DIY Family Memory Packet.......tutorial

As new year rings in, it's always fun to capture a bit of the excitement of the new and reminisce a bit about the old.

We crafted up a fun way to get the whole family involved together in an easy project -
The Family Memory Packet.

Whether you have a gaggle of kids, no kids, grandkids, or it's just you - this project is adaptable for all! It's a great way to preserve a bit of the present, like a time capsule, and open it again around the same time next year!

  • Materials:
Large envelope (we used a 9x12)
glue stick

Getting started!

Before you start the project print off the "memory sheets" to be filled in by you and/or other family members.

We used 3 sheets per person:
  • 1st sheet - Include a space for the

If possible, snap a photo of each person that day and print off on the sheet. OR print off a recent photo and let each person cut out their picture and glue it to the sheet.

On this sheet you will also have each person trace their hand (giving assistance to younger ones). It will be fun to see how much your kids or grandkids hands have grown when the packet gets opened up NEXT year!

  • 2nd sheet - Titled 2009 (past year)
Include a few questions like:
Favorite thing(s) I did this year:
Favorite place(s) I went:
What I will remember most:

Don't include too many question or your kids are likely to feel like they are doing school work instead of something fun. For those that are too small to write, simply ask them the questions and try to write down their responses word for word. They might be really funny to look back on what they said next year or the year after. It's also great to allow those just learning to read/write to let them fill in as much of their sheets as possible. They will be able to see how much their skills have improved in a year when it is reopened.

  • 3rd sheet - titled 2010 (new year)
Include a few questions like:
Something I would like to do this year is:
Somewhere I would like to go is:
Something I would like to learn about is:

This sheet isn't really "goal setting" but simply stating some "wishes". It might give you some insight into what they are hoping and help you as a parent/grandparent to meet their needs/interests this coming year.

**STAPLE the 3 sheets together**

Gather the other members around the table and explain the project. Have each person fill out their sheets. Use the magazines/newspaper to create a cover for your envelope where all the information sheets will be stored for the year. (We used the title - 2009 Memory Packet) You can create your own title including the family name. Decorate it with pictures, cut-outs, color it, doodle on it, etc. The creativity is up to everyone involved but make sure this is part of the fun of the project as well! Once the cover is created and dried, slip all the papers inside and close it up.

Now where to file it away where it won't be forgotten about next year? My best suggestion is to put it into one of the Christmas boxes, somewhere easily seen when opened. When you pull out the Christmas decor next winter season, it can easily be tacked onto the family bulletin board for a few weeks until the New Year's Holiday rolls around again. Then of course you can open up the packet, reminisce, giggle, and create a NEW memory packet for the next year, thus creating a fun family tradition too! Enjoy!

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If you love fabric......

have you met Rosie of The Fabric Shopper Online yet? If not, you are missing out!

Oh for the love of fabric, and fabric sales, new and upcoming fabric, the latest and greatest sewing news, etc. Rosie has got it all!! She even posted a little snippet about yours truly to get your inspired to sew! Take a peek if you like! Thanks Rosie! Stop by, check out her site and say hello!

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New Year's Swap.....

OH what a week! We have attended party after party and the "big" New Year's Eve party-ing hasn't even begun yet! whew! Anyone else in the same boat?

Well as look to the new year maybe some of you are wanting to start out "fresh". Clean a few closets, cupboards or toy boxes out. And if even if you are not quite ready for that yet, it won't be long until SPRING CLEANING is creeping up on us!

I ran across this great idea in Better Homes and Garden Magazine - Swap Till you Drop! Basically it's a clean out your closets party and trade! No one spends any money and everyone goes home with something "new to them" to use or re-purpose. All the leftover items get donated to a local charity or shelter. It seems like a win win all around! The article gives all the details, plus some helpful hints! Have fun cleaning out and swapping!

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Brassy Apple wishes you........

all the magic and wonder of the Holiday! May your Christmas be full of great memories and good times. Enjoy this next week as we celebrate the Holidays, eat wonderful food, re-connect with family and friends and ring in a brand NEW YEAR!

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Just enough.......

I hope you are enjoying this Season! It's a "wonderful time of year" and I was thrilled to wake up to snow this morning. Just enough to make everything look pretty. Just enough to make it feel like Christmas time. Just enough to head out sledding with my family. Just enough to put everyone in that "jolly holiday" mood..........just enough..............................I hope you are getting just enough of your own Holiday Magic and memories this week....................................

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Monday Mayhem.....winding down

As the year winds down so does Monday Mayhem. Only one more to go! We are also clearing out all of our merchandise and working on our new designs, DIY kits and patterns to debut throughout 2010! We are excited to present our new design ideas to you!

Today you will find some of our Brassy Bunchy Scarves have been restocked, some are on sale too and also our remaining aprons have been even further discounted.

We will also do our best to get all purchases made tomorrow in the mail before our shipment goes out for the day. The best shipping option, if you are hoping for your items to arrive before Christmas, is at least priority.

If you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy this Holiday Week!

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Last Minute Christmas Ideas.......

Here are some great last minute DIY gift ideas.... and they are inexpensive too!

One of my favorite's for almost anyone - teachers, family members, friends, etc - is Hot/Cold Therapy Sacks. They whip up super easy and everyone appreciates them. Personalize them in a monogram, create them in all sizes, colors/patterns, and even create them using old sports t-shirts for the guys in your life!

