Run! don't walk!

Just a quick post to let you know, if you didn't already, about some GREAT giveaways going on. But you need to act fast!

Jennifer Paganelli is having a giveaway and you get to the pick the fabrics! Click here for the details and to get entered!

Also, want a chance to win some of Anna Maria Horners NEW fabric line, Drawing Room??? ummm.............YEAH!!!!!! Ok then, head on over to Craftsanity to get all the details. Again, you have to hurry! deadlines to get entered are creeping up FAST!!!! good luck!

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Say Cheese!

Like a clown car, or a sardine can we managed to squish the entire family in a teeny tiny photo booth and snap some pictures!...................then we all tumbled, stumbled and tripped out way out! LOL!!

You can find more Wordless Wednesday photos here.

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A first for me!

I'm am a titch giddy right now. Flat Betty just arrived home from visiting Sandi Henderson and she put 3 fabric swatches in Betty's Guest book from her new, upcoming, yet to be revealed fabric line! OH MY WOW! Not only are the swatches great but something about seeing a them knowing that it is a "secret" and done by a dear sweet friend make it even better! *big grin* I can't and wouldn't reveal the swatches but I will share a photo from the bottom half of that page. Don't you just love Sandi's chic stickers?

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SPC [wk3] - On the rocks

Here's my final photo for Feb. theme of BLUE on Self Portrait Challenge. Just showcasing a new bauble I refer to as my "rocks". Not sure why, I just do. *snicker* You can view more photos from the month by visiting spc.

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"Your rug Miss"

I was caught by the UPS man pulling up to my house as I was just leaving this morning. I pulled along side the big brown "bus" and he said, "Your rug is here Miss. About......(then proceeds to measure the shape and size with his hands)......*smile* broke out on my face because I realize what it is and it's not a rug. "Would you like it in your car or up by the house?" I told him by the door was fine. Here's my "rug" he delivered this morning:

Usually it comes in a box so I suprised he was referencing it to be a rug BUT know knowing that you could actually SEE inside the "packaging" it makes sense. It could be a rug! and I guess it was a pretty guess on his part as to what is really was! more to come with these little lovelys soon......................

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OH delightful!

I love it when I get to see your photos! Photos from customers, postings on your blog when you have tackled one of my tutorials or have been inspired by something I have posted. SHOW Me! I happened to stumble across this blog - Bartlett Ohana and look what they created using my tutorial:

Don't they look great!? Her photo is wonderful and so rich with color! I love the fabric she chose and she was also resourceful too! She used brown felt and some fusible webbing to create her cookies because that is what she had on hand. Great job!!! Anyone else give it a try! I'd love to take a peek! SHOW me!

You can find my tutorial here: Fabric Fortune Cookies

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Wardrobe basics

Did you catch oprah this week? the shlumpadinka episode? I love how they did the makeover's for real women in real clothing at real easy to get to retail chain stores. It just makes sense to help teach women how to shop at the same stores they go to - but smarter. Don't ya think? I loved Lloyd Bostons basics section they did too. Now I'm itching to get some new flats and definately a trench coat! So I'm thinking another shopping trip is due! I hit a few stores today but just didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

Here's what I've got on my mind for coats - looks like I might need to be ordering online instead of searching the stores!
Love this color!!!!

Love this color too. The material and length are wrong for Spring but I still want it for next Fall/winter! :)
and this little number! who can resist my favorite pattern - polka dots! too cute!!!

Now on to shoes. Flats aren't something I wear alot of but they say it's better then wearing tennis shoes. I have a pair of red flats which I love to wear and I will definately be buying a couple more pairs with fun bold colors or patterns for this Spring. I'd love to buy a fun animal print pair!

Speaking of red shoes, doesn't Sandi have the cutest pair? She got alittle help from my alter ego, Flat Betty picking out those shoes. She's definately hot and trendy for this season! You can view the details about Flat Betty's latest trip here . Will you be buying anything new to add to your Spring Wardrobe?

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Savvy business woman - or sassy!

