New Pattern....Brassy Bunchy Scarf

It's the first new pattern of the year with others to follow!

Please welcome the - Bunchy Scarf Pattern Booklet.

A bold full color booklet with step by step instructions, photos, illustrations and designs for 10 different Bunchy Scarves!

This pattern booklet is available in the Brassy Apple Shop for retail and wholesale purchase! Please see our site for all the details!

So now that all the "business" stuff is out of the way, here's a bit of behind the scenes or the rest of the story.............(read on if you are interested)

When I first debuted our Bunchy Scarves back in September, I loved them, but didn't realize how much all of you would. And I thank you for that.

Our shop was overwhelmed with requests for more quantities and more colors and the biggest question of all - "Will you be releasing a pattern?"......hmmmm............The initial thought was no, then yes, but wait............why not? I took some time to consider the pros and cons and if I did, how to make the pattern the best it could be. Then the other comments started rolling in like, "If you aren't going to release a pattern I will just copy what you have done and figure it out myself."......hmmmmm..........not really what any designer wants to hear. But alas, the pattern was already in the works.

The demand for scarves was so huge I thought it would be best to share the pattern (to ease the demand) and allow you to be creative and enjoy crafting them up as much as we here have enjoyed sharing our designs with you.

The Bunchy Scarf design is a labor of love. I hope you enjoy the pattern booklet. I have truly enjoyed reading your experiences wearing them, gifting them and receiving them that have been emailed to me - thank you.......xoxo Meg

edited to add: We have been a getting a few of the same questions over and over so we wanted to address them here. :)

1. "Will you be offering this pattern in a PDF downloadable version?"
answer: As of right now we will only be offering the printed version. We will keep it in mind though!

2. "What is the sewing level for this pattern?"
answer: Great Question!!! We love projects and patterns that are easy to sew up so we try to produce patterns and tutorials in that same manner. Our estimation for sewing level would be advanced beginner - intermediate+. We chose that level because everyones idea of beginner, intermediate, etc is different. We hope that is helpful.

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  1. Awesome, and to be totally demanding...will it be in ebook form?

  2. Hello!

    As of right now we don't have a PDF version available but that is always an option we may explore later! :)

  3. That scarf is just so cute! I love it!


  4. The scarf is way cute... but your hair is SUPER SUPER cute! I'm a mission for a good haircut.

  5. I just bought this and can't wait to make some scarves!