie – Fun Thanksgiving tradition


There’s plenty of time to throw this “party” together before Thanksgiving! This is a tradition that should happen in every neighborhood! It’s so difficult to see everyone you want during the Holiday season and sometimes fulfilling family obligations can hinder seeing friends and neighbors. Here is the solution! Host a Pre-Thanksgiving PIE Party! Since we […]

DIY knit fringe necklace – Refashion

#Refashion a tshirt into a fringe necklace scarf -

(from BrassyApple Instagram feed) One of my favorite necklaces to wear is a multi colored, beaded fringe style necklace. I always get compliments on it. I’ve wanted to have more in my accessory stash. So I decided to put a ReFashion spin on this style and challenge myself to create one with a t-shirt! A […]

How I appeared on PBS TV

chalyce and megan pbs day 1

A few weeks ago I shared some insight into the power the sharing your story and some of the ripple effects that have come from that for me. One of those ripple effects that I couldn’t share until now was that I was on the PBS American Health Journal show!!!! WHAT???!!!! Me, on PBS.  I […]

Best Thrifting Tips – Instaseries

Best tips for buying clothes second hand -

Did you catch my BEST thrifting tips for clothes last week? I am starting to do some Instablogging on Instgram and that is where I shared all 6 of my favorite tips! lo You can see all my Instablogging series that I will do by searching the hashtag #BrassyInstablog  Of course I’d love it if […]

Life Success Through Storytelling

share your story - laminine -

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it thousand times. There is power in sharing YOUR story. Just recently I had the privilege to be featured in an eZine magazine. It was the fall 2014 edition of YES – Your Exceptional Success. I received this opportunity because I chose to share a story from my life which […]

Bravery and Beauty – join the movement

share your natrual beauty -

I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat started it with her recent song and video called TRY. And I wanted to push this movement along and invited women from all over to join me and share what they looked like without make up on!! I’ve been […]

Brassy Secret Project countdown – 1 week!!

Bravey and Beauty Project - #Iambraveandbeautiful

It’s coming!!! It’s exactly one week from today!! What am I talking about?? If you don’t follow me on Instagram – YOU SHOULD! LOL!! even if you don’t post to Instagram it is my FAVORITE way to keep up with friends and peek into the lives of everyone else – ha ha ha. I like […]