Garden at Twilight........

Happy Summer everyone! The warm weather has FINALLY hit here and we are loving it! It actually feels like summer now.

Because I have been in the "thrifting" and re-decorating mood I wanted to share a slide show of my Mom's side garden. (View my first slide show here) She has taken several items and re-purposed them to created a space with more than just plants but interesting architectural pieces and memories as well. Several of the items were taken from my grandmother's home or yard (her mother, Olive) when she past away about 2 years ago. Hence the name of her garden - "My Olive Garden". I took the photos in the natural light of Twilight. Love that time of day and the light is casts on objects.Please enjoy the photos. Hopefully you will be inspired to add alittle something to your own space. So sit back and relax as we take a walk through "Olive's Garden".

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  1. Those are incredible photos Megan. You're photography is awesome. And I love the name of your mom's garden. Thanks so much for sharing those!

    Kim :)

  2. Great photos- and what an inspirational garden-thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos. They are beautiful. My favorites are the black and whites!

  4. Thanks for giving us a tour of your grandmother's garden, the photos are just lovely.
    Your website is fab. I love the jeans, they're fantastic. You are a very creative gal!

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  6. Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful.