DIY Chandelier……..tutorial

Glamour, bling, sparkle….those are a few words that come to mind when I look at this chandelier. And that is exactly the look I was going for. I needed to add a bit of glamour and sparkle to a corner of my daughter’s bedroom…..

And when you can’t thrift one to makeover, why not make one yourself! Can you guess what I used?……..Hanging flower baskets!!!! You can make one too!
DIY Chandelier
4 – 10″ wire hanging baskets – (got mine at the $1 store!)
Wire (I used 19 gauge I had on hand)
Needle nose pliers/wire cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Spray Paint
Embellishments – crystals, beaded necklaces (I bought a pack of silver ones at the $1 store), round mirror pieces, colored beads, jump rings, etc – whatever you like!
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download the full tutorial to keep/print HERE
Let’s go!
Step1: Place 2 baskets together – rounded side up/flat side down. Connect them in the middle using wire. Wind tightly. Be sure to space the “loops” to the sides as shown in the photos below.
Step 2:  Take your 3rd basket and thread the hook and chains up through the middle hole and lay off to one side.
(threading up…)
(laying off to one side….)
Step 3: Place this 3rd basket in the middle of the other 2 that you connected – rounded up side/flat side down.

Connect the 4 points that touch (2 on each side. See photo below) with wire. To wrap these with wire easily, apply a small dot of hot glue and then wind the wire around.

Step 4: Turn the entire piece over…..

and place the 4th basket in the middle -flat side down (see photo below). Attached it with wire at the 4 points that are touching as before.

(a close up of how I connected the pieces together with wire)
Flip it back over. Using the top basket that you threaded the hook and chain through the center, the entire connected “chandelier” should now look like this:
Step 5: PAINT! (optional) Hang, spray paint and let dry. We used “berry pink” ultra cover by Rustoleum.
and came out with this beauty! (squeal! White would have been pretty too! just think of all the fun colors you could do!)
Step 6: Give your chandelier a bit of “shape” (this step is easiest to do if it is hanging). Take the 2 outside hooks and place on the inner rings on each side (see photos below). Secure the hook in place with a small dot of hot glue.
Now the chains that hang have some curves, shape and loop to them.
Step 7: EMBELLISH! now the fun really begins! If you have a supplies stash, you may have some gems you can use. If not, this step can be the “spendy” part. Be sure to look for sales or use coupons at your local craft stores if you can when shopping for crystal embellishments. Don’t forget – we picked up a pack of silver “mardi gras” style necklaces at the $1 store. 6 came in a pack too!

 There are soooo many hoops, ledges, chains and other surfaces to attach beads and jewels to on your new chandelier – so have fun! Here are a few ideas of places we attached our embellishments….

Detach the center bottom hanging hook and replaced it with a large crystal and jump ring.

I hung teardrop style crystals from the bottoms of each of the loops on the outside chains (pictured above) and also hung smaller round crystals on the chains above the teardrop crystals.
Dress up the center and outside rings….
Draped beaded necklaces on the center front and back. Just a dot of hot glue on each side….
  I also glued some beading to the frame on the sides and draped it into the middle….repeated on the opposite side……
Just have fun where and how your embellish, drape and dress up your chandelier!

I want to see how YOU crafted up this project! Share your own style – whether it be classic, boho chic, shabby, holiday themed, cottage, etc – post a photo in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!


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Our project was awared “Jen’s PICK”  in the CSI paint challenge! thanks Jen!

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This project did double duty! It was entered into the Dollar Store Craft challenge and made the top 10!



  1. Megan this is sooo fabulous!! My daughter would LOVE this in her room! I’ll be linking!

  2. That’s so cool!!!
    Lucky kids to have such a creative mum!!!

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  6. this is seriously cool! what a great idea! simply brilliant!
    now, i’m assuming you made your daughter’s bedspread? any tips on how you made it, specifically what you used to make it nice and fluffy?

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  26. Thanks Sarah! these are can crafted up for more than just a girly girly bedroom! 🙂

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    Do you want to link it up to the CSI Project’s paint challenge going on right now? The prize is two $30 gift certificates to The Rusted Chain 🙂

    Love it girlie!


  33. quite possibly the most creative thing ever! I love this!!

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    If you create one, please share a photo. I’d love to see it!

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    Stopping by from welcome wednesday and following!

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  52. This is so, so cool, I love it! I’m going to try an upcycled version with some bits I have lying around the house. Thanks so much for such a great idea 🙂

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  54. Most excellent! You are a smart cookie! This is cheap enough that you could make several and even hang votive holders on it for a patio chandy! It is on my list for sure.

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  56. Oh my goodness! I think this is the most creative idea I’ve ever seen! It’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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  59. Wow. What inspired you to use hanging baskets that way? I mean, did having the baskets yield the chandelier, or were you looking for an inexpensive chandelier idea? GREAT, super, INSPIRING, enviable job, Megan!

  60. Thanks KatrinkaJane.

    I have always loved Chandys and I walked into the dollar store one day, say the hanging basket and immediately the idea clicked! I turned it upside down and saw what they could be! 🙂

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  66. LIndsey – I didn’t make the quilt but thank you for the compliment. we bought it online

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    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

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    dropping by from the CSI project : )

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  82. You have a beautiful blog, I like the way you describe the method of making chandelier.

  83. Flower chandeliers are baby gift baskets in beautiful disguise. Same structure, same way-and it is impossible not to be hooked in this art form.

  84. thanks for this great tutorial.
    what a very creative idea!

    i’m linking.

    best wishes, doro K.

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    I included this in our Dollar Store Crafts Roundup on the FaveCrafts Blog:

    Let me know if you’re ever interested in publishing tutorials with us! 🙂

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  89. You, my friend are genious!!

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