Ginger Blossom ~ looking back

I was going through some photos and uploading them to flickr when I came across some from a few months ago that I haven't shared yet. Back in February, yikes! - I posted about receiving my Ginger Blossom fabric and how I would be creating something fun with it. Well...................I did but then I got the prego "sickies" and I never shared or did anything else with my fabric. LOL!!!

I created an apron which was just recently raffled off at a Mother's day luncheon for a good cause. The lady who won it was very happy so I was happy!

It's reversible, of course. One side has a really fun layered "flower" style pocket and the reverse side has my 4 quarter style to showcase more color and pattern.

Then I did up a sweet apron top for my daughter to wear for the Easter Weekend. Hunting eggs, family dinners, etc. It added a splash of color to the festivities but could be easily slipped off for her to run around and get dirty in her t-shirt and jeans. ;) Don't we love that as mothers!

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New products with Summer Sizzle!

With a new season approaching I thought it was about time for some new products from me! Introducing my DIY Shaggy Mosaic kits for Women!!!!

You've asked......you've begged.........and you've pleaded and I have finally delivered!!!!

Summer Sol is a kit designed especially for women with lots of designer fabrics, color, pattern and sizzle! This kit has been put together for use on shorts or capris! So get ready to show off those legs and your summer style! Snatch up a new kit today!

and if you are looking for something for the kids check out my new Patriotic DIY kit! Show your red, white and blue spirit! Great for boys or girls and special precut shapes that could be used to create a one of a kind matching t-shirt too!

Both kits have limited quantities on hand so don't delay! AND...........get free shipping on all orders over $25.00 (in the USA) when you use the coupon code: brassyapple through June 30, 2008.

Happy shopping! xo- Meg

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Apron goodies GIVEAWAY!

Have you heard the buzz yet? If not, I'm glad to pass the news along to you! Another fun video interview is now up on BoutiqueCafe from the Portland Quilt Market. This week it's all about The Apron Lady. They had a great booth and pattern designs that drew us in!

Pop on over to Boutiquecafe, watch the video and then leave a comment (on thier site) to WIN one of two packs of all 8 of their apron patterns being given away! yup! that's 8 patterns!!!! wow! Check boutiquecafe for all the details!

Here's a few photos I snapped from that interview! The booth and girls working there were just darling!

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I {heart} Jennifer Paganelli

This is my favorite moment and story to share with you from Quilt Market. I still get butterflies in my stomach when as I type about it. (tee hee hee)

Jennifer and I have exchanged emails over the past year about projects I've done with her fabrics and she's featured me on her blog a a time or two as well. We also both knew that we would both be attending market. Her girlfriends line was the first designer line I absolutely fell in love with and still love to use to this day. It really changed my designs and the course they took. To say the least it holds a special place in my heart because of that and so does she. I was so anxious to meet up with her at market. I was able to pin her down on our last there and "thrilled" to meet her doesn't even begin to describe how I felt!

She is an absolute doll! I felt right at ease with her, which I was thankful for, so at least I didn't stumble over my words! LOL!!! I took the Boutiquecafe girls over there to meet her as well and Jennifer started filling our hands fabric samples and cards. We were all chatting around - why didn't I pull out my camera I can't even remember! - and somehow it got brought up that I was expecting and Jennifer dives back into her bag before I knew what was going on and pulls out the sweetest triangle flag banner done in her Bell Bottom Fabric line and holds it out to me and says, "here for the babys room!"

I seriously started tearing up! LOL! I didn't know what to say and now that I think about it, I'm not entirely sure what I did say! My sweet friend Amelia did grab her camera though and snapped a few pictures. So glad she was thinking!

And of course since this baby isn't arriving until the Fall, I am enjoying my gift from Jennifer in my office. (and it just might stay there! wink)

Amelia and I actually ran into Jennifer again that evening in our hotel lobby when we were yet again making another trip to Starbucks (*snicker). She saw us and paused to chat with us again - felt like old friends meeting up again. As we parted ways again and left the lobby I leaned over to Amelia and said, "I think I'm going to adopt her!"

