Shout out, shops & shopping! !

Just wanted to give a shout out to the newest shops ordering and carrying Brassy Apple patterns!

Above All Fabric

All Above Fabric

Venezie Designs

If you are interested in carrying our patterns wholesale, apply here. If your shop orders through a distributor, you can currently find us with Moda/United Notions and CS Distributing.

~So that takes care of shout out and shops.....Now onto the Shopping! During the Holidays we were restocking our shop every monday. Now that the "mayhem" of the Holidays has passed, we will be restocking our shop at the beginning of each month! ~ Aprons, custom Shaggy Mosaic Jeans are coming back, DIY kits and some new designs plus new PATTERNS!!!! Check into the shop next week or join our mailing list for a reminder email! ~

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Party Box #3.......Create a Party/Holiday Pillowcase!

We have created a Party Banner, a Party Chair cover and talked about storing it all in a box for quick access. We have created our items with a Birthday Party theme in mind.

A great tradition to start for your children's/grandchildren's birthdays is to create a Birthday themed pillowcase that they get to use for the week leading up to their birthday!

Then when it is put away after the big special day it will be looked forward too again the next year. OR, create a couple different custom pillowcases for the Holidays that they can use the month or a few weeks leading up to the Holidays. Holidays like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, etc. AND if you "plan" enough in advance you can get some great fabric on clearance prices just before the Holiday hits or after it's passed. So think ahead and snag some fabric for cheap!

Let's get started!

1 yd of cotton fabric
measuring tape
sewing machine

Step 1: Fold the fabric right sides together, lengthwise. Serge one end and down one side. If you don't have a serger, sew the 2 sides with a straight stitch and go back over it with a zig zag stitch to keep the edges from fraying when washed.

Step 2: Fold back the open end of the fabric 4 inches and press. Fold over a second time and press again. This will create the finished casing at the open end of the pillowcase.

Step 3: Pin and sew. Turn right side out and press for a crisp pillowcase! Your kiddos will be so excited to have a special pillowcase to use for whatever the occasion!

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DIY crafting......sharing a "secret"......

It's great to sit down and create something. Something that you have created to make life simpler, more beautiful, more organized, more fun...........DIY crafting is usually an inexpensive way to achieve any of these things! Especially if you are re-purposing an old item or a great yard sale find into something new!

One of the "secrets" to keeping costs down for your projects to create a Craft Supplies Box. I know this isn't any new concept to some but it may be to others. When I taught a summer fun class this past year this was one of the points I mentioned. It's so much easier to sit down with your kids and craft up something to beat boredom when you already have supplies on hand! and kids can pretty creative with box full of supplies at their fingertips too! :)

Now don't go out and spend a lot of money buying up papers, glue, glitter, paints, etc. If you are just starting to create your "stash" pick a project that you'd like to do and purchase the supplies. Then designate a spot for crafting supplies to be stored - a specific cabinet/cupboard, drawer, basket, plastic bin, etc. Whatever works for your lifestyle. This way when you find yourself needing to craft up something fun, all your supplies will be easily found! You can even designate craft supplies for kids and crafting supplies for YOU!

You will find several items will be used over and over and many projects will get created from a single purchase.

So have fun! Create a space for your craft supplies and keep your supplies limited to that space. If it starts to get overly full, maybe it's time to ditch something you haven't used in ages! Try swapping out with a friend who could use it!

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A call for artists!.......

Fabric designer Genevieve Gail is looking for artists that want to donate an item(s) to their wonderful benefit coming up next month! She's got all the details on her site so be sure to pop over there and check it out! As times are tough for soooo many right now and we are all giving wherever we can, here is yet another chance to help out..........open your hearts and open up those crafting materials and see let's see what we can create!

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Party Box....#2 - Chair Cover Tutorial

Last week we created a Party Banner, and this week we will feature a Chair Cover. We created ours in a theme of HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A special way to designate where the birthday boy/girl will sit for their special meals, etc. It also comes with a pocket on the backside for birthday cards or special notes from family members. A fun little pocket to hold all the birthday love sent their way!

Let's get started!

