A feast of color......

It's my absolute favorite time of the year! Although I have been busy in my studio lately, I couldn't let Autumn pass me by in all it's glory, showing off her colors before they all blew away.........

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This totally ruined my lunch!......Recipe

My mom sent me home the other day with a bag of some delicious treats she had made. My husband discovered them - loved it - then my son, he kept sneaking them off the plate and then I proceeded to "snack" on them throughout the morning and by lunch time.......well you know the what happened. I guess the saying it true that if you eat sweets before lunch/dinner it WILL ruin the meal. Oh but these treats were such a yummy meal! (ha ha ha)

And because something so good (and easy) to make shouldn't be kept to myself, I'm sharing it today! These are great for all the upcoming Holiday parties you will be hosting and attending. Enjoy!

White Chocolate Orange Crunch

1 pound white chocolate (2 boxes of Bakers' Chocolate)
1 tsp orange extract
1 cup of Rice Krispies
1/2 cup golden raisins (optional)

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or silicone baking mat. Create a double boiler by putting a glass bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn't touch the water. Add the white choc. (I broke the squares in half) and the extract and let it set for a few minutes. Stir until it's smooth. (Don't overheat the white choc., or it will seize.) Remove the bowl from the pan and reserve 2 tbls. in a small bowl and tint with orange food coloring. Add the rice cereal to the large bowl and stir until combined. Pour out onto the baking sheet and spread to an even thickness. With a small spoon or fork, drizzle stripes of orange tinted choc. over the surface of the candy. Refrigerate the choc. for about an hour and then break into pieces

Note: If the orange choc. gets to firm to drizzle, stir in about 1/2 tsp. vegetable oil until smooth and loosened.

Try this with different flavored extracts, like lemon or coconut!

Thanks MOM for sharing the Recipe!

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Wear your Brassy Scarves!.....video

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite ways I wear my Brassy Bunchy Scarves. Enjoy the short video! (scarves vary in length, design, material etc)

I also put together a slideshow of past and current product photos. They might help give you a new idea of HOW to wear or WHAT to wear with your Brassy Bunchy and/or Skinny Scarves. They can be worn casual, dressy, with a jacket, blouse, sweater....you name it!

now getting to my FAVORITE part - YOU! I love seeing how you wear them!

Patty Young sent me a snapshot of her wearing a Cream Brassy Bunchy Scarf. Looks great Patty! Thank you!

and here is Traci of Hip Fabric sporting one of my Skinny Scarves. (photo courtesy of Patty Young) I love how it looks on you! Great choice Traci!

Anna of Sweet Dreams Designs sent me this one. You look so chic Anna and I love your skirt too!

Mary of Confessions of a Craft Addict spotted a Black Brassy Bunchy Scarf during her trip to Quilt Market this Month. I think it's adorned around the neck of one of the Sweet Funky Vintage girls.

and then there is me again! LOL. I wore this one out on a lunch date I had this week.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and have some new ideas of how to wear scarves! My Brassy Bunchy Scarves will be restocked on Nov. 3rd along with some fun Holiday items, more aprons, etc.

Sign up for my mailing list to receive a reminder email if you'd like.......

**if you have a photo of you wearing your Brassy Apple - Brassy Bunchy or Skinny Scarf - please send it my way! I'd love to see it and possibly share it!**

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Grandma J's sewing room......

Photography. It's one of my favorite hobbies. Although still an amateur at it, I enjoy stepping behind the lens a capturing the things I love, the things that capture my attention, the world through my lens........It's a creative process I truly enjoy.

My family went on a quick weekend trip a few weeks back and along the way we stopped to visit my Husbands grandmother. She is a very accomplished seamstress and loves making quilts. All the grandkids receive a gorgeous quilt from her when they get married and then all the babies that are born receive a baby quilt from her too. Keepsakes for sure! She has quilts hanging on her walls, quilted designs on her couch pillows and a glass front cabinet which modestly holds her ribbons from county fairs.

She is one talented lady in more ways than I can count. After sitting in the car for a few hours I was "itchin" to break out my camera at her house and capture a few shots/moments. She allowed me into her sewing room, showed me her latest projects, her stacks of finished quilts and laughed about her dressers and shelves FULL of material. A woman after my own heart........

Enjoy the memories, colors and moments captured in her sewing studio seen through my lens.........

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Halloween Skeleton Tutorial......

