18. Do you remember how you felt at 18? your view of the world, what you wanted to be, who you thought you were?.........For the most part I don't wish to go back. Much wiser now........and stylish! (tee he he)......... but I think at that age I didn't really know of all the hardships that life REALLY does throw at you. Back then I thought, "Oh that will never happen to me!" LOL........oh 18 you are so carefree and fun and have the world at your feet. Enjoy it.

I had the privilege to take some Senior photos for one of my cousins. Just thought I share the fun and carefree look of 18............

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  1. The first one is my fave! You take amazing photos and your cousin is stunning...I know I didn't look like that when I was 18!

  2. Great pics! Love the train track shot! How fun for her to have such a talented cousin!

  3. She's so cute! Love the photos.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS gracious! she is SO pretty!
    such a fresh face... and HELLO smile!

    love... love... love your shots!
    good going girl!

  5. I love the one on the railroad track with no shoes .. AWESOME!!!