Fall Decor - look to your yard........

Autumn is my FAVORITE season! I love decorating for it too! One of the best places to look for bringing the natural elements of fall into our home is your own backyard! :)

Here's one idea. Have any ornamental grasses in your yard? We will cut these back a bit before the winter comes so I am more than happy to get that process started for the sake of home decor! Cut some off and pop into a vase! Mix up different "grasses" (aka: imitation looking wheat stalks right? PERFECT for the autumn season) or add any other dried items you already have.

Lookie! Doesn't it look great? Very fall-ish and it didn't cost me anything. Can't beat that type of decorating now a-days right?.........

take a peek around your yard to see what other "treasures" you can find - Branches, leaves, berries, etc. Did you plant pumpkins, indian corn, decorative gourds??....Have fun and don't limit yourself!

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Where are my manners??........

I have failed to introduce the newest member of the "Brassy Apple team". Please welcome Miss Bianca.........

She has already been hard at work modeling aprons and skinny scarves for my shop and you should see how hard she works and what she has to put up in my studio :) ha ha ha......She has been a great addition and makes photoshoots for new product go much, much quicker! :) Thanks to Suzy-Homemaker for helping me to track her down!

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Taking orders for Brassy Bunchy Scarves....

First of all, THANK YOU for making the debut of my Brassy Bunchy Scarves so fun! I am never sure how a new design will go over but I am thrilled that so many snatched up one! Unfortunately they were sold out within minutes.......yes minutes!

SO I am offering a "custom"option and taking orders for Black or Cream Brassy Bunchy Scarves from now until Sunday evening at midnight! The orders will then close and if you purchased one, all orders will be shipped out within 7 days. ALL the details are here.

These are great for gifts for the upcoming holidays OR to look great attending those family gatherings and events. They can easily be used to dress up or down any outfit!

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Heat up your Kitchen!

Debuting this week in eBook format is my Kitschy Corset Apron pattern! It's sure to bring a little heat toyour kitchen or possibly make you feel a bit more feminine as you go about your everyday tasks.

Several design options available with this pattern! Snatch up one today OR if you want to wait a month you can grab the printed version with full sized pattern pieces!

Interested in carrying this pattern in your fabric shop? Sign up to be one of our wholesale clients!

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Lucy Pattern!

She was outta here and now she's BACK! Full size printed pattern pieces, step by step instructions including illustrations and photos to guide and inspire!

The Lucy Apron is available for retail and wholesale purchase! You might even catch a peek of her at quilt market next month! :)

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Kicking off FALL with a BANG!

If you are part of my mailing list then you already know the news! (psst....if you are not, sign up on the right sidebar silly!) The Brassy Apple SHOP has been restocked - aprons, scarves and PATTERNS plus I am throwing in a SALE too!

Remember what happened a few weeks ago? All my new inventory sold out within minutes of being up - and it's first come, first serve - so RUN don't walk if you are itching to snatch up something new!

I am over the moon excited to announce that the Lucy Apron PRINTED pattern is here and in stock! - wooHOO! Also debuting today is the Kitschy Corset Apron eBook! (with the printed version to follow late next month!)

More skinny scarves and also a new design - Brassy Bunchy Scarf - is available. I can't wait for you to see! Tell me what you think!

whew! almost done - then I will just let you browse around the SHOP and see for yourself! :) Let's wrap it up with a sale! all the children's DIY Shaggy Mosaic Jean kits have been discounted. Ok enough blah blah blah from me! Enjoy all the new designs! I would love to hear what you think! happy shopping........

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Mark your calendars!.........

There have been several of you asking about more skinny scarves, aprons, etc. WELL......mark you calendars for Tuesday Sept. 22nd!

There will be some new product listed that day! first come first serve AND hopefully the release of a new pattern or two! See you then! It's back to the studio for me so I can get it all done and ready!

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Goodbye Summer.....

It's been fun and one of my favorites........I'll treasure the memories and the moments. Even the dirty little feet........

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Feeling Kitschy.......

The Kitschy Corset Apron pattern is just about finished - YEAH! It will first be available in ebook format, followed soon by the printed version. I have some sneak peeks from my photographer that I wanted to share plus the adorable aprons that my wonderful pattern testers created!

First up is Amy from Priddy Creations. She created this apron in the swanky fabric line - Summer Soiree - from Paula Prass. I love the touch of zebra on the corset top!

Then we have the Karen of Venezie Bags. Love the striking combo of the orange and pink and the large button too!

And my lastly is Christie from The Secret Stitch Club. Did you notice the bottom ruffle has two colors? Love how she combined them!

HUGE thank you to my Testers! They helped me polish up the pattern and gave me some great suggestions so that hopefully it will be even more user friendly than before!

And here's a few sneaky peeky's of the photos from the photographer. I should be getting all the photos in a few days. Once I have the cover completed I will be able to release the ebook and get this pattern sent off to the printer!