3/4 yd of fabric
Extra Wide Double folded bias tape
measuring tape
sewing machine

Step 1: Because all chairs are different shapes and we are currently not using our usual set, we will be creating a cover that should work for all types! Measure the width across the back of your chair. Decide how wide you want your cover to be. Measure up and down - from the chair seat to the top and double that measurement (this way it will cover the back of the chair too). Add in enough room for seam allowances as well.

Step 2: Cut out 2 rectangle shapes from your fabric that you took measurements for above. We chose to create the reverse side in a different fabric (one boy fabric/one girl fabric). If so, cut 1 rectangle from each fabric. Set aside

Step 3: Depending on the width of your chair cover your pocket size will vary. Our finished pocket size is 4 inches small than the total width of the cover and about 6 inches tall.
Decide on your measurements and cut two pieces of fabric. The fabric can be the same at the cover or contrast it as pictured below.

Place your pocket pieces right sides together and sew down 3 sides leaving the top open. Turn right side out and press. Fold the top edge under about 1/2 inch and sew closed. Place your pocket on your cover fabric and position in the middle. We placed our pocket 3.5 inches down from the top. Pin and sew in place. Repeat on the second cover fabric piece if your cover will be reversible.

Step 4: Attaching the ties. Cut 4 pieces of extra wide double folded bias tape to be 10 inches long. Place on the right side of the fabric in each corner about 1.5 inches from the top and bottom edge. Pin in place.

Step 5: Place the back/reverse side of the fabric on top with right sides together. Lining up the edges and smoothing flat, pin the two sides together. Sew three sides together leaving one end open for turning. Turn right side out, and press. Fold under the open edge about 1/2 inch, pin and sew closed continuing around the entire cover for a top stitched look.

Here is our chair cover - one side for a Birthday Boy and one side for a Birthday Girl!

optional: We created a button hole on 2 ends and attached ties on the other two to attach it to our chair.

Slip it on your chair for that special occasion! Can be created for other events as well! Pop the cover into your "party box" along with your Party Banner!
Upload and share YOUR photos of this project into the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!

Find the tutorial for the Party Banner HERE or hop over to the sidebar and find it under the my "Tutorials" section.

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Clearing out!.....SALE time

If you follow my blog or frequent my shop than you know that my scarves are only available for a short season. Well...... that season is coming to a close so we are clearing out what we have left! Snatch up some for a great deal will plenty of season left this year to wear them! Also my pink grapefruit apron price has been slashed! take a peek!

New aprons coming next month and our scarves (bunchy/skinny) will be back in Sept. 2010!!

Sale will end without notice and merchandise is first come first served!

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Colors in my studio.........

Things have been humming around here lately - both in the studio and in life generally. There is always something going on right? :)

I have been busily working on a few projects that I can't wait to share!! Patterns, new designs for the SHOP, tutorials......and the patterns in the works are for girls! *squeal* So - until then, take a browse around what my workspace is looking like this week.......oh the colors and textures.....it's been a fun week. And you'll even catch a peek of one of my very busy little assistants. *wink*................enjoy the weekend

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We are now stumbling.........

and that is a good thing! :) Of course I am talking about stumbleupon.com. It's a fun site to index other great ones, posts, etc. It has been integrated into our blog so when you see the new little icon at the bottom of the post - that's what it is! If you like what we have blogged about - stumble us!
If you stumble yourself, give yourself a shout out in the comments and we will search you out and send a few stumbles your way.

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Party Box...... #1 - Banner Tutorial

A Party in a box! The items crafted up in this tutorial are easily customized for any event - Birthdays, GAME day, Baby Shower, Holidays, different seasons, etc.

This week we will create a :
Party Banner!

*For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be creating our party items in a Birthday Theme!