(insert huge grin from ear to ear) My daughter has always been an artistic child. She has always loved the arts - drawing, crafting, dance, etc. So there is always something being written, sketched, sewn, glued, cut, painted, sculpted, etc around her between the two of us. (wink) Well, while cleaning out her room she discovered some long lost beaded bracelets we had strung together awhile back. She picked the one that she fancied the most at the time of re-discovering them and slipped it on her wrist. I caught up with her while she was hanging up her clothes in her closet. She pointed out her newly found bracelet and that while wearing it, "It makes me feel older mom! like a teenager or something." (insert grwon up look on her face here) *sigh* I couldn't help but smile as I remember certain baubles or pieces of clothing that made me feel older too when I was her age.

Of course she had to wear it to school the next day because she wanted to prolong this "grown up" feeling. Here's where the big grin from ear to ear part comes in. While going through her backpack and folder when she returned home from school that day I discovered a stack of papers with names and colors on them. Curious I asked her what they were. "Oh! these are orders! A few kids from my class liked my and bracelet and they want me to make them one too. I wrote down their names and then they told me what colors they wanted. Some of the kids wanted their "beeds in a patern" and some wanted their "beeds scatered" which means not in a pattern." "Oh" was my reply accompanied with the huge smile as I couldn't help to try to imagine how it all unfolded and what was going on the classroom for to get all of this done. (???)

Needless to say, we broke out the beads and she allowed me to help her string a few. Looks like I have a an independent little artist in the making. I'll have to keep my eye on this one she's good! (wink)

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Because I pop on and off my computer (and blog) all day I figured it was time to add alittle music here! Makes it alittle more personal and fun for me! BUT I created the playlist on the right to be activated only when you click the play button. I end up reloading the page so many times and jumping around that the first song kept reloading over and over and frankly....................it was getting a bit annoying. LOL!!! I certainly did not want to annoy any of my blog readers. SO............If you are looking for some tunes while you browse around my blog then feel free to click the play button. (smile)

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SPC [wk2] ~ Sunday Blue

Week 2 of February's "Blue" Theme for Self portrait Challenge. I titled this photo Sunday Blue. This challenge has made me realize other than blue jeans and denim I don't own alot of blue in my wardrobe. I even went shopping and I just didn't gravitate towards the blue items. I'm more of a accent with blue here and there. Hence the dress I wore on Sunday to church - Just a splash of blue in between all the other colors.

You can take a peek at week 1 here

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Wrapped around....................

can you guess????..................................................It's Ginger Blossom of course! It's in my HOT little hands and it's so amazing to actually hold it knowing that is was designed by a dear friend and fellow designer, Sandi Henderson. It's beautiful Sandi! Be sure to snatch some up for yourself as well! I will be creating something new and fun for a launch I was asked to participate in with a group of ladies on Ebay. The theme of the launch is.......................................yup, you guessed it - Ginger Blossom! All the designers will be using her fabric line and creating everything from jewerly, decor, handbags, clothing, etc. Stay tuned for the announcement of when the launch date will be.

You can also share your projects, ideas or simply be inspired by joining the Ginger Blossom Flickr Group! Sandi has already uploaded several of her own photos and projects with lots more to come now that the fabric is being shipped to stores!

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Sweet Deal - 1 day left!

My website is soon to be underconstruction and out of commission as it get's a makeover - woohooo! So I'm having a sale on my DIY kits to clearance them out! Snatch some up now!

If you are on my mailing list then you heard abou the sale on Thursday - lucky! you got first pick! for those of your not on my mailing list here's your chance! the sale runs through tonight - Feb 16th until Midnight! Just spend $20.00 or more on DIY kits and enter the coupon code - sweetdeal - to get $8.00 off your order! Hurry! there are a few styles already gone but still plenty left to choose from! Grab some for now and some for later! Enjoy!

If you'd like to join my mailing list simply fill in your email address in the "newsletter" box in the sidebar on the right of my blog.

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What's in your wallet?.......uh, I mean Purse

Boutiquecafe is back with another FFF - Fashion Forward Friday challenge. They want to know what's in your purse? What do you carry around that you can't live without, how much do you carry around, etc? LOL!!!

