Excuse the lull.......

Whew - what a week and September is creeping up on us very quickly. Excuse the blogging lull around here. We have been busy getting used to new schedule around here now that school has started. It's been a fun week - a week of first days, making lunches, new outfits and hairdo's...........getting up and ready and saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer when we got to sleep in and lounge around if we wanted to.......*sigh*

BUT aside from just my everyday "life", I have been busily working on patterns. More on that next week - promise! :)

Here's what my "everyday" life has looked a bit like this week

So grown up...........

So excited for Kindergarten.............

and sooo sleepy from such a crazy week............ (I feel the same way little buddy)

Enjoy your weekend.......more news to share next week! ~ Meg

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  1. I am in the same boat. My oldest has been in Pre-K for a week now!

    I love your little girls hair. Very cute.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Ohh I love your girl's bag! Did you make this? If so what pattern did you use or is it your own?

  3. I second that, the bag is so cute... Your daughter is adorable and she is a great model for the bag! Give us more info!

  4. oh you guys are too sweet! I didn't make the bag. I offered too but she found this one that she just loved and bought it with her own money :)

    (psst - Target)

  5. wow don't our kids grow fast!! M. looks so cute and grown up!!

  6. Wow - your kiddos have really grown so much this summer... AMAZING!!!!

  7. LOVE the bag too! Why is Target so awesome?

  8. It's tough to watch your baby girl turn into a teen! Hang on tight ....to your sanity :)