Ruffle yourself with fabric flowers.......

Ruffles have been hot since last year and we helped you ruffle yourself this fall and winter with our Brassy Bunchy Scarves (and our pattern HERE!). Well....... now we are helping you wear them in a more subtle, but still hot and trendy way with our fabric flowers!

After a few requests for you to buy them from us, we decided to offer them for a limited time (snag yours for Easter!). We have a couple of different styles and colors. We love wearing them and of course we can't create anything without it being versatile!!!  You can wear these in your hair, clustered together, on a headband, clip on your jacket or purse and even on a choker!

The style of the flowers lay more flat, which I LOVE. Different than other traditional "hair flowers" that tend to extend high or far away when worn on the head, etc.

Want even more versatility for your buck? YOU can wear these and so can YOUR daughters! (or even grand daughters, nieces, etc) Perfect for all ages. So share and mix and mingle and colors and style. Check the brooch/clip version to get 1 large flowers with a hair clip and pin back in one!  See! can we do versatility or what!?!

and while we are on the subject of ruffles.......pick up an apron with some or without while they are one SALE!

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  1. Love those flowers! And the apron is something I wanted to try out. I may just have to get the pattern on payday!

  2. Wow...these fabric flowers look awesome. I have never seen anything like it. keep on posting :)

  3. Love those flowers AND that apron. Could you be more fabulous?? I love the color combinations you come up with!


  4. Love those flowers. Are you going to do a pattern/directions for them??

  5. I love how it looks on the bag! I just got a new white bag for summer, I should put some flowers on it for a pop of color. Maybe a yellow one to go with my new spring coat.

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