Back into Customs....

It feels like it has been forever since I offered customs orders....and it probably has been. I used to only offer and create custom items but sort of got away from that last year. Well - they are back! I miss the creativity of creating something custom and unique just for YOU so I've just added Custom Shaggy Mosaic Jeans for Women to my website!

I am really excited to be doing these again. I would love to be able to create mosaic jeans for your little ones again but until we get the final word on the CPSIA law on all items for children under 12 I will have to hold off on those - or I'd be committing a felony!!! LOL.................. *sigh*............rolling eyes.

Until then, and I hope it's soon, I can create jeans for women and teenagers and with Spring looming on the horizon snatch up a pair of brighten up your wardrobe!

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New twist on an old favorite.....

I was very excited this week when I saw what Kris from SWAK had uploaded into the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!

She posted several photos of wheat therapy sacks she made from my tutorial for a teacher appreciation breakfast she did. What a great idea! and you'll never believe how many they made!!!!! I won't ruin the surprise. You'll have to pop on over to her blog to see. :)

She took it a step further for this Valentine's day and has created some super "sweet" gifts for her Mom and Mother in law. Check out these "love"ly therapy sacks.

Great Job Kris! thanks for sharing with me! I know they will love their gifts! and it won't add any weight to their hips either! (wink, wink!)

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Love is in the Air......

Valentine's day is just around the corner! Are you ready for another sugar rush? I'm certainly not. We (or should I say I) have definately enjoyed the Holiday sugar detox. But Valentine's day is such a sweet day for all ages.

So with that in mind how about some "sweet" products?

If you are in the mood for creating alittle something sweet this season then my Be MINE" Applique pattern ebook is perfect! Several pattern options - and it's for girls and boys!!

If you are in the mood for something sweet and ready made (with no calories - HA!) then my Andalucia Skinny Scarf is perfect! Rich reds, delicate pinks and a simple design to sweeten up your wardrobe. Grab your spouse and ask them for skinny scarf this year instead of a box of chocolates. psssst! It's on sale too but only until Thursday evening - so don't miss out!

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Grouped Reflection......

So after some fun comments to my Framed post I dug through my picture files and found some photos I took last spring of my grandma's house. She has a great collection of items from rugs, to mirrors, jars, etc and has a knack for displaying them. I've always loved her "stuff".

For those that love groupings here are some of her mirror groupings. I've always wanted a wall of framed mirrors just like hers. Someday............

Front entry.....

The other wall in the front entry. I love how she stacked two mirrors on top of each other and they reflect the wall of mirrors on the other side......

A little corner in the office......

Want more? LimeFreckles let me know that she posted a picture of her mirror grouping in her bathroom. Check it out here!

Do you have a mirror grouping to share? post it and let me know!

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I have a love affair with frames. All shapes, sizes, colors, textures, age, etc. I LOVE them! I could buy up frames everyday but don't. tee hee he. It's probably why I love buying old wooden windows too. It's a frame right???

I hit the jackpot at a yard sale - was it this past summer or the summer before??? can't remember now. Anyway, I bought a bunch of old but cool frames that I could just see the potential in. I've always wanted to create a collage on a wall of empty frames......but have yet to do it.........................they are still sitting in the garage.

My sister though however has created a beautiful arrangement in her home so I just had to share it with you! She placed all of her frames inside one large one. And if you can't find one big enough...... make it, of course!!! Decorative molding would do the trick and be a quick and easy project to complete.

Doesn't it look GREAT? I love the combination of all the textures, colors and how the different shapes play off each other and compliment one other. It's very easy on the eye yet fun too.
So anyone running off to create one of your own? Be sure to post and share on your blog and let me know if you do!!
Enjoy the weekend.....

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Feeling crafty?......

Happy Friday! My kids are out of school today and we are at the beginning of a 4 day weekend - which means lots of time for activities, playing, etc.

If you are needing a new idea or want to create something this weekend - take a peek at this GREAT list The Long Thread Blog has put together - Top 100 Tutorials of 2008. It's a LOOoooOOng list so there will be plenty to choose from and lots to inspire you for this year.

I know how much my readers love tutorials and finding new crafty places to visit so I'm sharing this new find with you today. Enjoy! If you come across one you really love or try out give me a shout out! I'd love to know and stop by your blog to see pictures! xo - Meg.

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My mind is boggled by all this CPSIA talk about childrens toys/clothes and ESPECIALLY the effect will it have on retailers, re-sellers and small business like mine. I'm trying to make sense of it all...........I've been sad, frustrated, upset and have put several projects on hold because I might not be able to even sell them legally come February!!!

I've been gathering bits and pieces here and there but I feel like it's all a jumbled mess. Talk about how you can't hand down clothes to a neighbor, or create something handmade and give it as a gift. It just doesn't make sense???? And then for small businesses the testing to have done on our products to make them legal to sell is CRAZY!!!! hundreds to thousands of dollars for one product.

I'm not trying to be "Debbie Downer" here - just informed and to let you know that what I will be creating in the future may not include products for you sweet, stylish little ones. Still researching though and trying to be informed without being overwhelmed ;) It's tricky. LOL

I know businesses like Etsy, Ebay and your local thrift stores may be hugely affected as well. We'll see. anyone make any sense of this? Let me HEAR IT!

until then.......hold tight to your boutique outfits and products.

