Spin Art Tutorial

Here's a great, fun and good for all ages tutorial - SPIN ART! - Create your own! Perfect summer activity to keep boredom at bay.

Let's get started!


Cheap salad spinner (I purchased mine for under $3.00 at the grocery store)
Acrylic Paint - in various colors
Paper - construction works great!
something to cover your work area - newspaper, cheap plastic tablecloth, etc
optional: disposable pan or disposable plastic lid

Step 1: Cover your work area. This is a good activity for indoors or outdoors.

Take out your middle basket piece, place it on your paper and trace around it.

Step 2: Cut out your circle pieces of paper. These will fit in the spinner. I like to stack several pieces of construction paper together when cutting so I get several circles of paper ready to go! I also cut just on the inside of the line I traced just to make sure I have a good fit.

Step 3: Place your paper in the middle basket piece and place that back into the salad spinner.

Grab your bottles of paint and let your little ones squirt the colors on the paper in any pattern - or no pattern at all!

Step 4: When they've put on all the colors they wanted, replace the lid on top and start spinning!

optional: you can place our salad spinner in a disposable tin dish or disposable plastic lid as I have used here. When you start to spin the paint will eventually build up on the inside and start to drip out the bottom of the salad spinner. I like to place my spinner in a pan/tray/lid to catch the mess later. Then I just keep it and re-use it for more spinning projects.

Step 5: Lift off the lid and take the first look at your newest masterpiece!

Step 6: You can now add a few more drops of paint and spin again if necessary. To remove your art I simple tilt the middle basket piece to the side and shake gently. The paper will scoot out and be easy to grab. Or you can just simply reach it and grab it! Place somewhere flat to dry and spin another!

These are great for entertaining your kids this summer, for parties or get togethers! You could even make some patriotic ones this upcoming 4th of July! Enjoy spinning and creating with your kids, grandkids, family and neighbors!

Be sure to upload your photos from this project into the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group!

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Cookin' away......

I had my 5 month ultrasound last week and this little baby seems healthy and just cookin' away! We got to see the baby yawn and even saw the tongue - so fun! My favorite picture was of the cute little tiny feet paired right up next to each other. We looked away so we wouldn't see what the sex was though I was REALLY tempted too! Everything seems good. I still feel pretty limited energy wise and the Dr. said my iron was low. I tried to up my intake like he said but I found myself getting really sick! ugh! So it's been and up and down week as I try to figure out when the best time to take the extra vitamins are before I bag them all together! ha!

Hit the neighborhood pool with the kids this week - eek! But hubby snapped a shot of me as he said I was actually looking pregnant in my suit. I'm being brave and sharing it with all of you. (be kind please [wink])

I've also been trying to get cookin' on a few projects this past week as well. Details to be shared soon! But I'm very excited to get them under and shared with you!!!

And speaking of Cookin' in the HOT weather - don't forget about my Hot/Cold "therapy" bags Tutorial aka wheat sacks. These can be made with rice or wheat, whatever you have on hand or whatever is easiest to get. Make up a couple of small ones and throw them in the freezer! They are a great way to cool off in the summer heat! We love ours!

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Sale time.....

There is still time to snatch up a womens DIY kit! Also, I have drastically reduced my children's patriotic DIY kit because of the upcoming holiday! Pick yours up in time to ring in the 4th of July in style! And my 2 remaining boys DIY kits are also on sale!

I've also got it set up for your packages to ship first class - cheaper price - (up to a certain amount) to save you a bit on your end as well. Take a peek at what's left before my website remodel gets done! There is LOTS of new stuff coming early fall!

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Summer Creativity

I'm seeing lots of color and fun creative ideas as summertime finally hits. I'd love to pass along a few ideas and tutorials I have come across if you don't mind. ;)

Fabric pompoms. Aren't these so sweet and the perfect addition to the right room! Visit MollyChicken to view her tutorial and other sweet photos of her daugthers room.

SewMamaSew the blog has Featured Creativity today. There Flickr pool is FULL of inspirational ideas in all forms! aprons, children's clothing, quilts, accessories, etc all bursting with summer flava'!

thanks to the girls over there for featuring my ginger blossom apron as well! smooches!

Do you have a stash of buttons around? Craft up a necklace or bracelet with Zephyrama How to!

