The hussle and bussle of the season is upon us. Lots of food preparation going on this week, family coming into town, etc. I hope you all take some time to enjoy the craziness, the calm moments and being surrounded by things and people you love.

I'm thankful to again be wearing jeans with zippers and buttons - HA! good by elastic wasitbands! Oh and a waistline! It's fun to full out my favorite coat and cinch up the belt around the waist. Well all these things are trival in comparison to what I am really thankful for this Holiday.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I'm working on a few Holiday designs I hope to have done and ready VERY soon!

Take time to enjoy the "little" things this week....xo - Meg

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Handmade for baby.....

I received a few gifts over the weekend that are a MUST share! and what makes them even sweeter is they are handmade! lots of love and talent went into these. We love creative and crafty women here on the Brassy Apple Blog! :)

Ok so on with the gushing. Could this "Friendly Sock Monster" be any cuter? And what a handy idea! You feed the dirty socks into his mouth, toss in the washer and you never lose sock mates! Genius! He was made and purchased from 52 Freckles on etsy.

I also received a binki holder made by 52 freckles as well. Just clip onto your diaper bag and the endless searching for the binki in the bag is over! It's always clean and easy to find!

And as if I couldn't get any cuter with diaper bag stuff, my sister dropped off a diaper clutch! love IT!

It's reversible and has ME written all over it. A travel case of wipes and a couple of diapers fit inside. When it's changing time and you're away from home, just grab the clutch instead of lugging the entire diaper bag. Thanks sis!

And lastly, ...................are you still with me? LOL!..........I recieved a handle baby from my cousin.

The story of how she came up the idea and started her company is great! Be sure to check that out! You may laugh, gasp, or completely relate!!!!

So why am I sharing all these great gifts? Because they are just that.................GREAT gifts! If you have a little one on the way or know of someone who does, keep these products in mind. They are sure to be hit when given as a gift or shown off to your friends!

and to end the post let me just share a picture of my little snuggly guy. You don't mind do ya?

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1/2 price sale!!!!

To celebrate the arrival of my new baby boy I'm having a sale! I feel half the size I was a week ago - *snicker* - so how about a 1/2 price sale???

You GOT IT! All items on my website are 1/2 off from NOW until Sunday November 16th at midnight! That's just 4 short days to snatch up some great Holiday gifts at a steal of a price!

We could all use a break in our Holiday spending with the economy right now and I've giving it to you. :)

I've added 3 new products today as well! 2 new girls Mosaic jeans DIY kits and one new skinny scarf.


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There were lots of requests in the comments from my last post as to what we named the little guy. His name is Jackson. The first day he was born his big bother referred to him as "Baby Jack Jack." That seems to have worn off now.

He is dream to have around. Such a good baby...........so far. :) He gets cuddled, kissed, poked - Ha! and snuggled ALOT by all of us.

We are both doing great! Thank you for the well wishes and sharing in our excitment!

I also appreciate all those who placed orders in the last couple of days. I've gotten all the orders out as they have come in. Enjoy!!

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It's a BOY!

I am home and doing well. Resting......trying to not be a busy body but our house is a bustling hive right now with excitement and other family events/news going on too.

I am sitting on my hubby's laptop so I don't have access to edit and post any fancy smancy cutesy edited photo. :) Just a good ol' photo of my newest addition! :)

After two hours of labor - yes he came fast and furious - he was born weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs. 14 oz. He was born with a double chin already and we are loving every inch, chubby cheek and roll he has. Thanks for all the well wishes from my previous post. I'm going to take some "quiet time" for a few days but I will be back soon!

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It's time.....

We are off the hospital! I'll post an annoucements and pictures soon! If you place an order on my website while I am gone please be patient and know that all orders will ship out on Monday, November 10th. Thank YOU! See you soon!

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Have your "flickr'd" your photos yet??? If not, whatcha waitin' for!? :)

Head over to the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group and upload yours to share and browse around the wealth of creativity! A huge thank you to those that have uploaded their projects and shared them!

I have to share these!!! From my newest tutorial - Purse/briefcase Notebook - Look at what HandbagsbyJen created! LOVE these!

The briefcase is to DIE for! Thank you for sharing your creativity fused into the tutorial I shared!

And how fun to see my Fabric Fortune Cookies tutorial used at the Fall International Quilt Market in the Paula Prass booth! thanks to Bloomdesignco for uploading the picture and sharing!

So if you've completed a project from a Tutorial I posted, a DIY kit you bought from me or an ebook, etc upload and share your creativity! We'd all love to see what you did with it! xo - Meg

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My favorite season......

It's a wet drizzly day here. I {heart} fall. The crisp in the air, the change of seasons, the colors, smells, etc. I thought I would share a few photos I've taken over the last couple of weeks capturing the "yumminess" of the season. Enjoy your fall day!

Here's a quote I found and liked that fit with this post:

"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

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