Thank you Jennifer for taking time to chat with me, snap some photos and listening to all my silly stories and comments. I truly feel blessed to have had a chance to meet up with you and get a glimpse of the talent behind some of my favorite fabric lines.

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Quilt Market - should we wrap it up????

There is still SO much that could be said but I'm afraid I am boring you and dragging it out with every little detail and person I met! LOL - so how about we wrap it up???

I attended Market not as Meg from Brassy Apple but Meg from BoutiqueCafe. I was the production assistant and loved every minute of it! I got to shoot all the footage and meet wonderful people. If you saw me there I probably looked something like this:

Toting equipment, cables and blocking traffic in the aisles as we would interview people.

The booths were a feast for the eyes - Full of color, inspiration and oozing creativity. Here's a few pictures I was able to snap on my own when I was able to put the camera down for a minute.

The owner of Serendipity was so chic in this outfit done with Tina Givens fabric and her booth floor covering was too good to miss!

We found a refreshing take on farm fabric design with Keri Beyer's Urban Farm line. Her set up was adorable!

I've never seen "farm" done so well and so chic!!!

Of course LOVED meeting and chatting with Anna! She makes you feel so at ease and is so delightful to talk to! and get this - Anna knew who I was!!!!! I was standing at a near by booth and Anna walked by, she stopped and said, "Don't I know you?"

I was instantly nervous to have her approach me and compose myself to talk to her. I replied as calmly as I could, "No, we haven't met yet. My name is.....etc, etc." (you get the picture) We shake hands.

Then Anna responds back with, "No, I know you. You do aprons right? (gulp. yeah that's me I'm thinking to myself) "And you do your photos in black and white and leave the aprons in color."

HOLY COW! (i'm freaking out inside) "Yeah, that's me. wow!" I said to her. "See, I knew I knew you. I get around the blogging world!" said Anna so chicly.

Anyway, we continue to chat for a minute but I was blown away! She really is a genuinely nice person. thank you Anna for making my day! Here's a few photos from her award winning first place booth!

And check out her cool hair! It's short in the back and tapered up the to the front so it looks long! another surprise from Anna!

This post is getting really long and I'm not done yet..............so let's wrap it up with Tina Givens. Loved her accent! She grew up in Africa and now lives in Canada. She has a great story and her booth and personality reflected her wisdom and experiece - I thought anyway.

Ok, I still have a few more stories to share! Until then, enjoy your weekend!
xo - Meg

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FAB friday find!

While browsing around today I came across this tutorial I just had to share!!! Check out these lamps!

Design*sponge has more photos and the step by step tutorial with link to supplies as well! I fell in love with these because I am getting in the mood to re-do my daughters room and can just see these hanging in a corner BUT I'd love to dress them up with petals or even coordinating fabric. How divine!

Anyone else in the "re-do" spirit? I think mine is a combination of a change of seasons here, not doing much of anything "creative" these past 4 months and a bit of early nesting. We'll see I guess what actually gets done. It might be a 5 month project! LOL. Enjoy your Holiday Weekend! I might pop back on later and post more about quilt market - if you can stand to see MORE photos! ;)

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We interupt quilt market to bring you......

One of my favorite shows starts up TONIGHT - So you think you can dance !!! WOOhooooOOOO!

