Chalk Talk

I love an unexpected design element in a space. Especially when it's functional and an extra bonus when it's family friendly.

It's very easy to add a little chalkboard space in any surface with chalkboard paint too! And chalkboards are functional and very family friendly. I loved my cousin's use of the wall space under her kitchen bar area that she transformed into a chalkboard. (pictured on the right) So let's talk chalk! I wanted to share a few more inspiration photos with you!

I love this person's bold use of a large space in covering an entire wall in their kitchen! It's a great color and their kitchen already holds alot of character and interesting design elements! LOVE IT!

No that bold? how about a small space? Grab a cupboard or two and create a message center for the entire family! Keep a daily menu, phone messages, whatever fits your fancy!

Still hesitant? How about a child's table? My sister transformed a small table she had the is frequented used by her children for eating, crafts, playing etc. It's just their size and they love it! She simply applied chalkboard paint and VIOLA! Another use for this already great table! Great job sis! (and my kids loved being able to use it too!)

If you are still wanting more do a quick search on Flickr using the search terms - chalkboards, chalkboard kitchens, walls, etc. Have fun!

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Sigh...........it's Friday

Another week has simply disappeared - do you feel the same way??? And this weekend will be extra busy with the Easter Holiday - dinner, family, egg hunts, etc.

I wanted to share a bit of good news with all of you! Anyone feel the need for swappin'??? I have missed 3 apron swaps in the past couple of months because I didn't know about them in time to sign up and I was rather sad. I'm mean, who doesn't want/need a new apron! :)

So, to prevent that from happening to someone else I am excited to annouce that I actually found out about an upcoming apron swap EARLY! wooHOOO!!! Abby of A Feathered Nest is the cute apron diva behind all the fun! Visit her blog to find out all the details! I will definately be swappin' this time around!

and if you are in the mood for a giveaway then hop over to Jen's Blog, Sanctuary Arts at Home. She's looking for alittle advice. In exchange she has a package of goodies to giveaway!

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Make it Mine.............or yours!

Hey all you crafty ladies! You know I love to take something and re-purpose it into something else well...............a new magazine is out the does just that! Take your old and make it new again! It's called Make it Mine Magazine and they have featured a womens top by little ol' me in their Spring 2008 edition!
You can find me on page 20 and the whole magazine is FULL of fun, easy ideas to punch up items you already have around the house! thanks for allowing me to share my excitement! Enjoy!

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And a partridge in a pear tree...........+ a winner!

LOL!!!! Ok what a week! the Blog party went over FABULOUS! thanks to everyone who stopped by! I popped into so many parties and met some really great women from across the globe!

I was supposed to post a winner for the apron giveaway on Saturday but I have literally been checking off the events, etc all week long and I've felt alot like that Christmas Song. I feel like I am finally down to just one thing - the partridge in a pear tree! (ta da!) We've had 10 house guests here amoung all the other choas of our life this week and then different company over the weekend but today.............just putting life back together! OK, so on with the giveaway right????

The winner of the apron with a guess of 301 is BeastieBabe!!! Congratulations!!!

The total number of labels in the jar was 441. Thanks everyone for playing!

One more rambling to catch up from not posting last week. (wink)
I received a fun piece of mail this past week and thought I would share. A talented artist wanted to send me a piece of her work and I wanted to share her work with you! Check out more about her HERE. Thank you Aurora for being interested enough in my blog to send me a piece of your artwork!

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Blog Party!!!! can you guess???

**This is a sticky post and will stay at the top of my blog for 1 week - to see what is current don't forget to scroll down!**

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

It's finally arrived! it's time for the Ultimate Blog party that 5 Minutes for Mom puts on every year! Woohoo!!! Welcome to the party!

Come in! No need to take your shoes off, sport and flaunt those babies! Here's what I will be wearing! rrrRRRRRR! watch out! LOL!!!

So, alittle about me. I love to design and am a DIY crafter. I share my ideas, inspirations and photos here. I create several tutorials, share quick easy tips and blog about things that inspire me! I love photography although I am still learning - so much can be said with a picture - and enjoy meeting and chatting with new people and bloggers!

NOW - onto the good stuff! What's a party without a take home gift right??? I am giving away this hostess apron which I designed. A fun way to welcome Spring and host all your upcoming Summer events too! You can work around the house and still be chic! (wink)

To win the apron we are going to play alittle game! Because I am in the process of switching over my business name to Brassy Apple I now have several business cards, labels, etc that are of no use to me and will just get thrown out.

Can you Guess how many labels are in the jar???
post your guess in the comments and be sure to leave your email addy if it cannot be found attached your blog id/blog. (you can't win if I can't contact you!)

A winner will be chosen on March 14th! You can post a guess once per day too! The closest guess will win! (In the event that we have a tie a random drawing will be held)

Get to posting and thanks for stopping by!

psst! if you'd like another chance at another apron from me stop by Flat Betty's Blog (my alter ego) for a chance to win the BLUE version too!

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My studio

Thank you for the wonderful response to my "peering through the lens" post. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I will be doing more as I find homes to shoot and share! I have been wanting to share photos of my new office/studio for awhile now but I was waiting until it was done. Then I realized that I am never really "done". Spaces in my house change every few months or with the seasons. They might not be BIG changes but sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference.

So here are some photos of my "unfinished" space. If you get the knack to share your space, let me know in the comments! I'd love to swing by and see your photos.

