Nesting Treasures.......

Well as I hit my 5 month mark in my pregnancy and begin to feel better I am also finding that I am wanting to create, sew and prepare for this baby - trouble is I don't know if it's a boy or a girl that I should be preparing for. SO - I've diverted my "energy" to other things like my house! I really want to change a few things around, spruce up with some color and bargain hunt! Could be a change in the weather too and not just me "nesting". Anyhow - summer is the perfect time for yard sales and finding some hidden treasures at a bargain!

And last weekend I was able to find a few items I am really excited about! FIRST - check out my new lamp in my office. It hangs above my desk and fits just perfectly with the color and style of my studio.

Oh my gosh! I am in love! I was thrilled to find it and then to see the price tag of only $4.00! woohoo! This baby was snatched up in a hurry!

Second - I hit a yard sale of a costume designer who was getting rid of some of her stash after 30 years of collecting, sewing, etc. JACKPOT!!!! Nothing was marked, which really bothers me, but I got up the courage to ask about a few items that I had really fallen for, afraid that her answer would be too high for what I wanted to pay. BUT, surprisingly most items were terribly CHEAP! I snatched up some fun trims (which you may see on a few items coming up), a couple of fun baubles for my wrist, and a gorgeous real fur wrap "thingy". *snicker* I can't wait to wear it this fall!!!

OK, Back to nesting.............. about a week and half ago a sweet little sparrow family starting building a nest right under our rock archway in our entryway outside. It was fasinating to watch them and think about them preparing for a sweet little bird family right outside our door. We can see them easily through a window above our doorway and I love to watch the Mom and the Dad come home at the end of the day and sleep quietly together in the nest. Plus they have gorgeous yellow bellies and I love the shape of their tales too. So it looks like I'm not the only one nesting around here! ;)

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  1. WOWZERS...I love the red chandelier!!!!! How did you get that for FOUR dollars????
    Love the scarf too. I cant wait for our sweet little bundle of joy to get here and see if its a she or he. HOW EXCITING

  2. Mary Elizabeth6/13/08, 8:33 AM

    I LOVE IT!! Nest some more ... you inspired me to nest as well ... and I am not expecting .... I have been wanting to do some changes, but just so much going on so I took a time out yesterday after reading your blog.

    Post some more pictures!!!!

    smooches ..M.E. :)

  3. wonderful Mary! I'm glad you took some time out to do something different and fun!

  4. Hey girl, congratulations!!! Love the stuff you snagged on your bargain hunt :)

    Please stop by my blog and join in with the Summer Reading Groupies :)