Let them be little.......kids DIY Holiday decor

Christmas time is "the most wonderful time" of the year - no matter what age you are! The lights, the colors, all the fun decor that adorns every nook and cranny of the house....and on and on.

Now if you have tiny hands around your house like I do, it can be a world of "Don't touch" and "no, no".......am I right? From Christmas tree ornaments to that expensive or sentimental nativity set, The Christmas Season can come with a lot of "Do not touch items". That's hard for curious little hands and minds.

Solution? here's one! Give them a space of their own! and what better place than their bedroom!

A string of lights, some paper, scissors and a little tape and you have more than an activity - you've got a favorite memory and/or family tradition starting!

We sat down one night and cut outpaper snowflakes. It's one of their favorite winter activities. I help roll up tape for the backs and they got to hang them any where they wanted in their room - windows, walls, doors, ceiling, etc.

Then we took a string of lights and I helped them tack it up around their room. Hanging paper snowflakes from the string of lights is a good idea too but we happened to have a bunch of inexpensive white glittery plastic snowflakes ready for hanging and opted for that route. :)

You can imagine their excitement as their rooms transformed into a festive place THEY created! Lots of giggling, squeals, jumping on beds and just good ol' kid friendly fun!

and then if you are still up for even more fun............dig out the large paper! Colored or plain paper will work. We hit a local craft store and bought some very inexpensively if you don't happen to have any one hand. Lay out the paper on the floor (hard/smooth surface) and let them draw and color whatever they want! Snowman, Christmas tree, fireplace, stockings, Santa's sleigh, reindeer, North Pole, Train, etc. Let them be creative with the colors, shapes and use of the scissors, unless of course they are too small to be cutting. Will it be perfect? nope. Will they love it? YUP!

My kids created a Christmas Tree with a fireplace for their room. Complete with a real "warm" fire (whenever the heat kicks - tee hee he). We also personalized some gingerbread men ornaments to put on their Tree. Each one symbolizing a person in our family.

(This is my daughter's personalized gingerbread man ornament. Did you notice she is wearing a Kitschy Corset Apron? ha ha ha!)

They also created a snowman complete with a belt - who knew frosty needed one! :) ! My son was so excited to have him hanging on the wall that he hugged and kissed the paper snowman and then told me, "Brrrr! Mom he has cold kisses and hugs!".............aw - just love their imagination!

So what if their room doesn't end of looking like it came straight out of a Pottery Barn kids catalog....that's OK. In a season of "don't touch" all around them, they will love having a space of their own that they created......and you will probably get the title of "Best Mom in the world" for the day :) .............Have fun!

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  1. what a great idea!!! my daughter would love to do that :)

  2. Great idea - it looks like they had a great time. Which is more important than having everything look like a catalog!


  3. My favorite decorations are always the ones the kids make. Thank you for sharing. ~Kelly - (un)Deniably Domestic

  4. I LOVE this! We put a small fake tree in my kids room with lights and little ornaments. I'd love to hang some more lights and add in snowflakes!

  5. Our Family loves to make snowflakes out of coffee filters. They turn out so light and fluttery.