"Splendid" refashion.....

I love it when you send me photos. Photos of projects YOU'VE created from my tutorials, diy kits, or just simply been inspired by something you've seen on my blog! THANK YOU for taking the time to send them my way I really love that! Having said that, Jeanetta of Splendid Things blog won a packet of fabric pieces from me awhile back and took those, refashioned the fabric pieces and created something totally new in her wardrobe from something she loved dearly, a favorite sweater. To check out her "after" pictures look here. Thank Jeanetta for sharing and blogging about it! Your sweater turned out GREAT!

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It's confession time. If you frequent my blog you know I am pretty open about most everything. I share my ideas, things I find and stumble across, sales, contests, information, etc. So I need to own up with all my blogging buddies so I get back to blogging again where it doesn't feel like I'm "hiding" something. Anyway, the photo is NOT ME - just a stock photo I found but it plainly tells and explains my absence these last couple of months.

The couch has been my best friend during the day allowing me to lounge and sleep as I have tried to fight off being sick. And this being baby number 4 the pounds are coming on all too quickly as well! LOL!!!

I feel like I am starting to have more consistent days/hours where I feel pretty good. Please forgive my lack of blogging. I found that whatever "strength" I have had left for the day went into tending my family and trying to still be a mom/housekeeper/cook/etc. Although my husband stepped up and has been doing a WONDERFUL job!

So I hope to be back to "normal" (can you even say that when you are pregnant? LOL) soon. thanks for continuing to stop by! xo - Meg

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Sights and Sounds of Spring

And you were expecting photos of birds and blossoms, weren't you??? I wish! I took these photos through the blinds on purpose so you could actually see how close all this construction is to my house. At first is was sort of exciting to see them get started on this big project but it quickly became a nusance. They are out there with their big machines right after sunrise - not my favorite thing to wake up to.

They work all day and it's really bad when they are dropping and moving large pieces. The whole house rattles and shakes. It's just loud all day long. *sigh* We have gotten a few days of quiet when they move their work further down the field away from us. But we really won't be getting a break any time soon! Once the road is done, which is what they are working on right now - and I never knew SO much went into putting in a road! LOL!!! So once the road is done, the houses will start to go up so a new type of noise will take over the wee hours of the morn to wake me up.

Oh well! Sorry for the rant, I think I am just going to miss my quiet little street. Have a good weekend yourselves!

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Handmade spaces

Hello!!!! I know it's been a long time and I promise a good explanation is coming soon. I have soo missed blogging and all of you! thank you, thank you for all your sweet emails telling me how I am missed and well wishes too!

How about some fun news? If you haven't heard of the Modish blog you are missing out! They have a wonderful regular feature called handmade spaces. I love seeing all the great creative spaces they find. Don't miss this handmade spaces archives too! Well.....they are featuring MY handmade space today! take a peek at the article HERE.

Pop on over there - she'd love to hear from you! AND if you have a great creative space you'd like to share - let them know!!!! I'd love to see you featured as well!!!

Have a great day! I promise to be back soon!!! xo - Meg

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When the captain goes down.......

I've been ill for a few weeks, had company in town, spent Spring Break entertaining the kids and trying to claw my way out from getting behind. You know how it is when Mom goes down - the "ship and crew" usually tend to follow. My husband has been a great help - don't get me wrong ;) (thanks again babe - love you) Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I haven't fallen off the planet - I DO miss blogging, sharing and chatting with all of you. Sometimes life happens and you have to re-prioritize for awhile. Please tell me you understand???
I will try to post more than once a week and hopefully still have fun things to share with you! for now, enjoy the weekend! see you next week!

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