SO - I took on the challenge - spilled the contents of my purse and am posting for all to see! (wink)

Here's what in my purse right at this very moment. Not much huh? I had switched purses a few days ago and only put in the essentials as I ran out the door - Keys, 2 wallets, cell phone, mints, gum and my "super woman" bracelet. I didn't even get my lipstick or chapstick put in which I regretted the next day. That reminds me, I need to slip those in before I head out this morning.

If you'd like to participate - jump aboard! Post your picture and then be sure to post your link on boutiquecafe!

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To warm your heart

Happy Valentine's Day! We are already on sugar overload here and I fear what my daughter will be bringing home from school today *sigh* and I can't seem to stay away from the stuff! Just "pour some sugar on me!" LOL!!! eek! I've got to get into "de-tox" soon and scale back the sugar sweetness soon! Anyone in the same boat? I might need a support group (wink) tee hee hee.

Here's a zero calorie sweet treat for you that is sure to warm your heart today! My alter ego - Flat Betty - just attended a birthday party for sweet 5 year old named Kennedy. But this wasn't your typical party. It's a MUST READ for alittle heart melting action. I mean, how many 5 year olds do you know that ask thier guests to bring Pajamas to donate instead of gifts for themselves? Too sweet!

Enjoy your day! I'm headed out for a lunch date.............xo - Meg

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It's almost that time of year again!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Are you ready to Party?? The 5 minutes for Mom blog is gearing up for thier annual HUGE blog party event! It was alot of fun last year and over 1,000 blogs participated so I will definately be jumping into this year's party! WhoooHOOO! Hummmmm.........now what type of party to throw........thinking..................thinking.............I'm feeling a giveaway - whatcha think? some free swag is always good.......................music? maybe.................................there's always food, games, videos, etc. so I guess you will have to come back on March 7th to see what type of party I have cooked up! You can join in too! just follow the link!

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Itchin' to get craftin'???

We are pulling out of the dulldrums of winter around here. Well, at least this week anyway. All the sunshine and "warmer" weather (temps in the 40's) sure puts a spring in my step and a fire under my feet! I LOVE Spring - actually I love the change of seasons we get here but I love the fact that in Spring everything is new, fresh and bright! I'm actually getting the "itch" to sew and create some new things. SO - if you are feeling the "itch" too here's a few contests, tutorials, etc you might want to try or at least take a peek at (wink)

Lola...again blog has a GREAT tutorial for a snazzy handbag - the Jenny Bag. You can download the pattern and see her step by step photos and instructions. Love the bold choice of fabric she used and who can't use another handbag. So freshen up your Spring wardrobe with your own version of the Jenny Bag!

Calling all DIY crafters!!!!

design*sponge is holding a DIY contest! and WOW they have some seriously COOL prizes and CASH to giveaway!!!! It's definately worth checking out! Click on the link to get all the details! Good luck and get crackin! all entries must be in by March 2nd I think!

and if you'd like to start dreaming about crafting projects take a peek at some new fabrics headed our way in the next couple of months!

Anna Maria Horners new fabric line Drawing Room will be coming out soon and of course it's FABULOUS! She's posted some sneak peeks on her blog recently and the story behind the fabric is just as good as the fabric itself! she will transport you, I promise!

and Daisy Janie is celebrating her fabrics being printed as we speak! She is debuting 12 different patterns that will be available to purchase! Be sure to stop by and check out her handiwork as well!

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SPC - Little Boy Blue

I'm back with the Self Portrait Challenge photos. February's theme is Blue - color, mood, etc. It's all up to me! I featured my little boy blue with week. Both of my kids have amazing Blue eyes - not sure where they get that from (wink) but I just love those sweet little blue eyes.

