Crafty Summer Series - Challenge #3 Trash to Treasure

Hello hello crafty peeps! The Summer is flying by here, how is yours? Hopefully you have enjoyed these fun "challenges" and if you haven't jumped on the crafting bandwagon to share your own.......I hope you have gotten some great ideas along the way! Let's keep it rollin'.....

Challenge #3 - TRASH to Treasure! (part 1)

Keeping with these harder economic times and being earth friendly by reusing/repurposing I want to see how you can "transform" something second hand, a hand me down, a great yard sale find, etc. ANYTHING from clothing to furniture, accessories to home decor! It's all fair game! It's peek yard sale season and who doesn't love something free or a great bargain!?! It may not always be "exactly" what you were looking for, those that can see the "diamond in the rough" or are handy with a can of spray paint (tee hee hee) usually score a great TREASURE!

So show off your newest TREASURE!!!! It can be as simple as sharing before and after pictures of a new paint color or go all out with a full on tutorial with your transformation BUT don't forget the PICTURES!!

Deadline to show off: Friday July 10th, 2009

(This round will be part 1. Part 2 will be announced later!.......)

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Crafty Summer Series - I SPY book! creativity for the car...

Hello hello! It's challenge #2 REVEAL day! Two weeks ago I challenged all of you to craft up something for the car. Whether you are on the go, road trippin' it, have a kids to entertain or simply running errands around town.

What could you create to make it easier, better, more organized, comfortable, etc.

My head was swimming with ideas but I only need to share one so HOPEFULLY everyone else got up and moving and will share some great inspiration with you too!

Add your link to the Mr. Linky box belowm, then please leave a comment and have fun blog hopping!

I SPY book tutorial
great for car trips, trips around town, waiting at the dr. office, etc)

1. Take photos of "piles" or groups of items. Ideas include childrens toys, junk drawer, pantry, bathroom drawer, what's in their back pack, books, toy box, closet, etc....The possibilities are endless!

2. Print them out or send them to the 1 hour photo.

3. Buy an inexpensive little photo album/flip book.

4. Type up some "I SPY" riddles or counting challenges, etc. Think of the different ways they phrase the rhymes and wording of those "I SPY" books. Use counting, colors, objects, finding words, and on and on. Choose the skill level that is best for your kids.

5. Slide the photos and coordinating "riddles" into the book and VIOLA! you have your own personalized "I SPY" book!

The great thing about these are the pictures or "riddle" cards can be changed out at any time! They are also small enough to easily slide into your purse, their back pack or even better? make them their own t-shirt pack!

I have 12 different photos in my I SPY book. Here are some of our I SPY pages and some of the "riddles" I typed up to go along with them. Enjoy!

I spy a Cow, an Owl and a Snowflake

Can you find 4 pencils & 4 pairs of scissors?

I spy an apple, a fish & 5 containers of glue

“FABRICSHACK”, “MARKS” and a pen that’s gray/blue

I spy a pirate, “FUR REAL” and a Rose

A red Ranger, a crown, & a little brown nose

How many balls do you see?

Can you Spy 4 tools?

I spy spaghetti, an elf ear & 3 hooves

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It's almost Wednesday.....

Tomorrow is the big reveal day to see what you have been up to the last 2 weeks!! What did you craft up in our #2 Challenge - Creativity for the car!??!!!

There are SOOOOO many possibilities! don't limit yourself, be afraid, or think your idea isn't good enough! It is! and we want to see it!

Come back tomorrow for my idea/tutorial and post your link too!!

see you then.......

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Sharing our Father's Day......

Sharing this idea is the first fun part, but then seeing how everyone else's turned out is the second fun part! thanks for all the emails, blog comments and links you have sent! It has been fun blog hopping around! This is our 4th year sharing this idea and each year they just get better and better. Here is how ours turned out!

And here's a few of the others that I know of that have shared with me as well! It was a crazy weekend, so if I missed adding your's to the list - shoot me an email or leave a comment and link here and I will get you added! :)

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Crafty Thursday w/ kids....Cooking ART!

