Time to get your "Kitsch" on!......

That's right! It's HERE! The Kitschy Corset Apron pattern! Now available in it's printed version with full pattern pieces!

*If you are interested in purchasing my patterns wholesale to carry in your shop, please see the details here*

This pattern is so FUN! I am so excited to share it and see how you "flirt" around with all the possibilities. :)

Here's a few pictures to get your creativity going!

Think Holidays........(of course right?)

This is an "older" picture (older=Kitschy Corset final design varies from this) but this is where the Kitschy Corset Apron design originated from - Santa Baby Apron.

Classic Red, Black and White for the Holidays, which can easily be worn throughout the year. A fun gift for any Holiday Hostess.

Play with the design options and extra ideas listed inside the pattern. Have fun with the fabrics you choose and coordinating "extras".

Plus take a peek at the wonderful aprons my pattern testers created! Beautiful work! :)

So snatch up a pattern in time for Holiday giving, apron swaps and keeping things "HOT" this chilly winter season! (tee he hee)

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  1. YIPEE- I just ordered mine! Which means as soon as I get it, I will declare our dining room table officially off limits to children until I finish. Hopefully mine turn out as scrumptious as the photos even if I screw it up (why can't there be caulk for fabric?)

  2. Oh you are crackin' me up with your caulk comment! :) that would be great sometimes wouldn't it! :) ha ha ha