In just a few mintues.....

you can transform a room.............or start to anyway. Sadly enough, this frame has been sitting empty for 2 years!!!! I was so excited to have bought it at a really good sale price, then waited a year to find the perfect spot. Found it, placed it and it has sat empty for another year. *sigh*. anyone else have "projects" like this???

SO, one sunday afternoon I decided to take the reins on this project and and finally finish what I had wanted to do all along! and it took like 10 minutes!!! I picked out some scrap fabrics that went along with the color scheme and feel of the room and popped them into the openings of the mat leaving me some spaces to add personal family photos.

Granted the photos showing are still the ones that come in the frame from the store...................but we are making progress! tee hee he

It has completely changed the room (to me anyway) and created a fun focal point for that area of the room.

You know I love frames and here is just another fun way to dress up or change the decor of any room quickly and for little to no money! If you'd like more "framed" ideas, check out my past tutorial.

Thanks Kari of Ucreate for featuring my photos and idea.
U Create

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Thank you!

WOW! Thank you thank you to all the "brassy bloggers" out there who took the time to post your suggestions about what to call my new apron. I loved all the variations and the "explanations" that went along with them. :)

Some of the names were very similiar to some designs that are already in the works but have yet to be debuted - more to come on that later.

And to torture you even further......................I'm going to keep the name that was chosen a secret a bit longer. BUT I promise the winning blogger will still receive their apron.

Just hang in there...........cyber hugs to you all! xo - Meg

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Name game - GIVEAWAY!!!

edited: (giveaway has now ended)

Calling for help.........anyone out there?..........................I need some inspired minds. :)

I have been busily working on a new pattern but I'm stuck now and am reaching out into the blogger land for help! I need some help coming up with a name for this new pattern design. Post your ideas in the comments section please and the one I think fits it the best will win an apron from me!

These are not the cover photos but some past photos I had (you may recognize them) - so post away!!! (I'll leave it open for a week and hopefully I will find what I need!) THANK YOU! thank YOU!!!

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Peering through the lens - home tour #2

Here's a follow up to my first house tour. The first house I featured was very eclectic/DIY with a very distinct personal style - which we all loved, so I thought we would contrast it with this next one.

The house you will "tour" today I have always loved her style. Her home has a warm inviting feeling to it with lots of textures in the decor. She has a niche for decorating and I thought sharing how she puts some pieces/colors together might inspire you as well.See you after the tour below.......................

Let's break down a few of the elements you saw...........

Texture and layering. She is really good at this. I love how she can put items together and it works. I love this arrangement. She has placed a basket on top of the table that is the same size to make the table taller....1st layer. Flower arrangement on top of that....2nd layer. Squared mirror behind the flowers and centered above the table...3rd layer. It makes all the elements bigger, fuller and more interesting in the room don't you think? Love it.

Kitchen counter...Here is a place that changes with the seasons/holidays. Just a quick swap out of the lemons in the glass vase for Pinecones and other dried elements in the fall, etc. I love glass containers for their decorating ease. She has several in this space that again add dimension, color and style to an otherwise flat counter space.
*snicker* - Ok I told her I was going to "poke fun" at her toaster "display". Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm not chic enough but I've never seen a toaster so "elgantly" displayed on the counter surrounded by wonderful design elements - when it's not in a model home. I strive to be like this someday. (and don't think "well this woman must not have young kids at home to keep a house like this!" She does which makes me love her even more. Just goes to show you can be chic and still convey your style in your home even with little ones running around.)

DIY....(you know it just wouldn't be my blog without a little DIY - wink) I love big chunky pieces of furniture. Here she has redone her coffee table to match their new house/decor and colors. Some paint, stain and little technique and the table has a new life!

DIY #2..... Reduce, reuse, repurose. A second hand corkboard received a facelift with some new paint and some scrapbook paper decoupaged on it. A wonderful large colorful piece in her son's bedroom that can also hold his future school papers but in the meantime it's more than just a brown corkboard staring at you - it's ART!

DIY #3 - custom lampshades. This is something I have always wanted to do - just never have. She has recently redone her twin girls bedroom from pinks to greens and yellows. And of course with a little fabric, embellishments and paint, their once pink lamps perfectly match their newly madeover bedroom.

Well that's the end of the tour. Thanks for stopping by. You can put your shoes back on as you leave. tee hee he. I'd love to hear your comments on the way out..........

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Can I get an "AMEN!"

Oh my gosh! I had a friend email me this morning with some spectacular news!!! The CPSC has issued a one year stay for testing and certification requirements!

"......stay of enforcement provides some temporary, limited relief to the crafters, children’s garment manufacturers and toy makers who had been subject to the testing and certification required under the CPSIA. These businesses will not need to issue certificates based on testing of their products until additional decisions are issued by the Commission."

Can I get an "AMEN!" a shout of joy? anything!

So basically, all the small business and handcrafters around the country will be able to continue selling their items for at least one more year!!!!

I've put off so many projects because I wasn't sure come Feb 10th if I would actually be able to sell them. Now I can for sure without risk of getting locked up! Yeah!!!! It's a good news Sunday......

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