Sights and Sounds of Spring

And you were expecting photos of birds and blossoms, weren't you??? I wish! I took these photos through the blinds on purpose so you could actually see how close all this construction is to my house. At first is was sort of exciting to see them get started on this big project but it quickly became a nusance. They are out there with their big machines right after sunrise - not my favorite thing to wake up to.

They work all day and it's really bad when they are dropping and moving large pieces. The whole house rattles and shakes. It's just loud all day long. *sigh* We have gotten a few days of quiet when they move their work further down the field away from us. But we really won't be getting a break any time soon! Once the road is done, which is what they are working on right now - and I never knew SO much went into putting in a road! LOL!!! So once the road is done, the houses will start to go up so a new type of noise will take over the wee hours of the morn to wake me up.

Oh well! Sorry for the rant, I think I am just going to miss my quiet little street. Have a good weekend yourselves!

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  1. grew up around the same thing. We literally have the same sounds going on now but it is my husband doing my master bath. So, I completely feel for you megan he-he

    And hey maybe new friends for the kids on the way?

  2. Yikes...that would be awful!!! Our neighbor a couple houses down just got a new roof put on and just having to listen to the pounding of that all day drove me crazy..lol
    Just get lost in lots of blogging and crafts..lol

  3. Welcome Back Megan! I hope all is well with you and your family :)

  4. UGH something to look forward too. There is a highway going through our neighborhood. Across the street from our house! I guess for the next few years we will get to hear those lovely sounds too!!!