So our flexible Summer "schedule" is working out great! They know what is expected of them, what they can look forward too, and I have yet to hear the words, "I'm bored!" yippee!

I have seen this next idea posted on a few different blogs and knew this would be a great SURPRISE for me kids. We were going to be cooking up pancakes - they love to help measure, stir, set the table, etc. But this time I surprised them with a little twist.

I poured about a cup (maybe a bit more) into a mustard "squirt" bottle I snatched up at the $1 dollar store. Squeezed in some food coloring, gave it a good shake and ART pancakes here we COME!!

1. Stir up your pancake mix.
2. Pour a small-ish amount into a "condiment" bottle. I actually cut the nozzle down so more would flow out.
3. Add some food coloring and shake it up.
(here is where the fun starts)

4. Now "draw" any fun shape - keep in mind you have to turn this baby over. Just draw an "outline" and then let that cook for a few seconds.

5. Fill in the rest of the pancake with your regular batter and cook as usual.

6. When you turn your pancake over you will be able to see your design!!!

We had alot of fun eating our pancakes and the kids can't wait to do this again!
(did you notice their handmade placemats under their plates in the photos?) Oh and if you do letters, be sure to draw them backwards because if you don't, when you flip it...... it will be! (hence the "S" above) LOL............enjoy!

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Some SisBoom shoutout!

It's no secret that I think the world of Miss Jennifer Paganelli! and I was lucky enough recently to get to "know" the oh so talented Miss Carla too!

I'm not sure how it all came to be, but the fabric gods must have been smiling down on me that day! *snicker* I was approached by these two wonderful ladies to take some photos of their newest collaboration - the Adult sized SisBoom Patricia Tunic ePattern!!!

Of course I said YES! Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity?!? The ePattern is now available and you can check out all the fun example pictures HERE and HERE! Tell Miss Jennifer and Miss Carla I sent you over if you stop by!

(here's a few more that I sent them.....)

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Crafty Thursday w/kids.....Placemats

So part of our summer fun around here is having a "schedule" and list of ideas of things we want to do/go/read, etc....It helps keeps us on track and from ever saying the dreaded words, "I'm BORED!!!" Plus they have something to look forward too as well. Good times for all. :)

Thursdays we are scheduled for a Craft or some type of cooking project. We'll today the kids got to do both! They frosted graham crackers with vanilla frosting and made a mound of cookies to munch on through the week. They enjoyed licking their fingers, breaking the crackers and having free reign in the project. It's nice when the cooking project doesn't required so much measuring, mixing, cooking, etc that the kids need alot of supervision with. They relished in the freedom!

Then it was craft time later on. I saw this link on Twitter for kids placemats and thought, "why not!" We used 2 pieces on construction paper for the base. Then they cut, glued, colored and drew all over them. My daughter even covered both sides. Instead of going to the store to have them laminated I just pulled out some contact paper and quickly finished them up!

They are so proud of them and enjoy peeking around the edges of their plates to see the pictures and it certainly sparks some interesting and funny conversations too! Have a great week-end!

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Crafty Summer Series - challenge #2 Car Trippin.....

Ready to take on the next challenge? I am ready to dish it out! :)

Challenge #2 - CREATIVITY for the CAR

Whether you are road trippin' it this summer or simply running around town. Whether you have kids or it's just you! I want to see what you have crafted up to stay organized, stay entertained, be comfortable, stylish, etc all for riding around in the car!

Is your head buzzing with ideas? Get started!!! Are you drawing a blank? LOL ...that's OK to! Ideas can be simple or complex, quick to create or take a bit more time.

There are no limits! so GET YOUR CRAFT ON ......You have until June 24th - WED - to come back here and post your results!

snag a button and spread the word!

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Crafty T-shirt roundup!