Craft up a fun t-shirt for your little "ghoul" or "goblin" this Halloween season! It's easy to create your own Halloween fun this year by using a new tshirt or upcycling an older one!

Skeleton ribcage w/ Heart Applique:


Ribcage Appliques (copy/print from below)

2 Heart Appliques (copy/print from below)


White fabric

Red fabric

coordinating thread

Heat n' Bond or similar product




Click on the applique templates below, right click copy and then paste into WORD or save. You can resize (shrink or enlarge) to fit your shirt the best.

Print out your applique templates and cut out.

Take your white and red fabrics and apply some Heat n' bond with an iron according the package directions. Cut a piece large enough for your applique pieces.

Choose a heart to use and trace onto the heat n' bond. Do the same with the ribcage. Cut out shapes.

Peel the paper back off of the fabric and flip over your shapes. Position your applique pieces onto your shirt to find the placement you like. Once they are in position, take off the ribcage and iron the heart onto the shirt according to package directions.

Sew the heart onto the shirt using a straight stitch, zig zag, satin stitch or whatever decorative or simple stitch you like.
Replace the ribcage and iron onto the shirt. Sew it on following the same instructions as above.

and you are DONE!

Extra tips and ideas:
  • Create it in various sizes - think baby onesies up to adult!
  • Add some extra up "ghoulish" elements like worms, snakes, other organs, etc.......
  • Use the applique template with other materials such as paper
  • It's not just for t-shirts! Get creative!
If you craft up some Halloween items from this tutorial, upload and share your photos in the Brassy Apply Flickr group!

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Time to PRE-order.......

I am anxious to help all those who have wanted to purchase a Brassy Bunchy Scarf but have been unable to because there has been such a demand and they keep selling out very quickly.

I will be restocking my shop on November 3rd and debuting Holiday items, new aprons, DIY kits, Brassy Bunchy Scarves and more.

BUT if you would like to guarantee that you get the scarf you want, the color you want and the quantity you want - you can PRE-order NOW! yippee!!! All pre-orders will ship out on November 3rd. PLEASE read all the details in the product description and ask questions before ordering if you have any.

and onto some fun details.......There are 4 options of colors when you pre-order and I am also offering a fun Holiday option - Candy Cane - for Women and Girls!

Pre-orders will close this Sunday Oct 18th.

They make great gifts for family, teachers, friends, secret santa, gift exchanges, Tweens/Teens and more!

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PRE-orders.....any interest?

My Holiday designs will be debuting in a few weeks along with the restocking (again) of aprons, scarves, DIY kits, etc.....

I know there has been quite the demand for my new design - Brassy Bunchy Scarves - and I wondered if there would be any interest in PRE - ordering the colors and amount desired to better serve the demand. With the Holiday Season approaching - gift giving, parties/events - I would love to help you be ready for the season!

Leave me a comment, send me an email or let me know on Twitter if you are interested! xoxo.......Back to the holiday "workshop!"

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Keeping up with Fall.......

Besides decorating for it (here and here) and sharing one of our family fall traditions, I truly *heart* fall and through the wonderful land of blogging, SOOOO many greats ideas are being shared. Here's a few favorites I have come across recently.

Start a new tradition! (this one is especially great if you young kids at home all day)

My Sweet and Simply Life shares a new tradition to entertain and interact with her kids daily! Take a peek into the details. Definitely have this one on the brain with a few modifications to fit our family....

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam shares a list of ideas to get you excited to start a new family tradition this season!

A couple more of our family traditions trunk or treating for Halloween and visiting a pumpkin patch as a family and/or with friends.

Tip Junkie has a great post on attending a trunk or treat and the fun of decorating your trunk too!

We love to go to one of the local "pumpkin patch farms" in the our area each year. A family day full of Hayrides, finding the perfect pumpkin, haybale mazes, petting zoo, pony rides and usually hot chocolate and freshly made doughnuts top off the trip! So much fun! The kids always look forward to this tradition!

Start a new fall tradition with your family this year!.......

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Restocked.....but going fast

Just stocked up my shop with more Brassy Bunchy Scarves! We've got patterns and the classic solids to choose from!

Some "Holiday" products will be debuting soon as well! Perfect for gift giving to YOURSELF or for someone you love......

Whip up alittle something handmade with my ebooks, patterns, or DIY kits!

happy shopping everyone!

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Have you met Nie Nie.......