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Retail Therapy

*sigh* I'm feeling much better today after a much needed shot of retail therapy. Have you been there before? The need to get out of the house and shop? And sometimes you don't even need to spend money just window shop? My need this weekend I believe stemmed from the fact that we have been having too many wintery snow days in a row where the driving conditions have been terrible forcing me to stay in. I'm not good cooped up. I prefer to be busy, moving and in and out all day. SO I called my little sister up and she and I headed out for a little therapy this weekend. I was hoping to find a good bargain or two because that make the thrill or "therapy" even better and gets it over with quicker too! tee hee hee. I didn't even pay attention to the time or how badly my arm was aching from carrying the LOADS of clothes around the store. I was completely in the zone soaking in all the colors, patterns, styles and just wanting to try everything on! I hadn't realized how focused I was until my sister asked if I noticed how the store kept playing the same songs over and over. Music? Was there music playing? LOL!!! I walked out of the store spending around $58.00 and saving over $160.00. Now that's what I call a bargain and I completely LOVE how each top makes me feel when I wear it.

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Fabric Fortune Cookies

(Be sure to upload your photos from trying this project into the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group!)

As promised - here's a fun tutorial that is great for any time of year and many occasions-including valentines day. Think of all the fun you could have with the notes or "fortune" inside - leave a love note, send to a friend, party favors, reveal you are pregnant, business thank you's or favors and the list could go on and on SO let's get started!!!

Fabric Fortune Cookies

fusible fleece
fabric marker
wire cutters
coordinating ribbon
craft glue
paper word strips
circle pattern - approx. 4-5 inches in diameter

STEP 1: gather your fabric(s) - I always like to use an assortment of different colors and patterns

STEP 2: Using your iron and following the manufacturer's directions - apply the fusible fleece to the wrong side of your fabric using as large of a piece as you would like. (of fabric and fusible fleece depending on the number of circles you will be cutting out of that print)

STEP 3: Print off the circle template or create your own in any size you would like. (Simply click on the picture below, print or save and print)

STEP 4: Trace your pattern on the wrong side of your fused fabric using a fabric marker and cut out your circles. It's always a good idea when making several to fuse all your fabrics, trace and cut them all at once instead of doing each step individually.

STEP 5: Cut a piece of wire just slightly shorter than the width of your circle- You can use floral wire or I just like to use whatever I have on hand that will work. For this project I used some 22 gauge wire that I had handy. Leave a small margin of space on each end. Glue in place with Craft Glue, hot glue, E6000. Again, I used what I had on hand. I believe there are several type of glue that will work.

STEP 6: Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon - match the color of the inside. In this case mine is white - and glue it over the top of the wire. Let dry flat for 10 - 30 mins. Depending on what type of glue you used.

STEP 7: While your glue is drying print off your word strips on whatever color paper you would like. Have fun with the font, size and you could even print off several different phrases depending on what the occasion is. Cut your strips.

STEP 8: Once the glue is dry it's time to fold! Place your word strip in the middle of the "cookie" on top of the ribbon and fold the two ends up as shown in the photo.

STEP 9: Then fold the two ends down and toward the middle (bending the wire) to get the shape of the cookie

STEP 10: This is what I call the fluff and shape step. To help your fortune cookie have a natural "round" shape slip your finger in the middle and push out the sides, make sure there is a good "crease" down the middle like the photo below. This will help shape your cookie too.

STEP 11: You're done! Package them up however you would like and deliver! There are several creative ways to package these, design and give them so have fun! Enjoy!

**thanks to the CRAFT blog for featuring my tutorial! smooches!

It's a good thing! Thanks Martha!

my secret was shared outlined

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Hello! So this is what I've been up to - among other things (wink). A complete change in my business name and direction. More to come about this later - tee hee hee.
I've been waiting to debut it all with my new logo but sometimes I just can't wait - so I'm spilling the beans early while my logo gets finished!

In the meantime, welcome to Brassy Apple [The Blog]!

My blog is where you will find all the same great stuff you found on my other blog (creativeoutletdesigns) - insights into me, tutorials, sharing news, contests, designs, photos, etc. Same Me and content - just a different name. Hopefully you have followed or found me here. I'd love it and appreciate it if you would update your blog lists to my new BLOG lilnk and NAME! Say hello in the comments so I know you found me and that you've updated your blog list! I'd love to stop by your blog and say hello and see what you've been up to as well!!!

MORE to come - I've put together a special tutorial just for YOU to kick things off so stay tuned...... xo - Meg

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