I am so excited! I love this show. Totally called in last year and voted for my favorite dancers and I confess, I REALLY wanted to see one of the shows on tour but it just didn't happen. :(

Two hour premiere tonight and 2 hour finale of Greys - whew! Thursday nights are my favorite! *snicker*

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Meeting YummyGoods

If you haven't heard of Melissa of yummygoods, you will! She has the cutest "pixie" features and I loved her hair. I was anxious to meet her at the fabric 2.0 party and she was so sweet. Check out her blog, she has several entries about going to Market as well. But watch for her in the Fall! Her own fabric line will be coming out with Free Spirit at the Market in Houston! How cool, and she's so down to earth and easy to talk to! To top off how "stand out from the crowd" she is, which I love, she handed me her business card and my jaw dropped open! Ok, seriously. She's just too creative. How could you forget her after she hands you a piece of unique fabric with her info printed at the top!!! AND you can take the fabric and make up something fun with it too, which I promised her I would do. ;)

Loved meeting you Melissa! Good luck this Fall! I know your debut line will be a big success!!!

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Let's start the party! - quilt market day 1

Wow! Ok, I thought the whole weekend was overwhelming but now trying to break it down and figure out which details/events to blog about is just as hard! LOL

But because I love to blog so much, you'll probably get more details than you bargained for! Brace yourselves, here we go!

My roomies - the BoutiqueCafe media gang. (L to R Daria, Me, Amelia)

Here's the scoop on how I got to Market. Daria, the fabulous host of the popular podcast, Boutiquecafe, was going to cover the event and needed a production crew. I used to work for Daria at Boutiquecafe so she invited me along as her production assistant and Amelia was there as the official photographer. We had special badges with big green ribbons on them that said "media". We got alot of attention (stares, whispers, comments, etc) carrying around a camera, cables, microphone, etc. It was a fun change to be on the media side of things.

(L to R - Me, Heather Bailey, Daria)

After a quick lunch we headed to market to help Sandi Henderson set up her booth. She'd asked us to stop by and help if we could. We helped put together a few items but other than that I don't think we were much help but we did Oooh and awww over her stuff alot! *snicker* As we were on our way out we spotted Heather Bailey from across the room. Her striking features are hard to miss! She was so gracious to take a moment to chat with us and snap a photo. (Look at how similar she and I are dressed - color of top and circle necklace. ) We also met her very good friend Beth of epbdolls.

Then it was off to the Fabric 2.0 party hosted by Kathy Miller and Caroline. The idea was to get bloggers, designers and other fun people in the biz together. I would say it was a success!! Lots of familiar and new faces in the crowd and a great personal way to meet up before hitting the showfloor the next day. I have several pics to share as it was the first time seeing some friends again in about a year and meeting lots of new ones too! Pick a favorite song, turn it up and enjoy the slide show!

There are too many names to "drop" but if you need to know who's who, just ask! Met Joel Dewberry there and he is SOOO nice!!!! You can find more fun about the fabric 2.0 party on Carolines blog and Patty's blog too!

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This little Piggy I mean, Betty went to Market.....

Hello! I am just returning from a Fabulous weekend in Portland at the International Quilt Market. Of course Flat Betty was right there to enjoy all the festivites and jaw dropping moments - eek! I can't wait to share! Some of my favorite fabric designers are more amazing to see and meet in person! Makes me admire them even more. LOTS of photos coming this week from all my adventures with Daria of Boutique Cafe and Amelia of Intimate Photography! stay tuned......

Here's a little teaser of me and Anna Maria Horner - she's FABULOUS and so was her booth! WOWZA!!!!!

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See you soon!

I'm off to Portland for the weekend of fun and stargazing! tee hee hee. I can't wait to meet some of my favorite fabric designers in person! Plus several of my friends are branching out into fabric, patterns, etc and they will have booths at Market debuting their talent! I can't wait to celebrate with them!

I'll be back on Monday to share photos! Have a great weekend! xo - Meg

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Spruce up! Indie Fixx challenge

Spring has sprung and summer is creeping up! Are you sprucing up your place?

Indie Fixx is having a home decor challenge! As you spring clean and spruce up your spaces you could win some prizes too! They want to see your completed DIY home dec projects or images of your inspiration boards. Not everyone is currently in the position to redecorate but we can dream right?

Check out Indie Fixx for all the details and get ready to be inspired! Hae fun and good luck!

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Getting back to Business!!!