There is nothing I can say that would do justice or convey the awe I have for this woman and her husband. Having said that, I will keep it brief. :)

If you haven't had a chance to "meet" her yet or hear of her story take a look into her blog AND catch Oprah on Wednesday. My twitter "sources" and my Mom (HI MOM!) say that she will be on there.

Her story is inspiring and heart wrenching and she lets the world into her life, emotions and thoughts everyday. There is much to be learned from her.......

*edited* - Just discovered a feature done on "Nie Nie" over at the Mom It forward site. It's a good read!

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Teaming up with Venezie Bags!

Lookin' for a giveaway? Run over to the Venezie Bags blog RIGHT now! Karen and I have teamed up for a Kitschy Corset Giveaway on her blog!

I will be sending one lucky winner my new Kitschy Corset Apron pattern ebook and she will be giving away her "kitschy" apron she created while being a tester for this pattern. And it's Oh so cute too! HOP over to HER blog and get entered today!

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And your request shall be granted......

I had no idea the response I would get to my new products this fall, but I am grateful to say the least. :)

I have been sewing like mad getting all the orders filled and trying to keep the SHOP stocked. I have had several ask if there will be more Brassy Bunchy Scarves and the answer is YES!!!!

What day will they be re-stocked? That I cannot answer but it will be next week! Yes just a few short days away. If you are on my mailing list you will be notified first thing! If you are not, sign up on the sidebar - just takes a second. (psst - there will be some fun new colors too! just between you and me - tee hee he......)

Until then, I will be busily sewing in my studio! More fun product to come!!!

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BOO your neighbors........

This is a "spooktacular" activity that is sure to become a family favorite! Spread the Halloween spirit to your friends and neighbors by playing this little game.

Gather your family together and create some yummy Halloween treats. Then as dusk begins to fall, load up a few plates with your goodies and attach the "You've been Boo'd" sign and head out with your family. Choose a friend's house to "BOO", set the treats, poem and sign on the front step, knock on the door and RUN for it! Don't get caught!!!!

Here's a BOO sign we use and the poem to explain how it all works!

The air is cool the season fall

Soon Halloween will come to all

The spooks are after things to do

In fact, a spook brought this to you

“BOO” is a shield from witching hour

Just hang it up and watch its power

On your front door is where it works

It wards off spooks and scary jerks

The treats that came with crypted note

Are yours to keep, enjoy them both

The power comes when friends like you

Will copy this and make it TWO

Then others here among our friends

Will give warm fuzzies that do not end

We’ll all have smiles upon our faces

No one will know who “BOO”ed whose places

Just one short day to work your spell

Or a big ZAP will strike your tail

And don’t forget a nifty treat,

Like something cute or something sweet

Please join fun, let’s really hear it

And spread some “BOO”s and Halloween spirit.

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Fall Decor - mix it up!

If you follow my blog you know I love taking one thing and re-using it for something else. And with the economy we are in, you may not have much of a budget to decorate your home for the fall season. WELL.......I want to share a few ideas that will help you see what you might already have in a new light - let's MIX it up!

Candle holders – they are not just for candles anymore! I love to stack mine with gourds, pumpkins, decorative balls, etc. Create a grouping of candlesticks, vases and some dried leaves, grapevine, etc. Look for what is accessible in your own backyard or garden. You might be surprised what you find!

Vases – whether they are solid or clear these can be changed with the seasons so easily! I'm all for using real natural products but YES I do use a little of the fake kind too! Even better when you can mix them together, I think. So take our your greenery and your summer floral arrangements and replace them with dried grain/grasses, curly willow sticks, small pumpkins, gourds, etc.These have a very earthy and a natural feel to them.

Trays- Wooden, silver or whatever your tray is made out of it can be a great "container" for holding a potpourri of fall type items. I like to place one on my dining table, put a large candleholder in the center and then fill the tray with an assortment of Fall colors, textures and objects. Then when it comes to dinner time and we need to clear the space it's easily moved by picking up the tray and replacing it when we are done. Plus my kids love to look through all the fun objects in the tray and find smooth river rocks, acorns and other odd shaped items.

Pumpkin Topiary
Lifestyle Studios Pumpkin Topiary- One of my favorite pieces to create each year for the front porch is a pumpkin topiary! There are several ways to do these. You can use real pumpkins or artificial ones if you just want to make it once and have it every year. Plus think small too! These would be great crafted up in a small version for inside your home as well!

Just remember to have and take a look first at what you already have before you run out to buy more! :)

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