Could the model be any cuter! so perfect for this apron. I am DYING to see all the photos - are you? ha ha ha.........I will anxiously be awaiting the arrival of the mail each day until it comes. Make it a great day..........

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Debuting Fall '09 Skinny Scarves!

There has been some buzz about these and I know a few of you have been anxiously awaiting their debut. Wait no longer my friends.......they are here!

*Available for a limited time and in limited quantity*. I am starting off with 4 designs and my "Holiday" collection will be available a bit later. Snatch up one today!

GoodBye Summer, Hello Autumn, Burnt Hazel and Andalucia......

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The Secret Stitch Club LUCY giveaway.....

The lovely ladies of The Secret Stitch Club are having a giveaway! Maren was a pattern tester for the LUCY apron and she is giving away the apron she created (and it is also pictured in the LUCY eBook) !

Just pop over to their blog and help them name their new Buxom Beauty! :) How fun is that? Let them know I sent ya!

The Secret Stitch Club

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Restocking......apron, skinny scarves and MORE!

Heading into fall always puts me in the crafting mood! what about you? With the onset of the holiday looming, decorating, being indoors more, it just seems natural. Plus there are always lots of crafty shows to attend and browse through.

This new Crafter/Vendor style apron is perfect for these such occasions! Whether you are running a show booth or simply crafting at home, keep all your essentials at the ready and handy for whenever you need them!

Or if you are a lady who likes full body coverage while cooking and baking I have restocked my Pink Grapefruit apron. These are the last two that will ever be made in this fabric/color combination!

And if you are looking to add just a splash of color to your wardrobe this fall my skinny scarves are coming soon!

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Lucy - she's outta here!

Have you ever put all your heart and soul into a project? Not to mention time........and let's say it doesn't go so well and worse you feel crushed at the end of it all? I know I am being a bit frank and honest but so many times I have peered into other "crafty/talented" ladies blogs and it all looks so easy. Maybe it is for them. I seem to be on the other side of coin. There is no special magic to make it all work, but there is A LOT of work.

The whole process of patterns has been a journey! *sigh* and there are always lessons to be learned in the journey - ups/downs/joy/sadness........

It's scary to "put yourself" out there. Am I good enough? do I know enough? am I doing it right? am I going to get eaten alive by the "other bigger fish" in the sea????........

I guess by sharing all of this I want you to know YOU can do it too. If you have something that you are passionate about, that fills you until you feel you will burst if you don't create it - then go for it! I have learned to "carve" my own path. Maybe I am not as well known as someone else, maybe I don't have as much knowledge as someone else......maybe I just try it my own way. Who says there is one way of doing it??? Who says I have to work as fast as someone else? I CAN go at my own pace. Do I sometimes feel left behind? sure. Has everything gone smoothly? HECK NO! lol.........have I learned to laugh about it? Yes..........

Now - I thought this post was supposed to be about Lucy? *snicker* It is. The Lucy Apron pattern has officially been sent to the printer! YES the PRINTER! I wish I could breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. I think I will wait until I actually have the printed version in my hand. Excited? YES. you? :)

It should be arriving in a few weeks and then it will be available for RETAIL and WHOLESALE purchase. If you are interested in carrying LUCY in your shop sign up here. :) I'd love to have you as a client.....

More news to come this week.......can you handle more of my ramblings and insights? ha ha ha.......

(photos taken by Susan Haglund Photography)

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Chalkboard wall organizer.....tutorial

I was catching up around blogging land a little while back and I saw this post about a chalkboard. The frame color and shape of hers reminded me that I never had shared my chalkboard! silly me......I created a chalkboard on the wall back in May before school got out. So better late then never, eh? :)

So here is the wall before.......You've seen photos of this area before. Those are my kids school wall pockets- a place to hold their papers, pictures, etc instead of piling on the counter. Bulletin board holds lunch menu, calendar, etc. Just a handy spot we pass a million times a day in and out of the garage and on our way!

I wanted to put a chalkboard on the wall in the empty space to the right of the bulletin board and wall pockets. Handy for messages, daily chores, etc. I tape off the size and shape I wanted. **Hindsight tip: Be sure to cover your floors well if you will be using chalkboard SPRAY paint. I learned the hard way that it travels and "sits" everywhere. Also a good idea to sand down the texture on the wall a bit for a smooth surface. ** (yes honey you were right)

After a good coating of chalkboard paint, drying time and pulling off the tape I painted a bold RED border around it. I cut out a quick template that I simply placed and traced over and over again around the outside. Then I went back and higlighted some of the curves with some black paint and a small brush.

I also spiced up the wall pockets with a RED color wash on the outside......

Added a touch of RED and pattern to the face of the bulletin board frame. I cut some strips of scrapbook paper and glued it down. Nothing fancy.

And that's IT! Our information is all centralized and fun too! No more blah, but more of an "aHHhhh!" nice.

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