A HUGE thank you to all those who "got their craft on" this past week and shared their creative ideas using T-shirts! I have a couple more ideas that I didn't post so maybe over the next couple of months I will share those sometime.....If I forget, give me alittle nudge of a reminder will you? :) 

Thanks to these crafty bloggers for sharing their ideas:

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Crafty Summer Series - T-shirt tutorial (results!)

It is reveal day! Challenge #1 in the Brassy Apple and friends Crafty Summer Series is
T-shirts! What can do you with a t-shirt?
It's time to find out!

It seems that Mister Linky isn't working so we will forgot using it for this challenge. *You will need to add your static blog link in the comments section so everyone will know where to find the next great idea!* All comments will be entered into a drawing for a FREE camera strap slipcover from *Shey*[B] Be sure to peek into her shop and mention what your favorite is when you comment too! Be sure to link back to this post here so everyone can find all the other proejcts and get in on the fun too!

You can post your ideas from now (Wed June 3rd) until Sunday night (June 7th). Even if you are not posting a tutorial you can still comment about your favorite ideas, etc and be eligible to win the FREE camera strap slipcover.
Let's get started!

T-shirt sling bag (repurpose)

T-shirt - any size. Great to re-purpose or re-use a favorite shirt, outgrown, stained, etc.

Rotary Cutter and Mat (not necessary but nice)
Sewing Machine
Material for a Bag Strap - can use fabric, or the by the yard materials at fabric store - 27 inches long for child sized

Shoestring/ribbon/string - something similar in width and strength for casing and closure

(and if you craft one up please share it in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!)

STEP 1: Lay out your T-shirt (if your shirt has a direction image on it see directions below)

Step 2: Using your Rotary Cutter and Mat (or scissors) cut off both sleeves at an angle - leaving as much shirt as possible. Then cut off the neck hole as well.

Step 3: Flip your t-shirt inside out. Now let's attach your bag strap. In one of the corners pin the end of your strap through one layer of the t-shirt. Sew in place.

Step 4: Tuck the bag stap under and in between the t-shirt layers so it lays flat and comes out the top of the t-shirt. Pin.

Step 5: Pin the 3 sides you cut and sew together.

Step 6: Keeping your strap flat and un-twisted, place the other end of the strap in the opposite corner and pin through one layer of the t-shirt. Be sure to place, pin and sew under the finished hemline. Sew in place being careful to not sew through the finished hemline area. We need that area in the next step.

Step 7: Flip your "bag" right side out. Using the hemline as a premade casing, find the middle of the top and slightly roll the hemline between your two fingers to seperate the two layers. Cut two small slits side by side for your string to go through.

Step 8: Thread through 1 shoestring, ribbon, string, or whatever you would like to pull the top of your bag together. I found this pair of shoelaces on clearance for .90! Pull the top together, tie it off and strap it on!

These bags for great for your kids to be able to throw on their backs while bike riding or taking to the park. They can hold a water bottle or any of their "treasures" they find while out playing. Perfect for trips too to hold all of their cars/toys/crayons. Take it to the beach or the pool! And one of the great things about this bag? It's machine washable! Just throw the entire bag in the washer and the dryer when it gets dirty!

Second option: (directional graphic)

If your t-shirt has a directional image on it and can't be flipped upside down, cut and sewn up like pictured above and follow these alternate directions.

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves and neck hole. (same as instructions above)

Step 2: Turn your shirt inside out and lay flat. Place your strap inside the shirt between the 2 layers, lining up with the bottom of the shirt. Pin in one corner. Pin the entire bottom of the shirt and sew together sewing through and attaching the strap.

Step 3: Pin and sew the 2 angled sides where the sleeves where once located. Leave the top open. Be sure your bag strap is out of the way.

Step 4: Fold back the top edge about 3/4 an inch (or however wide you would like your casing to be) and pin. Sew. Turn your bag right side out and cut to slits in the casing (follow instructions above)

Step 5: Keeping your strap flat and untwisted pin and sew it under your casing on the "back" side of your bag. Thread your string through the casing. And you are done!

Now it's your turn! Add your link in the comments! Have fun looking around at all the other bloggers who took on the challenge!

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