And let's wrap it up with YouCanMakeThis.com. Have your checked out their FREE section lately? There may just be a fun free pattern or informative tutorial right up your alley !

You Can Make This!

Have fun creating today!!!! Let me know if the crafting bug bites ya! ;)

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Apron Chatter........

I was pretty excited to participate in my first ever Apron Swap this past month. It seems like I always find out about them to little too late. The theme was ric rack, which I have never worked with but figured I was up for the challenge. ;)

Here is the apron I created. It's got a bit of Ginger Blossom mixed in there. I also added a few clusters of buttons. Some with a little "shine" to them.

Here is the arpon I received from Nicki. She also sent along the most beautiful and large avocados from California and a great recipe booklet. So sweet! Thanks Nicki! I love my new apron!!!!

If you are in the mood to hop on the Apron making bandwagon, here's a swap that is open and getting started! Booming Aprons is having a Halloween in July swap! Doesn't that sound like fun???

Follow the link for the details but you only have until June 30th to sign up!

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Garden at Twilight........

Happy Summer everyone! The warm weather has FINALLY hit here and we are loving it! It actually feels like summer now.

Because I have been in the "thrifting" and re-decorating mood I wanted to share a slide show of my Mom's side garden. (View my first slide show here) She has taken several items and re-purposed them to created a space with more than just plants but interesting architectural pieces and memories as well. Several of the items were taken from my grandmother's home or yard (her mother, Olive) when she past away about 2 years ago. Hence the name of her garden - "My Olive Garden". I took the photos in the natural light of Twilight. Love that time of day and the light is casts on objects.Please enjoy the photos. Hopefully you will be inspired to add alittle something to your own space. So sit back and relax as we take a walk through "Olive's Garden".

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The man we call DAD

As promised here is our Father's Day photo for this year. My Daughter was getting her haircut Friday morning so I really wanted to put off doing this year's pictures until that was done. About an hour after her appointment we were snapping photos and in 5 minutes we had our gift done! Love that! and of course Dad did too!
I wanted to share this DARLING Grandpa version for those who need to "see" the idea to be get their creativity going. What adorable grandkids he has! and they took the photos each at their own house on their own time and then sent them all to one person to create the masterpiece. SO you too can pull off something this fun and cute even if you don't live near your relatives! and it looks like they cut their letters from posterboard too! Kuddos to these crafty gals! Thank you for sending me your photo and sharing your excitment for this project! I love to hear back from you!

I hope everyone had fun giving all the handmade gifts, cards, paper neckties (giggle), etc. this Father's day! xo - Meg

**update: - check the comments for links to others blog who posted their "DAD" photos as well!

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How about some FREE fabric?

First off, it's not coming from me BUT you can hop over to BoutiqueCafe RIGHT NOW and watch the interview I videotaped for them with Tina Givens. Daria does a superb job chatting with her and Tina was so fabulous to meet! Don't you love her accent? Her new fabric collection Chloe's Imagination is breathtaking with wonderful surprises of color and design in all the different colorway options.

SO - take a peek at the interview and leave a comment on the Boutique Cafe site to WIN some jaw dropping prizes! One being 8 yards of fabric from Tina!!!! can you believe that!???!! I've already left my comment now you do the same too!

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Nesting Treasures.......

Well as I hit my 5 month mark in my pregnancy and begin to feel better I am also finding that I am wanting to create, sew and prepare for this baby - trouble is I don't know if it's a boy or a girl that I should be preparing for. SO - I've diverted my "energy" to other things like my house! I really want to change a few things around, spruce up with some color and bargain hunt! Could be a change in the weather too and not just me "nesting". Anyhow - summer is the perfect time for yard sales and finding some hidden treasures at a bargain!

And last weekend I was able to find a few items I am really excited about! FIRST - check out my new lamp in my office. It hangs above my desk and fits just perfectly with the color and style of my studio.

Oh my gosh! I am in love! I was thrilled to find it and then to see the price tag of only $4.00! woohoo! This baby was snatched up in a hurry!

