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Thursdays are crafting/cooking days with the kids around here during the summer. This time we did an old time favorite - decoupage! Very simple project, nothing fancy but the kids really enjoyed themselves!

Step1 - I took an empty baby formula can, ripped off the label and cleaned it out. It is our blank canvas just screaming to be transformed! LOL

Step 2. Measure the width of your paper and cut if you want to cover the entire can that way. Or simply cut out pictures from magazines, cut squares of scrapbook paper, tissue paper, etc. The Sky is the limit here!

Step 3 - Give your can a good wet base coat of Mod Podge. Or if you going to be putting smaller pieces on only put a base coat on one small area at the time. Apply your paper while the Mod Podge is still wet.

Step 4 - Generously apply Mod Podge over the paper, pressing out any air bubbles that creep up. Cover the entire surface is a good layer of Mod Podge.

step 5 - Once you are done layering your paper pieces on, let your piece dry.

Step 6 - Once dry, fill it up with fun things! It's a great way to keep your kids "organized" and they get to have fun creating it! Fill it up with Pencils, markers or crayons. Use it for hair barrettes, rubber bands, comb and brush. Or corral all their small treasures in one handy container - you choose! Have fun!!! **If you try your hand at a fun project - share it our Brassy Apple Project flickr group!

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Apron-Fest coming.....

The Apronista

Calling all apron lovers! Whether you make them, wear them, collect them you will NOT want to miss this event! The Apronista is holding an APRON-FEST starting on Monday. Apron lovers from all over will be giving away an apron you can get in on the action!

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Just a peek into what kept me busy ALL last week. We hosted some of my nieces and nephews for the week and swapped around with some of the other cousins in town and just played and had a good time! Playing at the parks, swimming, an impromptu luau, fashions shows, dress up, lots of crafting, more playing in the water to keep cool.......awww Summertime.......

It's winding to a close around here - Only about 4 weeks left until my kids go back to school! Are you taking advantage of time? Hope so. We sure are........

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Trash to Treasure......part 2!

(*edited - the original post had to be deleted as there was a problem with the HTML and was throwing off my entire blog template. If you did comment with a blog link you are more than welcome to add in the comments section again.)

Hopefully you found some great ideas last week in our first Trash to Treasure feature. And hopefully it got you thinking about how to look at things in a different light. Sometimes all it needs is a coat of paint! ;)

If you have a project to share POP your link into the comments section below!

IN the meantime..........Here are some ideas to inspire you as you hit some yard sales, and second hand stores this weekend. I found all these great ideas at my moms house! enjoy!
Mail organizer - A simple block of wood, paint, large spring and 2 screws. Stretch the spring across the wood and secure it on each end with a screw!

Paint can do WONDERS for lamps - the shades and the base! don't pass up an old lamp because the finish on it doesn't fit your style. A bit of green paint on this lampshade finished off with some vintage buttons in my Mom's sewing/craft room and now it's fun piece that adds character to the room!

A score for $3.00 gives this item new life! and she didn't even have to paint it! Now it holds all the utensils for roasting marshmellows and hot hogs!

A peeling red gate was salvaged and placed behind this chair in the living room. A great way to add color, interest and texture to the room!

And lastly, a quaint faded chair gets a whole new purpose sitting on the porch housing a potted plant.

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coming Friday.....

Don't forget to post more of your fabulous "trash to treasure" finds, repurposing, recycling, remaking projects. Find a steal of deal and gave it new life? Have you taken an item from DRAB to FAB? Share it here with all of us on FRIDAY!

we love to see before and after photos or even a whole tutorial on how to make something great! Were you inspired by last weeks projects? FRIDAY post what you have been crafting up this week and then head out to hit some yard sales!

See you then.......

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Summer Reading.......

So besides my kids doing the local Summer Reading program at the Library, I have been enjoying sneaking in a few minutes here and there endulging in a good novel. I read the Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright and also Sister's of the Quilt Book 1, 2 and 3. Just finished the third one this morning. :)

But now I don't have anything else lined up on my reading list. I just saw the preview for The Time Traveler's Wife and would love to read that one before I see the movie - looks good. What's on your bedside table or your reading list? Do you have a favorite? I would love to hear your suggestions! Leave a comment and maybe everyone will find a new good book!

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Trash to Treasure results!....framed pear tutorial

It's Challenge #3 reveal day in our Crafty Summer Series - Trash to Treasure!

Share how you have repurposed something, saw a diamond in the rough at a yard and sale scored it for cheap too! Spill and share how you transformed it to fit your need, personal style, etc. Pop your STATIC link into Mister Linky below and then be sure to leave a comment!

Ready for the next challenge? Part 2 of Trash to Treasure is.....well round 2. If you were inspired by what you saw someone else post or now have the "bug" to re-create something, hit the second hand stores and yard sales this weekend! Round 2 of Trash to Treasure REVEAL day will be next Friday to see how YOU got your craft on during the week!

Here's my Trash to Treasure project:
FRAMED PEAR tutorial

printer/or stamp and ink
plastic pear

STEP 1: Take and frame and paint it your color of choice. I rummaged my frame out of my Moms donation box. It was missing the cardboard backing but that's OK! Once the paint it dry I sanded a few of the edges with sandpaper to achieve that "worn/aged" look I love so much!

STEP 2: Create, stamp, print or photocopy what you would like in the background. Vintage sheet music, fancy writing, favorite design, use scrapbook paper or stamps, etc to get the design you would like! Then trace around the glass piece from the frame to get the correct size. Cut.

STEP 3: Layer your paper then glass and cardboard backing piece and place in the frame. I was missing the card piece in the back so I simply cut one from a box I had laying around.

STEP 4: Cut your artificial pear in half lengthwise with a knife. *A word of caution. I figured the pear would be full of styrofoam but mine had a small concrete weight in the center of it. I had to cut around that and peel the pear open.* Pick the side you like best and set aside. I kept the one with the stem on it.

STEP 5: Apply glue to the back of your pear and place in the center of your frame. I tried HOT glue and it melted the styrofoam so I used a regular clear glue and waited for it to dry.

Place your new decor in the perfect little spot and enjoy! Now aren't you so crafty!?!

No need to reinvent the wheel right? I saw this GREAT project on The Happy Homebody Blog. Thank you for sharing!!! Also check out what Thrifty Decor Chick did with a pear too! 2 great easy project for pennies!!

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*sigh*....After a wonderful weekend away to the Oregon Coast and catching up with family I officially feel that Summer is fleeting by and will be ending ever too quickly!

Thank you for sharing your favorite kid activites for my upcoming speaking assignment. If you have a favorite to share please do! I will share my complete compiled list after it has been presented to the class at the end of this month.

Did you hit any great yard sales over the Holiday weekend? Find any treasures? Are you joining in our Crafty Summer Series challenge #3 - Trash to Treasure? You should be! Be sure to swing by here Friday and through the weekend to find lots of fun projects - posted by all of YOU!! Of course I will have a few transformations to share as well!...... until then........Meg

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Favorite activities......

Calling all my Mommy blog readers! I was recently asked to speak/teach a class at an upcoming women's meeting. My subject? Activities to do with your kids. I certainly have a few ideas on my running list already but I LOVE and SOOOO appreciate to hear from YOU!

What's your favorite activity/craft/recipe to do with your kids? Have you blogged about it or read it on a blog somewhere? Post the link! :) I need activities for all ages so don't by shy! and they don't need to be just for summer - think all year round, rainy days, weekends, long afternoons, etc.....

AND of course I would be happy to share my completed list with all of you after I teach the class! Sound fair? You scratch my back and I scratch yours? tee hee hee......

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