I have run out! After a super busy week last week I find myself out of steam the last couple of days and not feeling so hot. I think the main problem is I got so busy I forgot to take my vitamins and iron.............now it's all catching up to me. That along with a combination of too much sun. I'm sorry my blog has been quiet. I certainly haven't forgot about it. Just need to rest.

Luckily my husband was off today and willing to run my errands, pick up the kids and he even went out and rented me a movie - without any suggestions from me. What a guy! I'll be back soon! I want to share a fun tutorial with all of you! Stay tuned........

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Pretty maids all in a row.....

Finding joy in the simple smalls things of the day. Just harvested these from my garden. Spent some of the afternoon picking indian corn, worm hunting and with my little guy and soaking in the last rays of summer.................welcome fall. I am ready.

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First article up....... and other ramblings

My first article has been published for Blissfully Domestic! Now that everyone is probably knee deep in back to school papers, schedules, etc maybe you are thinking a little organization might help. And what better way to get organized when there is a fun and stylish DIY project involved! That's what my article is all about! Take a peek!

I happened to catch a commercial saying that Stephenie Meyer will be on Ellen on Tuesday! Definately going to catch that! I think I have a few "Twilight" fan blog readers here.......

and speaking of T.V., there's nothing like watching The Biggest Loser with a nice big bowl of ice cream and large pregnant belly. Makes a girl feel "good"..............*sigh* (rolling eyes). I have a serious case of denim envy right now. I'd LOVE to look cute in a regular sized pair of jeans with a zipper and a button! LOL!!! I guess it all comes soon enough!

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"She has a party when her roses bloom...."

(*warning - waaaay to many details included in the following post. *snicker* some of you have requested "details" - so ask and you shall receive! those that are not interested, just scroll through the lovely photos. )

I helped host and pull off a bridal shower this weekend. The bride knew about the shower - when and where to be - but the rest of the details were kept under wraps - theme, decor, food, etc. We wanted to surprise her and I think we pulled it off!

I love musicals and there is a part in The Unsinkable Molly Brown where she talks about her neighbor having a party every year when her "roses bloom." It's an elegant affair, one that is always looked forward to, etc....I wish I had a yard for garden parties but that's one of the drawbacks of new construction. You start with zero "mature" landscaping. ANYWAY, I've always wanted to throw a party where their are lights in the trees, paper lanterns - you know - something straight out of Better Homes and Garden magazine. So that was my "thinking" or desire as we began to plan this bridal shower.

The happy couple is whisking themselves off to Jamaica to get married and then honeymoon so the invites were created in light blue, tan and creme to resemble the ocean and sand and begin to set the tone for the shower.

Then....location, location, location! My mother's front yard was just about as perfect as I was going to get. LARGE trees that created a canopy in the middle, quiet street and beautiful lawn. I enlisted the help of my husband and step dad to shimmy up the trees and out the branches wrapping them with white lights - I believe we used about 12 long strands and then attaching a few white paper lanterns. The outcome was perfect - classic, pretty, not over done and show stopping! (well the many people passing by slowed down, stopped and even commented on the decor)

Of course as the sun set and the evening settled upon us the atmosphere created by the lights just got better and better!

We set up round tables with white tablecloths and white chairs and set up a table for food and gifts as well.

The centerpieces were alot of fun to do and easy! I nice pile of sand in the middle with white candles and seashells and just a bit of blue sheer ribbon to add a touch of softness and color. We set each place with a tall glass goblet, fan folded a blue napkin in the top and then placed a blue plate and silver fork.

The food table was filled with bite sized goodies because who doesn't love to sample everything??? One of the dishes I made was these delicious brownies by Miss Paula Deen. They were a hit! Except I used 3 different chocolate bars instead of the three of the same as her recipe calls for - tricky, tricky....

Without boring you with too many more details (my goodness!) we also played a really fun game - Bridal Shower Bingo. The bingo cards were created in blue and each guest was given one while the bride opened up her gifts. This game allows each guest to play at their leisure while still enjoying the party, food and conversation - love it!

The squares contained items she might get, things she might say while opening the gifts or "events" that might happen. For example - other than specifc items listed on her registry there were things like - something for the honeymoon, something sparkley, something for Him, etc. Then there were squares saying "mother of the bride blushing", (guests name) rolling her eyes, a time squares as well - 8:00pm. So if were playing the game and it passed that time you could mark off the square as well.

The gifts were all "J" themed - jewerly, japenese lotion from Bath and Body works, jelly beans, etc. and we handed out 3 for bingos and 1 for blackout.