Second - I hit a yard sale of a costume designer who was getting rid of some of her stash after 30 years of collecting, sewing, etc. JACKPOT!!!! Nothing was marked, which really bothers me, but I got up the courage to ask about a few items that I had really fallen for, afraid that her answer would be too high for what I wanted to pay. BUT, surprisingly most items were terribly CHEAP! I snatched up some fun trims (which you may see on a few items coming up), a couple of fun baubles for my wrist, and a gorgeous real fur wrap "thingy". *snicker* I can't wait to wear it this fall!!!

OK, Back to nesting.............. about a week and half ago a sweet little sparrow family starting building a nest right under our rock archway in our entryway outside. It was fasinating to watch them and think about them preparing for a sweet little bird family right outside our door. We can see them easily through a window above our doorway and I love to watch the Mom and the Dad come home at the end of the day and sleep quietly together in the nest. Plus they have gorgeous yellow bellies and I love the shape of their tales too. So it looks like I'm not the only one nesting around here! ;)

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Have you thought about............

Father's Day coming up? This Week???? eek!

We are pretty traditional when it comes to Father's Day celebrations around here - BBQ, making a favorite dessert, maybe breakfast in bed, a few fun homemade gifts from the kids that they made at church, etc.

One tradition we started two years ago was the "Dad" photo. I posted my photos of this gift last year after Father's Day and had several bloggers comment they wish they could have done that. SO this year I am posting early - well sort of early ;)

What you do is go buy some larger wooden letters. You need 1 D and 1 A. They can be prepainted if you want them to be. Buy a frame that holds three photos horizontally. Then dress your kids up (or not) and take their photos holding one letter for each frame. It's probably just easiest if I show you. :)

Here is the first year we did it ('06)-

and here is the second year ('07) -

As you can see they cooperated much better the second year ;). The frame hangs in Daddy's Office with the previous years stacked behind the current year. I know how much my kids change each year but this is a fun way to have it documented. This is a great gift for Grandpa's too! You can do GPA or PAPA. Just find the right frame and the right letters and have fun! (and don't forget to stash away your letters until next year!)

I am not posting what this year's photos look like because Hubby is a daily reader of my blog also and I would want to spoil the surprise for him or the kids. :) I hope this was helpful for any Mom's searching for a Father's Day idea! OH! and thanks to Carrie of EMA Photography for sharing the idea many years ago!

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One more round.....

Just a quick "THANK YOU!" to the wonderful response I received to my women's DIY kits. They were a long time coming but they are finally here. More to come in different color combinations as you have so gracious requested. :)

On that note, I was able to put together 6 more Summer Sol kits for you! The first round was gone within the weekend of debuting so snatch these up fast if you want one!

Also - ON SALE are my Patriotic childrens Shaggy Mosaic DIY kits. Here's a few examples of past Patriotic shaggy mosaic designs to give you some ideas!

and don't forget! I'm offering FREE shipping (in the USA) on all orders over $25.00 through the end of June! just use the code brassyapple at checkout!

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Take a walk with me.....

Ok, ok I KNOW you are getting tired of me ranting on about Quilt Market but it such a rainy dreary day and I need to brighten myself up so come and take a walk with me. Back to a gorgeously sunny and perfectly warm day in downtown Portland. We had just finished lunch outside and were enjoying all the life, air and openess around us. Amelia and I were on a camera kick. It's fun to take photos at market and get your photos taken with your favorite "celebrities", but it's nice to just break out the camera and take photos for no particular reason. To have freedom to shoot as you please. Can you relate or do I sound completely crazy here? LOL!

Back on subject here - We knew we were "close" to Anthropology and wanted to make a stop there. The waiters had told us to catch the streetcar a few blocks over and it would take us right down there. WELL...............catching that streetcar proved to be alittle harder than we thought. First we weren't really sure what the streetcar was! We knew what The MAX was but this was different. We found a streetcar stop but no one standing there was sure if they were in the right spot, and after several minutes of waiting and seeing nothing................we kept on trecking down the blocks in the general direction.

Along the way I snapped several photos of the great architecture that was around us! I loved photographing staircases, clocks, statues, lamp posts, old building with character, etc. They are a few of my favorites and Portland had plenty to offer! So.........let's take a walk.......

A funny note about our whole "walking" experience was as we were halfway back to where we could catch The MAX back to our hotel we finally saw the streetcar! Of course we were no where near a stop for it to pick us up, but funny just the same. I was beginning to think it was an "urban myth!" *snicker*

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