Monday Mayhem #4.......17 scarf options!

WOW! you heard me right! There are 17 scarf design options in my shop RIGHT NOW! I can't guarantee how long they will be there, (my "seasoned" customers know how fast they go!) and my stock on hand is dangerous low........so if you see something you like, grab it today! And I am not just saying that :)

I had a really fun week putting these designs together and working on another project (details to come very soon!). Here's a few new designs this week titled - Berry Kiss and Tuxedo.....

on a sidenote - My family and I will be moving next month and my studio will be packed up and relocated. Due to the shortage of fabric we have been able to get and also moving in a couple of weeks this may be our last "LARGE" restocking of Brassy Bunchy Scarves. We will do our best though to continue to provide new designs to help you with your Holiday Shopping.

Thanks again for your support and emails! Happy Shopping!

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To everyone celebrating this Thanksgiving weekend, have a wonderful holiday!........Catch you for Monday Mayhem on November 30th!

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Monday Mayhem #3.....NEW bunchy scarves!

It's Monday again and that means it's time to shop! Snatch up gifts for your family, friends, teachers and YOURSELF too!

I am excited to debut 3 new "bunchy" scarf designs -

Double, Triple and Layered Bunchy Scarves are available today!

A fun "twist" on this season hottest accessory and gift! You HAVE to take a peek at these! I have even crafted up 2 different scarves for the Bronco Sports enthusiast. Get noticed sporting the Team Colors fashionably this Football and Basketball Season! (yeah go Broncos!!! tee hee hee)

I am not going to show you anymore photos, you'll have to hop over to the shop to see what other scarves have been crafted up! I will tell you there are 9 new designs to choose from!

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12 days of Christmas w/ Portabellopixie & Me!

My ooberly talented friend Sandi of Portabellopixie is having a 12 days of Christmas feature on her blog and I got to be day 1!! yeah!!!!

I am giving away 3 prize packs on HER blog so scoot yourself on over there! :) She has all the details there! Thanks Sandi! xoxo

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Place cards / Tags Tutorial.......

A simple, quick project that will add some pizazz to your table, gifts and many other projects!

scrapbook paper
spray adhesive
paper cutter
glue stick
embellishments (buttons, glitter, etc)

(Upload and share photos of your tags/place cards into the Brassy Apple Flickr Group)

Tags -

Step 1: Print your initial letters. Choose the fonts you like and the size for your project. Print the letters in reverse or turn them over onto your light table or simply use a bright window.

Trace the letters onto your paper or fabric.

Cut out your letters.

Step 2: Place the letters onto your fabric or paper you want to use for your background. Depending on your project, choose the size of your background, spacing evenly around your letter.

Cut your background piece. (Choose your shape - square, rectangle, circle, etc)

(If you are using fabric and need it to be more stiff, glue it to cardstock or heavy paper and cut.)

Step 3: Layout your tags looking at your design. Here is where you can decide what embellishments, if any, you would like to add.

Step 4: I wanted the "M" to pop more so I cut a small motif from some fabric to place behind the "M".

Step 5: Apply some spray adhesive to the back of the fabric piece following the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6: Place and press the fabric motif to the background piece.

Step 7: Spray your letters and place them on your background pieces as well. Continue adding embellishments as you like.

And you are done! My tags mark my children's school projects/paper buckets that hang in one of your hallways.

Place cards -

Following the instructions above you can make chic place cards for your table for any event!

Layer up paper, fabric and the names of those attending for a custom look. Even going so far as to match your place cards with your handmade napkins! You are sure to have a table to remember!

The size I used for me place cards was 2" x 2". I used fabric fused to cardstock for the background piece of one and cardstock with small square of fabric glued in the middle of the other.

Then I simple printed the names on regular paper and glued them on the place cards.

Have fun and get creative with your projects! Remember there are no limits here - you design what you want and like!

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Thanks to a customer, we found out there was a glitch on the Plum Bunchy Scarf product page. The glitch made it impossible to order. Thankfully, the glitch was pointed out AND has been fixed! :)

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Mom-A-Preneur feature + Giveaway!

I was blessed to be interviewed by Jessica over at Brixton Lane and the feature has been posted today! So if you are itchin' to find out a bit more about me, head on over there. PLUS I am doing a giveaway in conjunction with interview. But you have to hurry! The giveaway ends tonight I believe! (check her blog post for details) Scoot on over there and say hello! you may just win!

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Monday Mayhem #2.......

Are you feeling the Holidays yet? I am getting excited for food, family and all the festivities!

If you are looking for Holiday gifts or Holiday themed type gifts this week is for YOU!

New this week:

1. Ms. Claus cropped apron. It's flirty and fun! Perfect for crafting, craft shows, decorating, etc. to keep necessary items close at hand!