First off is my desk. You can see in my blog header what that looks like. I took an old chair that I have been hanging onto for years and gave it new look and purpose with some red paint.

Then I found a STEAL of a desk on craigslist,

sanded it down - hubby did the hard work (thank you again!) and gave it a fresh, high gloss, coat of black paint. (I did help with the painting part - LOL)

Then the fun part started! I took some fabrics with fun patterns and colors that I just loved, measured the drawer fronts and cut the fabric the same size. I took some Mod Podge and painted it on the drawer front, laid the fabric down on top of it and then put a couple of coats of Mod Podge over the top letting it dry slightly between coats. Once it was dry I then applied several clear coats on top of it so it ended up with a shiny, well protected finish. (great projects for little helpers!)

and VOILA! I have a desk that I absolutely LOVE! It's a large piece of eye candy in the room, it reflects me sooo much and it's functional! I topped off the drawers with some updated sleek silver pulls too.

Fabric shout outs (starting left to right and top to bottom) go to Anna Maria Horner ~ Bohemian, Jennifer Pagenelli ~ Modgirls, Joel Dewberry ~ Manzanita, Heather Bailey ~ Freshcut, Amy Butler ~ Charm, Anna Maria Horner ~ Chocolate Lollipop.

To help keep me organized I took an old metal frame which I had stored away too for just the right moment and lightly painted it with the same red paint as the chair. I wanted it have a worn look and not be completely covered. I had some metal custom cut to fit the inside and now I have a metal board which of course is adorned with my bubble magnets.

and here's a few photos to end this little "tour" around my little space! Thanks for coming along!

If you'd like to see more studio spaces check out these groups on flickr loaded with photos - Sewing Rooms, Creative Spaces, Art Studio, Work Spaces, and many MORE!

Be sure to upload your photos from trying this project into the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group!

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Peering through the lens

I've recently been busy with some projects and haven't picked up my camera in a while and I was really "craving" a good creative photoshoot. I needed to go out and snap pictures of interesting objects and fun angles and I needed color! hummmm......but what to shoot? It's the end of winter and most stuff around here is pretty drab. I contacted my cousin and ask her if I could come over and take some shots of her house. So couldn't stop laughing! She said, " what do you want to take pictures of? The laundry, the piles and dirty dishes? " Ha! Everytime I go over to her house she has re-arranged things, added new stuff, painted something, salvaged an item into something great, etc. Her house has lots of color and interest, yet it all works together in a way that it feels alive and inviting. It has such a personal atmosphere. I love it! I am hoping that maybe I can convey that through the photos and maybe you will see something you like that might inspire you. Enjoy.... and don't forget to pick a favorite song on my playlist and turn it up while you watch the slideshow (it's so much better that way - *wink*)

I wanted to highlight a few fun things she has done that maybe you caught in the slideshow. First, I love how she takes ANY object, old or new and gives it a new purpose or personality.

Color - she uses it and is not afraid of it. Mix it, match it and splash it around.

Second, she surrounds herself with things that she loves. Maybe that is why her eclectic style works? Why not be comfortable and LOVE the environment you are in, right?

I loved the family photo she had on her wall. Just a casual photo of themwalking through the woods and printed out on regular paper. Then instead of just placing it in the frame she crumpled it up and gave it some dimension and character. The frame allows the photo to have "hills" and "dips" and take a shape of it's own.

Did you catch the scrabble pieces? My cousin took a green metal tray, hung it on the wall and uses it as a magnet board to display photos. Here, her 3 boys are showcased each with names underneath spelled out with scrabble letter magnets. Easy DIY project and a great way to repurpose a few items you may already have around your house!

And I HAVE to mention the dining room table! It's been a favorite of mine since she first created it! The top is completely decoupaged with torn world and road map pieces highlighted with black legs and it's square shape (sidenote: I love square tables). The chairs even get new covers whenever my cousin feels the whim to change them. Right now they have been covered with some denim jeans - pockets, funky seam lines and all!

I had to include a photo of her too, isn't she darling!? Her warm complexion and darling pop of color in her hair! Just as cute as her house!

Another great feature is the chalkboard wall that sits under the bar/counter area. So great for families! I love chalkboard paint and have seen so many cute things done with it. And of course the bar stools! Love the tops of those! I have my own "decoupaged" bar stools and everyone comments on them. It's so easy to do and really makes a statement! Think about it.......

I asked cousin for a favorite quote so share with all of you as well. (you know I'm a quote junkie). She has several and gave me three. I picked one I loved. I hope you've enjoyed this little "tour" and have been inspired in some small way.

(sidenote: I would love to do more posts like this, so if you'd like to see more too, let me know!) xo - Meg

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Hey, hey! I've been spotted as being crafty and deemed the COTW - crafter of the week - by the blog She's Crafty in the UK. She asked several fun questions and has posted my interview in her blog. Head over there if you'd like to find out some fun, interesting tid bits about me! LOL!!!

thanks Miss Crafty for the spotlight!

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I snagged this quote from Oprah yesterday. I am anxious to see the premiere of the BIG Give Sunday night. They say to watch it with your entire family and I'm hoping that it will be interesting for my children. The basis of the show is great - All about giving and doing good and we can certainly use more of that and teach that as much as we can, so we'll see! If you take time to watch it come back and let me know what you thought!

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