That does it! It was so much fun! Here's me and the beautiful blushing bride that night! I'd love to host a "lawn party" every year. Now I guess I need to get my own "perfect" lawn to do it in huh? LOL!

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Friday Ramblings......

A little update from my studio today.........I've been busily working on my new website. By "working" I mean it is done and now I need to add all the product and put the finishing touches on! YEAH!!!!! I'm working as quickly as I can! Believe me!

I did a photoshoot last night of two aprons have still have 2 or 3 left to shoot, edit and get onto the site! I can't wait to debut them!

In other news, I am excited to announce that I am now a contributor on Blissfully Domestic! You can find a wealth of fun and info on their site and you'll be seeing a couple of articles by little ol' me each month!

Let's see.........baby news? My ever growing belly seems to be steadily growing straight out! LOL! Looks like a "boy belly" to me but we'll find out in 6-8 weeks when it will all be over! I'm getting really excited!

I am helping to host a bridal shower tonight that I am excited about too! Hopefully I'll have some fun photos to share with you! and maybe an idea or two!

Hope your weekend is all you want it to be! Back to "work" for me!.................xo - meg

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Photo fun!

I just have to share this site! I stumbled across it a bit ago and have been having fun with my own photos and thought, "why not share the fun?!" Visit this site for some photofunia!

Have fun making yourself "FAMOUS" too! tee hee he!

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Quiet Sunday Morning......

I look forward to Sundays. The slowed down paced of the mornings and the entire day actually. No where to rush off to first thing like we do on the weekdays. We usually start the day with a big homemade breakfast, playing, lounging, etc. Just enjoying being together as a family. The sun is shining and it's quiet in the house right now. So naturally a little reflection comes into play.

I stirred up some homemade bread and while that rises in the pan the kids have snuck off to the baby's new room and are playing "house". We pulled out some blankets, toys and furniture yesterday, got it all cleaned up and washed and so my daugther thinks it's the perfect spot to pull down a few of her dolls and use all the new fun stuff!.............very cute.

Last week our family was hours away visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. Not only was the scenery and landscape completely different from where we live now, the lifestyle and towns we passed through and visited where worlds apart from what I know. It was a refreshing, peaceful and joyous trip. I'd love to share a few photos with you as you enjoy your Sunday as well. It's a mix of "artsy", goofy and family photos. xo - Meg

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I need to crown a winner!

So the vacation over the long weekend sure has made this "short" week full of things needing to get done! LOL

After cutting and shipping out all the fabric to you and catching up on this and that I still have yet to crown a winner in the Skinny Scarf giveaway from the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group! So let's do it!

Thank you to everyone who uploaded and shared their photos from my tutorials they have tried, DIY kits purchased from my website, ebooks, etc. It has been so fun to see YOUR creativity infused in these projects. Keep uploading and sharing the photos too!

The winner of a Garden Party Skinny Scarf - chosen at random is - ......................................... karaintx. She shared a photo of her daughter sporting a very "cool" pair of High School Musical Jeans created from one of my DIY kits. Please contact me and I will get this shipped out to you! thanks again!

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Fabric SALE!!!!!!

Here we go! Round 2 as promised! If you missed round 1 here's a refresher of the details:
1. must order in whole yard increments only
2. payment only by paypal
3. I can fit up to 7 yards in a flat rate priority envelope for cheaper shipping. (we all love that don't we)
4. when it's gone............it's gone!
5. email me if interested: brassymeg@gmail.com

please include:
name of fabric and yardage you want
your paypal address so I can invoice you (if other than USA please specify where)
Payment is due within 24 hours please

Once I recieve your request - first come first serve - I will invoice you with shipping cost included.(if it's more than 7 yards I will ship out in a box via priority mail.) Once I receive a cleared payment I will ship it out with 1-2 business days. Sound good? Lets go!!!!

POD POSEY - (border) michael miller
$5.25 a yard
0 yards - SOLD OUT!

Ginger Blossom - blossom buds avocado (Sandi Henderson)
$5.25 a yard
0 yards - SOLD OUT!!!!

Midwest Modern - Brown garden maze (Amy Butler)
$5.25 a yard
0 yards - SOLD OUT!

Midwest Modern - Happy dots grey (Amy Butler)
$5.25 a yard
0 yards - SOLD OUT!

Margot - (Anna Griffin)
$5.25 a yard
0 yards - SOLD OUT!

Sole - pink/green version (Valori Wells)
$5.25 a yard
0 yards - SOLD OUT!

I will again try to keep the number of yardage currently available here as much as I can especially when it is all sold out! I enjoy passing the savings onto you since I bought WAAAAaaaaaaY too much and can't possibly get it all sewn up! Happy Shopping!

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