My Photo Friday.....the candy grandma

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

My kids call her "the candy grandma". They know she has a cupboard of candy stocked all year round that they have free access too as long and Mom and Dad say it's Ok. They make sure they get their "fill" each time we visit and try  to stuff their pockets until they bulge. LOL

I love it. It's a great piece full of interesting jars and all sorts of candy. Fun memories. I think I will have a candy cupboard for my grandkids someday.....

I am hoping to have another stocking of scarves next week for anyone still wanting some for Holiday gift giving! Watch for the newsletter in your inbox! 

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  1. This is so awesome! I want one too!

  2. Wo---I never knew that I always wanted one of these until just now. That would be so cool!

  3. Interesting! Our kids called my grandma, their great-grandma the candy grandma for exactly the same reason. Cute!

  4. My hubby's mom had a candy cupboard.. the kids just loved to get into and get their favorite candy.
    I have a snack rabbit for my grandchildren.. It's a rabbit cookie jar that sits in the garden.. When they come they take off the rabbits head and inside is a snack for them. Usually a fruit roll up or some Mario fruit snacks.. They just love the snack rabbit. The snack rabbit had to come inside for the winter..it sits in the computer room..
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  5. My great aunt had a candy drawer... I loved diving into it as a child.. there was WAY more candy then one could eat. I LOVE this cupboard!!!!

  6. just found your blog today!

  7. I am totally going to be the "candy aunt" to anyone and everyone's kids who will have me. SO much fun!

    I love her cupboard and all those jars and goodies are fantastic.

  8. I love this idea...I will definitely be the candy nana one day. :)