2. Holiday Cheer Skinny Scarf. Cheerful and fun- perfect for secret santa gifts, teachers or for YOU! Bright colors, fur capped ends and a touch of metallic silver thread for sparkle!

3. and of course Bunchy Scarves have been restocked - Berry Wine, Plum, Olive and Cream. Plus check out what other colors weren't snatched up from last week!

4. and if you hadn't heard already - The Kitschy Corset Apron pattern is now available! Full printed pattern pieces! Sew some up this Holiday season with this great pattern. (for extra ideas see my blog post here)

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Time to get your "Kitsch" on!......

That's right! It's HERE! The Kitschy Corset Apron pattern! Now available in it's printed version with full pattern pieces!

*If you are interested in purchasing my patterns wholesale to carry in your shop, please see the details here*

This pattern is so FUN! I am so excited to share it and see how you "flirt" around with all the possibilities. :)

Here's a few pictures to get your creativity going!

Think Holidays........(of course right?)

This is an "older" picture (older=Kitschy Corset final design varies from this) but this is where the Kitschy Corset Apron design originated from - Santa Baby Apron.

Classic Red, Black and White for the Holidays, which can easily be worn throughout the year. A fun gift for any Holiday Hostess.

Play with the design options and extra ideas listed inside the pattern. Have fun with the fabrics you choose and coordinating "extras".

Plus take a peek at the wonderful aprons my pattern testers created! Beautiful work! :)

So snatch up a pattern in time for Holiday giving, apron swaps and keeping things "HOT" this chilly winter season! (tee he hee)

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Let's try not to panic.......

Ok...........everyone take a deep breath................did you do it?...........come on, do it..........................................Now, are you sitting down???

I have just tried to place a very large order for more Brassy Bunchy Scarf material but the WAREHOUSE is OUT!!!!


So on the downside, I will only be able to create more scarves with what I have on hand. The UPSIDE is I still have some fabric on hand. :)

Back to the downside - I will be limited to the amount of Brassy Bunchy Scarves I can create and make available. I have had several emails asking about certain colors/styles and I was hoping to be able to "fulfill" all those requests BUT.......that may not be possible now.

The warehouse couldn't tell me if/when they would be getting more fabric and/or certain colors. *sigh*

So for now, until I hear differently, seriously what you see in my shop (especially on mondays when I restock and have new inventory available) that WILL BE what you can GET.

I will keep you posted if I am able to get more fabric. I was hoping to do another round of pre-orders (I know several of you would like to order some as gifts) plus debut a few new styles (some really fun one in the works!) BUT they may have to wait until the next Fall season..........

wishing for an easy button right now..... Ha ha ha..............(edited to add: By the way, that is not me in the photo. Just for clarification purposes )

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Monday Mayhem #1......

It's our first round of "Monday Mayhem" in the Brassy Apple shop!

Monday Mayhem is a special Blog post HERE every Monday from now through the Holiday Season. It's the day I restock my shop! Some Monday's there may be NEW items or something on sale, a special offer or a HOT item restocked!

All items are first come first serve!

TODAY - I have restocked the BLACK, RED and ICY BLUE Brassy Bunchy Scarves.

I am also debuting a fun, new "flirty" design - the Brassy SKINNY Bunchy Scarf! It's all the goodness of the Bunchy scarf - just slimmer.......It is available in RED and WHITE today.

Happy Shopping!!!

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18. Do you remember how you felt at 18? your view of the world, what you wanted to be, who you thought you were?.........For the most part I don't wish to go back. Much wiser now........and stylish! (tee he he)......... but I think at that age I didn't really know of all the hardships that life REALLY does throw at you. Back then I thought, "Oh that will never happen to me!" LOL........oh 18 you are so carefree and fun and have the world at your feet. Enjoy it.

I had the privilege to take some Senior photos for one of my cousins. Just thought I share the fun and carefree look of 18............

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Today's the DAY!.....

The long awaited "restocking" day has arrived and is in full swing. Several styles have been swiped already but there are still some to choose from.

Thank you again to everyone who preordered their Brassy Bunchy Scarves. I was so glad to be able to fill so many orders and was happy to know that you were guaranteed to get what the colors and quantity you wanted. They will make such great gifts this Holiday Season!

SO - because of the high demand for a few of my designs, responsibilities with my family and gearing up to move very soon I will starting what I call.......

Monday Mayhem is a special Blog post here each Monday from now through the end of the Year. It will be a day I will restock some items, debut something new, have a sale, etc. And it will be first come first serve for whatever it is that Monday.

My hope is that I will be able to better provide new/more product frequently to help with your Holiday Shopping and Seasonal needs. :)

So be sure to POP in here each Monday and see what is new, restocked or on sale!

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