Be "cool" with the girlies by gifting them arm warmers in a pattern they will love! Customize the length for toddlers to tweens! So easy to convert into leg warmers for babies too!

And to wrap things up there are a bunch of ebooks in the Brassy Apple Shop to craft up something unique, original and fun! You can create custom Shaggy Mosaic Jeans for the Holiday or any other season/occasion! These are great for boys, girls and women too!

Take a peek at the other ebooks and crafty appliques that can be applied to jackets, pillowcases, handbags, skirts and more! Make it Handmade Holiday!

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Ack.....Monday Mayhem....sale time!

OH hello my faithful Monday Mayhem shoppers! I didn't "forget" about you.......I just didn't get it all set up like I usually do. I feel like we have been packing for weeks and then moved out this weekend and tried to unpack/settle in enough in a day and half to get back to real life and school today.! Whew!!! It's been a crazy and tiring week.

Today in the Brassy Apple Shop we have aprons on sale! Pick one up for our friends, family or for you! (If you are like me, you do a bit of your own gift shopping to unwrap Christmas morning. Tee he hee) I have also discounted the Holiday Cheer Skinny Scarves!

Enjoy your week and snatch up some goodies at a good price!

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It's beginning to look alot like GIVEAWAY time!

If you are a regular follower you have already been informed of a few giveaways that we have been participating in around bloggin' land and the web.

Just wanted to inform you of a few more! Sew what's new? WE ARE! Currently giving away some patterns on Sew's What's New! Check out their right sidebar and click on the their link for details!

Also Tiffany over at Three Pea's Pod has done a Lucy Apron pattern review and has posted her thoughts, opinions and photos! These make great gifts - whether it's the pattern or the apron!

I know it's been quiet here. We are busily packing up and moving. We hope to be moved and starting to settle in by next week! Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!.............

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Monday Mayhem #5....wrapping it up!

It's monday mayhem time again! There are a few bunchy scarf designs that have been restocked this week! Hop over to the shop ASAP to snatch up what we have left! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see our shipping details below or by clicking here. Due to our upcoming move this week we will only be shipping through Thursday, Dec. 10th.

I've got some new pattern news to share very soon. Until then, happy shopping and enjoy our week! We will be very busy here packing up our household and my studio and relocating! xoxo......Meg

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Shipping gifts through Dec. 10th

We are "wrapping" up our studio here and will be relocating this week. All of the Brassy Apple ebooks are temporarily unavailable from our shop but are still available on YouCanMakeThis.com. Any other merchandise purchased this week will be shipped up through Thursday, Dec. 10th. If you place an order after our shipment goes out on Thursday it will not be shipped until Monday Dec. 14th.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We will do our best to to ship our your Holiday gifts while we are moving and relocating.

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Let them be little.......kids DIY Holiday decor

Christmas time is "the most wonderful time" of the year - no matter what age you are! The lights, the colors, all the fun decor that adorns every nook and cranny of the house....and on and on.

Now if you have tiny hands around your house like I do, it can be a world of "Don't touch" and "no, no".......am I right? From Christmas tree ornaments to that expensive or sentimental nativity set, The Christmas Season can come with a lot of "Do not touch items". That's hard for curious little hands and minds.

Solution? here's one! Give them a space of their own! and what better place than their bedroom!

A string of lights, some paper, scissors and a little tape and you have more than an activity - you've got a favorite memory and/or family tradition starting!

We sat down one night and cut outpaper snowflakes. It's one of their favorite winter activities. I help roll up tape for the backs and they got to hang them any where they wanted in their room - windows, walls, doors, ceiling, etc.

Then we took a string of lights and I helped them tack it up around their room. Hanging paper snowflakes from the string of lights is a good idea too but we happened to have a bunch of inexpensive white glittery plastic snowflakes ready for hanging and opted for that route. :)

You can imagine their excitement as their rooms transformed into a festive place THEY created! Lots of giggling, squeals, jumping on beds and just good ol' kid friendly fun!

and then if you are still up for even more fun............dig out the large paper! Colored or plain paper will work. We hit a local craft store and bought some very inexpensively if you don't happen to have any one hand. Lay out the paper on the floor (hard/smooth surface) and let them draw and color whatever they want! Snowman, Christmas tree, fireplace, stockings, Santa's sleigh, reindeer, North Pole, Train, etc. Let them be creative with the colors, shapes and use of the scissors, unless of course they are too small to be cutting. Will it be perfect? nope. Will they love it? YUP!

My kids created a Christmas Tree with a fireplace for their room. Complete with a real "warm" fire (whenever the heat kicks - tee hee he). We also personalized some gingerbread men ornaments to put on their Tree. Each one symbolizing a person in our family.

(This is my daughter's personalized gingerbread man ornament. Did you notice she is wearing a Kitschy Corset Apron? ha ha ha!)

They also created a snowman complete with a belt - who knew frosty needed one! :) ! My son was so excited to have him hanging on the wall that he hugged and kissed the paper snowman and then told me, "Brrrr! Mom he has cold kisses and hugs!".............aw - just love their imagination!

So what if their room doesn't end of looking like it came straight out of a Pottery Barn kids catalog....that's OK. In a season of "don't touch" all around them, they will love having a space of their own that they created......and you will probably get the title of "Best Mom in the world" for the day :) .............Have fun!

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