Sigh...........it's Friday

Another week has simply disappeared - do you feel the same way??? And this weekend will be extra busy with the Easter Holiday - dinner, family, egg hunts, etc.

I wanted to share a bit of good news with all of you! Anyone feel the need for swappin'??? I have missed 3 apron swaps in the past couple of months because I didn't know about them in time to sign up and I was rather sad. I'm mean, who doesn't want/need a new apron! :)

So, to prevent that from happening to someone else I am excited to annouce that I actually found out about an upcoming apron swap EARLY! wooHOOO!!! Abby of A Feathered Nest is the cute apron diva behind all the fun! Visit her blog to find out all the details! I will definately be swappin' this time around!

and if you are in the mood for a giveaway then hop over to Jen's Blog, Sanctuary Arts at Home. She's looking for alittle advice. In exchange she has a package of goodies to giveaway!

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  1. Time is indeed slipping by too quickly for me too. Happy Easter :)

  2. Oh thanks Megan for all the info on events! btw there is an Easter Parade going on right now as well...the link is on my blog - stop by.
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  3. Thanks for the swap info. I have been in a crafting hole and I think that signing up for a few swaps may be just the thing to get me moving again!

  4. Thank you for the information. I really love aprons.

  5. Great! Thanks for sharing! I've tried out your fabric fortune cookies for a ladies retreat at our church and did The Mary Poppins Game recently with my children on our last road trip...all of which I've blogged about if you'd like to see the results of all your wonderful tutorials, you can see it on my blog. Thanks for sharing it all-everyone loved it!

  6. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? I have been SOOOOOO missing your frequent posting.

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Here's an invite to another apron swap .. deadline is later this week (May 15th) but hopefully you'll read this in time. We'd love to have you!!

    Click here to go to the Celebrating Independence Flirty Apron Swap 2 page
    from Apronista!