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Arm Warmers - Tutorial

These take me back the days of attending elementary school sporting my leg warmers. :) tee hee hee. Let's update the look and purpose! This tutorial is quick and easy and is a great project to get your kids involved with too!

Take the chill off of the winter season without over roasting your kids in a bulky sweater or too many layers. Or if you kids are like mine they are cold one minute and "So HOT" the next they are running to change into a tank top! Here's the solution - pair a t-shirt up with some inexpensive arm warmers! So easy to slip them on and off quickly. When you are done upload your photos to share in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!

A pair of long socks (or tube socks) Pick out your favorite pattern/color, etc

Sewing Machine
measuring tape (optional)

Step 1: Pick out your favorite pair of socks. They can be Holiday, solid colored, patterned etc. Make sure to buy the Knee Length or Tube Sock style.

Step 2: Measure the length you want your arm warmers to be. You can measure out how long you want them to extend up your child's arm by placing the sock on their arm and eyeing it out. You want the sock to reach to or just past their first knuckles.

Or you can measure with a tape.

Step 3: Measure and cut off your socks to the desired length. Be sure to cut from the toe end. We want to keep the other finished end in tacked.

Step 4: Turn your socks inside out and find the "heel" spot. *(note: some socks are made without a built in heel. If yours do NOT have a rounded heel in them please proceed to step 7)*

Pull the heel up as shown in the picture making sure the other sock fabric is seperated. We will be sewing and cutting the heel out to create one long tube.

Step 5: Pin the heel area as close as you can to the "bottom" of it to create a straight "tube" when it is sewn together and cut off.

Step 6: Sew a straight line across the bottom of the heel to shut it and cut off the excess.

Step 7: Turn your socks right side out and lay them flat placing the "heel" seam on the underside. This will ensure that the seam isn't on top of their arm when they wear the warmers. Cut a small slit for the thumb. **One slit on the right inside and one slit on the left inside. ** See pictures below

Cut your slits on opposite side of each other so the heel seams remain on the underside.

And you are DONE! Slip them on your cutie and enjoy! Toss in the wash when they get dirty, slip them off for meal times, etc. Have fun and get creative with yours!

Be sure to upload your project photos into the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!

psst! if you are thinking really creatively - what about making a pair for your baby's legs?? they can crawl around in a onesie, protect their little knees and keep a bit warm too! whatcha think???

Thanks Kari of Ucreate for featuring my tutorial.
U Create

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New for 2009.....

My newest products of 2009 are now available on my website. The Andalucia skinny scarf, My cropped hostess apron, and DIY kits for girls!

They are first of many to come. I've been working on patterns mostly this last week and almost have them just right. It's exciting! I hope you like what is to come!

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New year - new goals - new ideas......

Well if you are like most people you wrote out some new goals last week and are desperately trying to keep them. :)

I'm right there with you! Although this year I made fewer goals and will be focusing on one until I get it accomplished or under control and then tackle another. Seems to be more successful that way and less stressful.

New Goals?? If you are looking for alittle inspiration and something new take a look at this. The Inspired Room blog is focused on building a beautiful life this year. The plan? set twelve key word goals for living the kind of life I want in 2009. They are talking simple stuff and it will be a regular feature on their blog each Friday. You can hop on the beautiful life wagon as well and show off when you've focused on that week and link up to them to share. Check out their blog post for all the details. Hopefully I will be sharing a few things with them throughout the year.

New ideas and hobbies on your brain? I had several requests in my "what would you like see in 2009" giveaway post about basic sewing tips, tricks and how to's. I will be posting more tutorials this year - and all mine are pretty simple and easy (that's the way I like to work) ;) - BUT in the mean time and for those wanting to brush up their skills before then, check out the Beginner Basics ebooks section on YouCanMakeThis.com. and don't miss their free ebooks section too! Fun projects could be just around the corner

You Can Make This

and here's another tip from me about getting your sewing projects done. I may have posted it before but I need another reminder as I refocus on my goals and figure out how to get it all done with my new baby. :)

Take one day and cut out all your projects for that week. Then whenever you DO have time to sit down and sew, all the "prep" work is completed. It can easily be sewn up and finished! Instead of a big pile of "I'll get to it tomorrow"................sound familiar?

I am going to be better about getting back to doing this. It makes the projects seem to go that much faster when they are cut out and just waiting to be sewn up!

So pull out the paper you wrote those goals on and give it another go or re-evaluate what you'd really like to do this year! Make it a great day!

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And we have a winner.......

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway. I really appreciate the feedback, suggestions and pleadings (*snicker*) for items/tutorials and ideas you'd like to see here on my blog and my website in 2009.

Well let's get to the winner because I am sure that is why you have stopped by! LOL

the winner of the apron is .......................GINA LEE !!!!
Congratulations!!! I have emailed you - check your emails and follow the instructions asap. You have 4 days to claim your prize!

on to other news....I've doing alittle playing and alot of designing, cutting and sewing. I'm excited to debut some new items and hope you like them too. I've been playing with some andalucia fabric too!!! and those wanting a skinny scarf...............pssstt! they are coming!
enjoy your day! xo- Meg

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