Ruffle me up!……tshirt refashion Spring Top challenge #3

I hope you are digging out all those unused tshirts in the back of your closet and refashioning them into wearable tops! As promised, here is our 3rd entry and tutorial! (take a peek at the 1st and 2nd)

Ruffle me up! 
Ruffles are everywhere from tops to shoes, handbags and accessories! And they are super easy to add to any top especially when made from tshirt knit because you don’t have to worry about the edges! 

If you refashion a tshirt add your photo to our Flickr Group

Download and print the entire tutorial HERE

2 tshirts – about 2 or 3 times bigger than you normally wear
color coordinating thread
elastic thread
sewing machine
straight pins
measuring tape
Step 1: Shir the bottom of the tee sewing about 6 lines 1/4″ apart. We used our sewing foot as a guide between the stitching lines. 

Step 2: Cut off the collar. OPTIONAL: Cut a small V dip in the neckline if desired for a different neck shape.  Set aside.

Step 3: Lay the 2nd tshirt flat. Cut off the bottom hemline. Then cut 2 strips that are 3.5″ wide. 

Step 4: Create 1 long strip by cutting “open” at one of the seams or simply cut the loop in half.

Step 5: Cut 1 strip 2.5″ wide. Cut open as instructed above.
Step 6: Gather/Ruffle all 3 strips using a basting stitch in y our machine and gently pulling the bottom thread to gather the fabric together. (Stitch 1/4 – 1/2″ in from one edge of the fabric strip)

Step 7: Pin one end of the 3.5″ ruffled striped at the shoulder seam and the other end about 5-6″ from the top of the shirring lines at the bottom of the tshirt lining it up in the middle.

Step 8: Adjust the gathers so the strip fits between the two pinned areas. Pin in place leaving an opening near the middle of the neckline in the front. Repeat with the other 3.5″ wide ruffled strip on the opposite side of the tshirt.

Step 9: Sew the ruffles to the tshirt by stitching over the basting line. 
Step 10: Fill in the open area in the top middle of the tshirt using the 2.5″ wide ruffled strip. Place one end of this strip about 1 inch over the empty area. Pin along the neckline and cut the ruffled strip to be about 1 inch over the other side. Pin in place. 

Step 11: Place a second layer of ruffles under this layer making it smaller in width and centering it under the first. (see 2 photos below) Stitch both layers of ruffles onto the tshirt. 

OPTIONAL: to create a ruffle at the neckline and shoulder area that isn’t as “full”, cut and or taper the ruffled fabric towards the shoulder seam until you have reached the desired look.

Step 12: Cut off the hem on each sleeve curving the edge as pictured below.

Step 13: Shir 3 lines from the cut edge to the shoulder seam. Sew 2 shirring lines on the underpart of the sleeve too.

Add rosettes, beads, etc if desired! 

I love how this top can be casual but dressy if needed too! Be comfortable this Spring and Summer by wearing a “tshirt” but look a bit more pulled together and stylish! 


  1. I can’t believe you made that beauty from a t-shirt! it is so cute! This is my favorite of all three!

  2. You are performing magic! Wow!

  3. Sooooo beautiful! You are just amazing!


  4. What happens when these tee shirts are washed? Do they Frey?

    I want to make these, they are so cute. Can’t help but think what will happen when washed.

    Love your blog!

  5. I’m so in love with this top! You’re inspiring me to do a re-fashion for my next top…better get cracking!

  6. adorable!! and i love the color!

  7. Aweseome job!

  8. That’s a fab idea!! I think I’m going to give it a try with two different colors. 🙂

  9. A-MA-ZING! You are on a roll!!

  10. Very cute! Great job and tutorial. Thank you for the info!

  11. Just darling! I’m doing this for sure!

  12. LOVE IT! I’m telling you, girl, you’re going to finally drive me to learn how to use my sewing maching! 🙂

  13. Over from Skip to my Lou…This is so Anthro looking! Will definitely give it a whirl. Thanks for sahring

  14. You’re amazing!!! This is adorable!

  15. That is pretty amazing!!!! 🙂

  16. wow!

  17. Wow this is very cute. You would never think it evolved from a
    t- shirt!

  18. I am SUPER impressed!

  19. WOW! You’re amazing I totally want to make this!!


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  20. that is too cute and I love the color! I made a ruffle front dress this week, but after seeing this, I really want to get some elastic thread to try shiring!

  21. Amazing! Such a cute shirt. And from an old tshirt! LOVE IT

  22. this is great…lovely way to update an old, or even new, t-shirt.

  23. stopping in from kimba’s, and so glad i did – you are insanely talented!! what an awesome, awesome shirt.

  24. This is so do-able, I love what you did to this t-shirt! I’ve got to try.

  25. I love love LOVE this top!! It’s like comfort in disguise – the top is so stinkin’ cute no one will notice that you’re wearing a comfy shirt!

    I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  26. Whoa! That’s gorgeous! This is the coolest refashion I’ve seen in a long time. I want to do this NOW! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  27. GREAT tutorial. OK, now I have to do this sewing project too!

  28. Gorgeous! This is so pretty!

  29. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Saw this one One Pretty Thing and recognized your top from Rae’s flickr pool…great tutorial! (I loved your orange/red cardi, too- very neat 🙂

  31. i adore this look!

  32. that is amazing, from a t-shirt!!??!
    Oh to have a sewing maching!!!
    Thanks for linking up to “AP Tuesdays” Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  33. Incredible tutorial… I really want to try this out!

  34. Very cute! Great job and tutorial. Thank you for the info!
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  35. this is so stylish. can I ask – does it fray when washed??

  36. Hello Heidi,

    the quality and thickness of knits can be different. my experience has been that the edges roll just a bit. You may be some slight fraying but usually it rolls. 🙂

    again, all fabrics are different!

  37. Thanks Megan!!

  38. I’m going to try shirring the bottom of one of my t shirts. I usually open up the bottom hem and insert some narrow elastic to achieve the blousy look. Your idea looks prettier.

  39. I was inspired to make my own ruffled t-shirt. I followed most of your directions. You can see the photo at

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  40. I want to make these, they are so cute. Can’t help but think what will happen when washed.

    Funny Teeshirts

  41. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial!!! Love, love this remodel! I featured it on my blog today. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  42. I have just come across your site and everything you do is so cute! I featured this tutorial on my blog at

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