Happy Halloween!

I realized that I looked sort of sad in the previous post - which I am not. :) Anyway, enjoy the sugars that today will bring and all the festivities!

I am ready to have this "pumpkin" harvested! :) I threw this shirt together in about 5 mins (even less I think). Who knew they made sticky felt? Just cut and apply! Perfect for this project! I grabbed the only plain orange shirt I had in my wardrobe - it's a bit "small" but it worked. I wore it yesterday to my daugther's Halloween costume party/parade festivities at school. The other moms got a good kick out of it! Happy Halloween everyone!

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39 weeks......

Just patiently waiting................Have you ever been so anxious for someone to arrive that you are constantly looking out the window to watch for them? That's how I feel................ although this baby won't come strolling up the sidewalk when it arrives ;)

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Tricks and Treats............

We attended a Halloween party on Friday and Saturday and still have 2 or 3 more this week! Can you say sugar rush????? wowee! Anyway, just thought I would share a few Halloween photos! My son wanted to be Harry Potter and my daugther is a "runway diva" - fits her perfectly! LOL!

Hope your Halloween week is full of fun and sugar too!

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38 weeks.....

and I'm still pregnant! *sigh* I thought I would have had a baby by now given my past history, but this baby is writing it's own history. :)

So I sit and wait...........or rather I walk around, do stairs, etc. ANYTHING to help mybody along! As of today I officially have 12 days until my due date. It shouldn't be long now..........................right? I mean, I can't be pregnant forever???

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I wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to LISA who created my website, graphics, new biz cards, blog header, etc! She is wonderful to work with and really captured the look and feel I was going for! thank you LISA!

Pop over to my website and check out all my new product! Here's a little preview!

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It's finally here! I want to shout it from the rooftops! My website is officially open! There still might be a few kinks to work out but all in all I think we are a go! Thank you for being patient and sharing your excitement with me!

I've got Holiday themed items - with more to come next month - skinny scarves, diy kits and NEW products debuting!!!!!!! Check it out! Plus snag some on sale/clearance items! (yes already!!!) There's items for the women and kids too! Check out my new DIY kits for women - they are simply yummy!!

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Sunday Funnies......

I snagged this off a blog because I thought it was so CUTE! Enjoy your sunday!.................. I'm headed to the Dr. again on Monday for my weekly checkup. Wish me luck!

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SPC - Mirrors

It's been a long time since I have participated in the SPC challenges. I popped over to their site and thought I would jump in on this month's challenge - mirrors. - 36 weeks along and counting......

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Tutorial - Notebook purse/briefcase

Here's a great idea for gifts, party favors, road trip journals, rainy day projects........you name it! This project can be altered for girls or boys too! There's always lots of options with my tutorials! ;)

Although I can't take credit for the idea, I've infused some of my own twists on the project and I still wanted to share it with you! I learned about this idea and got together and crafted it up with some friends. So grab your friends (and kids too if you want) and let's get started!

**Be sure to upload and share your photos in the Brassy Apple Flickr photo group! We'd all love to see how yours turned out! **

Composition notebooks ( I used the large ones for this tutorial but the small ones can be used as well. It all depends on what you will be using them for)
scrapbook paper
glue sticks

hole punch
scrapbooking pop ups

Step 1:
Purse: If you would like to create an angled shaped purse notebook you will need to have the composition notebooks professionally cut. Mine were cut at a local print/copy shop. (i.e kinkos, staples, etc) They may charge set up fee along with a cutting fee so sometimes it's a smarter investment to have them cut several notebooks at a time instead of just one or two.

I had my notebooks cut about 1.5 - 2 inches on each side and then angled out to the outer edge as pictured below.

Briefcase: If you'd like to create a briefcase for your little guy or a square purse for a girl simply omit the this "cutting" step and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Choose the paper you'd like on one side of your purse/briefcase. Open the cover of your notebook and place it on the wrong side of your scrapbooking paper and trace.

I line up the bottom of my scrapbook paper just above the center crease fold of the notebook. (pictured below) There is a nice black binding on these notebooks that adds a good border. Plus you don't want to have your scrapbook paper right in the crease of the binding as it opens and closes. Over time the paper will not look as nice and may even come detatched. So leave a bit of the black binding showing as pictured.

Trace and cut.

Step 2a: OPTIONAL - If you'd like to cover the inside of your notebook purse- go for it! It's not necessary but can create a more finished look or give you a space to write a special note, etc. Get creative!
Step 3: I used the cut out piece from one side of my notebook to trace onto the paper for the second side.
Step 4: Glue. Time to apply the scrapbook paper to each side of your notebook. I have found glue sticks work wonderful and hold the paper well. You can apply the glue directly to the cover or to the back of the scrapbook paper.

Applying to cover

Applying to the scrapbook paper

Line up your paper and press well to the edges eliminating air bubbles, etc. You can see in the photo below the black binding edge referred to in step 2.
Step 5: Time to layer! Now the fun really begins - adding embellishments! Each side of your purse notebook has been covered, so let's layer different papers, shapes, etc on top. I added a strip of paper along the top of one side to add contrasting color and pattern. Don't be afraid to mix it up!
I simply placed the cover on my scrapbook paper lining up the straight bottom edge of the scrapbook paper with where I wanted it to end. Trace, cut and glue.
EMBELLISH! I purchased one of Amy Butler kits that had a huge assortment of fun phrases, frames, shapes, flowers, keys, crowns, etc.

You can also cut of shapes from your scrapbook paper, add glitter, letters, etc. Let our imagination roam!

A fun way to add depth to the cover is to use these handy POP UPs. Place the pop up on the back of your shape, pull off the paper backing and stick it on.
This is a great project for little ones too! My daughter (age 7) picked out the papers, traced, asked for help with the cutting, she glued and of course embellished! It was hands off Mom for all the embellishing! LOL!
Step 6: Creating a handle. You will need to punch 2 holes near the top of each side for the ribbon handle to be threaded through. Scrapbook punches come in handy here. I like to punch my holes about 1 inch from the top on each end. Flip over and repeat.
If you want to dress up your purse notebook alittle more - add eyelets or grommets for your ribbon to be threaded through. I marked the placement of the hole with a pencil and punctured the cover with the some scissors. Then I followed the instructions for attaching the silver eyelets on the back of the package.
Step 7: Once all 4 holes are created, pick out a coordinating ribbon in the correct width. Make sure your holes are not to big for your ribbon. You can use jute, ribbon, fabric strips, etc. Whatever fits your fancy and design!
Thread the ribbon from the inside of the cover and out through the hole. Tie a knot or two near the end to keep the ribbon from slipping through the hole. Measure how long you'd like your handle to be, cut and thread the other end through the other hole. Tie it off, flip your purse notebook over and repeat.
I like to heat seal my ribbon so it doesn't fray. Simply light a match and hold it near the end of the cut end of the ribbon. The heat will "melt" the ribbon just enough to seal the end and prevent the ribbon from fraying. Repeat on all four ribbon ends.

And you are done! These can made up in so many ways! Large, small, as gifts, as party favors, etc. The possibilities are endless! So craft some up today and share your photos in the BrassyApple Flickr photo group! I can't wait to see!

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