I'm starting to feel alittle bit better! yeah! Actually I'm trying to think so, anyway. I actually called my doctor and said, "I give!" and he prescribed me some meds to help with the sickness feeling. I don't know why I waited so long but after two days of taking them I can already see the difference! Now cross your fingers that it holds!

Thank you to all the sweet comments in my confession post when I revealed that I am pregnant. You are all so nice!!! I know that several of you wanted details, so here's what I can give ya! :)

I am due the end of October. I will have the big 5 month ultrasound next month (June) but hubby and I decided we'd like to wait and not find out the sex of the baby and be surprised . I tend to think it's a boy - just a feeling I guess - but I could be totally wrong! LOL!!!

I have started to get back to all my business stuff - it got pushed off to the side for too long! I just recently got my new and official logo - yeah! and will start to finally transition over my website, new products, etc SOON!!! There's been a few new items in the works for months now that I am really excited about. I hope to have them all polished up and ready to present to you the same time my new website is up and running as well! It all started from an idea I created in June of 07 and continued to play around with through last fall. Here's a little hint:

any guesses???? Ok I'll tell ya! I'm too excited to keep a secret any longer! PATTERNS!!! I started the process of having some of my own designs made into patterns in December. Well, as you know, all things business got pushed aside for the past few months but now I am back on top of it and gearing into the final phase - I hope! LOL

On another exciting note, I will headed to the International Quilt Market THIS WEEK! This too have been in the works and booked since late Dec/early January. I will be meeting up with so many friends/designers. I can't wait to attend this event and just oogle at all the wonderful things market has to offer. I hope I get enough pictures! Oh! and my alter ego Flat Betty will be attending with me!!!

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An apple for the Teacher?

With another preschool, elementary and dance year coming to a close soon - WHAT do you give teachers at the end of the year?

It's the same struggle at Christmas time as well, but I usually craft something up then.

What are you giving your children's teachers? Can you share your ideas? From the simple to the complex I would love to hear or SEE them! If you've blogged about a project or gift yourself, please put the link in the comments! I'd love to stop by!

I need ideas for a preschool teacher, 1st grade teacher and dance teachers as well!

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Sample SALE!

**UPDATE: Both shirts have been claimed! THANK YOU!**

Hello ladies! I recently received the 2 tops back that the Make it Mine Magazine had requested from me and thought I would sell off the designs to you! With Mother's day coming up and spring in full swing, it would be a great time to snatch up these designs!

I will sell each top off for $20.00 each (that includes the shipping via Priority Mail to you! USA only please) You need to email me ASAP at Brassymeg@gmail.com. First come first served. I would appreciate payment sent via Paypal within 24 hours as well. I will give you payment instructions once I receive your email.

Here is the details on the tops:

Top #1 - PINK

Brand: Old Navy
Size: Large
Pinkish in Color
Short Sleeved
Frayed Appliqued Design done with Freshcut fabrics by Heather Bailey

This top was featured in the Spring 2008 edition of Make it Mine Magazine.

Top #2 - Black

Brand - Down East Basics
Size: Medium
Color: Black with wide Lace trim at Bottom Hem
Short Sleeved
Frayed Appliqued Design done with White corduroy and red accents

**Both tops have been laundered once (machine washed - hung to dry) after receiving them back from the Magazine.

I would love to send one your way! Email me - brassymeg@gmail.com! Happy shopping

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Vampire Fan

I've posted about the "Twilight series" before but if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet - I HIGHLY suggest you do. Ask your hubby to buy you the first book - Twilight - for Mother's day. It's a love story and yes it's about vampires. Totally not my style but I reluctantly bought a copy and immediately got sucked in! I was "thristy" for the next one as I devoured the book in 3 days. BUT now the first teaser has been released for the movie which comes out this December. It looks good!!! take a peek here or here for the FULL screen version.

The author, Stephenie Meyer has just been selected as one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2008! how excitng and congrats to her! She is a very talented writer!

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