Sharing our Father's Day......

Sharing this idea is the first fun part, but then seeing how everyone else's turned out is the second fun part! thanks for all the emails, blog comments and links you have sent! It has been fun blog hopping around! This is our 4th year sharing this idea and each year they just get better and better. Here is how ours turned out!

And here's a few of the others that I know of that have shared with me as well! It was a crazy weekend, so if I missed adding your's to the list - shoot me an email or leave a comment and link here and I will get you added! :)

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  1. AWESOME!!!! One of my most favorite ideas ... we do it in July for my Dad's birthday with a "Happy" , "Birthday" & a "Big Daddy" picture. Same as the DAD. Thanks for posting yours ... Jackson is a cutie in the middle!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I did this for my Husband this year with my kids and he loved it. Go check out my blog and see what it looked like. You have great idea's, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh it turned out so very sweet! We also did the same thing this year. I remebered yours from last year and I could'nt wait to do it.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this idea....Your Great!

    Come on over and check it out on my blog!

  4. Yours turned out so great!!!
    Thank you for the idea. My kids loved doing it (well my 5 month old had no choice) and their Daddy and Pawpaw loved them.

  5. I loved this idea and I think it will be a yearly tradition. I did it for my husband and for my dad. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I loved this idea and passed it on to all my friends. Our husbands are in Afghanistan and a bunch of us did these and sent an email version to them for Father's Day! It really made their day! Thank you for posting this great idea! Here is my link: http://turnermountainwest.blogspot.com/2009/06/happy-fathers-day.html

  7. Thanks for this sweet idea! My husband loved it. Three of my friends and I did this as well as some of my readers where I linked to this your post! Best present ever! My link is at http://michellejohnnie.blogspot.com/2009/06/fathers-day.html