Fabric sell off - ROUND 2..........coming!!!

Hello! Hello! I'm jetting out of town for the weekend but will be having another fabric sell off on Tuesday! There should be about 6 different fabrics to choose from! Please stop by Tuesday and see what's available! First come first serve again! thanks! Enjoy the long holiday weekend! xo - meg

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2 giveaways from me.............wrapping up!

Just a quick reminder that I have 2 giveaways ending soon! My new flickr group - Brassy Apple Projects - is well underway with photos from YOU of projects you've completed from my tutorials, ebooks, DIY kits, etc. It's a great place for sharing your creativity and to inspire others! Just upload your photo(s) TODAY and you'll be eligible to win a garden party skinny scarf from me! You only have until August 31st!

and for the DIY woman - you can win a girls "Sweet Tangerine" Shaggy Mosaic DIY kit from me by simply popping over to The Boutique Buyers blog and leaving a comment on the interview they recently did on me. A winner will be announced on Friday, August 29th! Good luck and have fun!

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30 weeks.......

Just thought I would share an update on my ever growing belly! :) It's been a few weeks since I have and now I am 30 weeks - YEAH - with about 8 weeks left to go??........about? I guess we'll see! There's nothing like posing in front of the tripod and snapping pictures of yourself! Ha!

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Fabric overload!

I have too much fabric! Can you really ever have too much????........................... I guess in this case, I am saying YES!!!! My "fabric eyes were bigger than my stomach" months ago when I ordered SOOOO much and now I find I don't have the time, energy or desire to sew with what's left! ha! must be the pregnancy ;)

SO my loss, YOUR GAIN!!!
I would love to ship some fabric your way at a steal of a price! Most of these fabrics will cost anywhere from $7.25 - $9.50 at the store but I would really love to ship them out quickly. (aka - cheaper price!)

Here's a few instructions before we get started:

1. must order in whole yard increments only
2. payment only by paypal
3. I can fit up to 7 yards in a flat rate priority envelope for cheaper shipping. (we all love that don't we)
4. when it's gone............it's gone!
5. email me if interested: brassymeg@gmail.com
please include:
name of fabric and yardage you want
your paypal address so I can invoice you
(if other than USA please specify where)
Payment is due within 24 hours please

Once I recieve your request - first come first serve - I will invoice you with shipping cost. Once I receive a cleared payment I will ship it out with 1-2 business days. Sound good?

Here's what I have available:
POD POSEY - border (michael miller)
price: $5.25 a yard
8 yards available

PINK CORIANDER - (Amy Butler Belle collection)
price: $5.25 a yard
0 yards available - SOLD OUT

OLIVE ACANTHUS - (Amy Butler Belle Collection)
price: $5.25 a yard
0 yards available - SOLD OUT

these are some of my favorite fabrics and colors but I'd rather ship them off to a "good home" then have them sit here un-used and "unloved" any longer............ ;)

I will try my best to keep the yardage available on each fabric updated. Happy shopping!

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Any "Boutique-rs" out there?

I had the lovely chance to be asked for an interview and featured on the Boutique Buyers blog. The interview is now up with photos and of course a GIVEAWAY!!!! Pop in the check out their blog, leave a comment on their site under my interview for a chance to win! You only have one week to be eligible! Have fun! Maybe you'll learn something new about me that you didn't know!

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Powering down......

As some of you may have noticed my web store is no longer there! This is a good thing. We are in the final stages of getting my new website ready to debut! The store has been powered down while the sewing machine has been heating up! I hope to have most of my new products ready by the time the website is ready to go as well.

My blog might be quiet for a few days as well. We've had a family emergency this week and need to head out of town until about the middle part of next week. Enjoy the weekend, pop into the Brassy Apple Flickr group and see what's new or add a photo of your own and soak in a few days of August sunshine and heat!

(of course I have to post a photo! It's a peek of whats to come!)

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Little "Miss Papaya"

I got the wonderful opportunity to see my best friend from school and meet her new daughter. She now lives in paradise - aka Hawaii - so actually getting to "see" her, those times are very few and far between. Her daugther is 3.5 months now and just the cutest thing!!!! Didn't help much that I'm pregnant, itching for my own kid to arrive and seeing how adorable her's is. My kids and I had lots of fun kissing, squeezing, cuddling and making little "miss papaya" (nickname) laugh.

Yep that's me with my belly and being goofy. LOL! Hard to not be alittle goofy around her since we've known each other so long and have had PLENTY of goofy moments. ;) I just have to share how adorable her baby is.

In other baby news, I have about 10-12 weeks left until my baby makes it's debut! It's coming up REALLY fast! Things are still good here and just ticking along. I'm not sure if it's "nesting" or just that I've finally kicked myself in the rear to get a few things done but I have been sewing alot this week. Nothing to prepare for the baby's arrival, so maybe it's just an urgency to get a few things done. It's all been for my new website debut though!!!! Can't wait!!!

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Time to Strut your Stuff.............and WIN {of course!}

Feeling lucky?
It's time for you to strut your stuff in my new Flickr group - Brassy apple Projects!! It's something I've wanted to start for a long time now and decided to dive in and stop waiting!

The flickr group will be a pool of inspiration and fun for everyone! A place where you can "strut your stuff" by uploading a photo of what you've created from my tutorials, DIY kits, ebooks, photos, etc - anything you've seen on my blog! and of course coming soon my PATTERNS! yipeee!

I can't wait to see your projects and your creativity!

So stop on by and add your photo to the group today! **All photos added in the month of August will be eligible to win a Garden Party Skinny scarf from me! It's always more fun with a giveaway right???? ;)

You will always be able to find the Brassy Apple Flickr group too and see the lastest photos by viewing the flickr badge on my sidebar. See you there!...............

pssst!............... if you want to win the scarf and don't have a photo to add you still have a time to craft something up and add your photo!

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Treating myself.....

I have been busy fliting in and out of town - short trips - finishing up a few sewing projects and attending to details for an upcoming event I was in charge in. Glad to have the event off my plate with and done. whew!

I created a custom order pair of women's "Shaggy Mosaic" jeans for a new customer. She wanted jewel tones with accents brown and black added. It's been awhile since I have taken any custom orders because I was ill for so long in the early part of my pregnancy, but it felt good to create this rich colorful design and work with the denim again. Here's a few peeks at how they turned out. (you know I love to share photos!)

Of course it's Miss Anna's Garden Party fabric again. I just loved all the rich, deep, jewel toned colors and variation of pattern and size of the designs as well. I hope that the customer likes them!

So after getting a few big projects completed, I had to treat myself! I've
spent a few days glued to the new Stephenie Meyer book, Breaking Dawn, which completes the Twilight series of books. *sigh*..................I'm sad for them to be done but the new book was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! They author definately did not disappoint! There will not be any spoilers here! I would have hated to have stumbled across a spoiler before getting to read it myself. Just a bit of fun summer reading and a good break from reality. *snicker*

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