Materials needed:

Fabric - around the size of a fat quarter works great! (We used 7 different fabrics of a smaller size and repeated them a couple of times)

Scissors/pinking shears and/or
Rotary Cutter and mat

Extra Wide Double Folded Bias Tape (3 yds)
Sewing Machine
Fabric Marker
optional - interfacing/fusible fleece/heat n' bond

Making the Banner:

1. Create a Pattern Template - Choose any size of triangle that fits your occasion and space. For our template we took a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and folded it down the middle lengthwise. Open it back and up and fold each side from the corner to the middle crease creating a triangle. Cut away the excess paper. (see illustration) If this size is too big, simply cut to desired size.
2. Options: Reversible or 1-sided
Reversible - If you want your triangle pieces to have more "weight" or a stiffer shape to them you can use interfacing between them or heat n' bond to adhere the two fabrics together. You can also use nothing in between them if desired.

1-sided - Again, to add more weight and shape to the triangle pieces we recommend using a fusible fleece on the back side of your fabrics. You can also create a banner without anything on the back of the fabrics.

(*We created a reversible banner. One side is for a girl's birthday and the other for a boys birthday)

3. Creating -
Layer your fabrics wrong sides together (if creating a reversible banner) and add any materials in between them that you'd like as mentioned above and follow the package instructions for use. Pin the fabrics together if necessary.

Position, trace and cut the triangle shapes with all the different fabrics. You will need (11 triangles for 3 yds of bias tape if using the same size of template). Sew around 2 sides of each triangle piece stitching ¼” inside of the pattern line.

Cut out the pieces using a rotary cutter, scissors or pinking shears. *think about cutting more than one triangle from the same fabric.

Once all the triangles are cut, it’s time start stringing them together! Starting about 8" in, place the triangles in between the two layers of the bias tape and pin in place. This allows enough space to have room to tie the banner if necessary.

Repeat until you reach the end the opposite end, again leaving about 8”. You can choose to create a pattern of colors or have no pattern at all! Your triangles can also be overlapped slightly, placed end to end, or have a bit of space in between. The design is up to you! (*for this project we place our triangles end to end)

Once all the triangles have been placed and pinned, sew down the entire length of the bias tape securing all the pieces in place.

You are finished! Find a fun container, fabric box, etc to store it in and we will be adding more to it! Then all of your fun party decor will neatly be stashed away in the one place.

Extra options: Add felt letters to spell out an event phrase (i.e. Happy Birthday!, Baby Shower, Go Team, Autumn, etc). The letters could be ironed or glued on. Another option is to stencil the letters on with paint. Get creative! Just be sure you have enough triangles for the letters you need. :)

If you want to make your banner longer, simply sew another strand of bias tape to one end and continue. If you want to make the banner shorter, cut the bias tape to the desired length.

next TUESDAY......we will create another item to for our "party box!"

upload and share your banners in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group - Get your CRAFT ON! have fun!

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Hello to my DIY friends out there!!

I know I have several bloggers, friends, etc that stop by each day - I just don't seem to have a lot of "chatty" passer-bys. :) (aka - few comment-ers)

I know I love a good tutorial/DIY project and it seems that most who are stopping by here do as well. We have decided to offer a NEW Tutorial from us every month! There will be at least 12 new projects to inspire you by the end of the year!! excited? we are!

So look for Tutorial Tuesday HERE the second Tuesday of each month! and if we have more ideas that we want to post that month, they will be posted on Tuesdays!

Since we are on the topic of tutorials (geesh, how many times in one blog post can I say "tutorial". Oh! did it again!) take a "scroll" down the right sidebar and you will see that the Tutorials section has been updated. We realized that about 12 links were missing! *gasp*

Have fun browsing through. Maybe you will see something that peeks your interest!

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New Pattern....Brassy Bunchy Scarf

It's the first new pattern of the year with others to follow!

Please welcome the - Bunchy Scarf Pattern Booklet.

A bold full color booklet with step by step instructions, photos, illustrations and designs for 10 different Bunchy Scarves!

This pattern booklet is available in the Brassy Apple Shop for retail and wholesale purchase! Please see our site for all the details!

So now that all the "business" stuff is out of the way, here's a bit of behind the scenes or the rest of the story.............(read on if you are interested)

When I first debuted our Bunchy Scarves back in September, I loved them, but didn't realize how much all of you would. And I thank you for that.

Our shop was overwhelmed with requests for more quantities and more colors and the biggest question of all - "Will you be releasing a pattern?"......hmmmm............The initial thought was no, then yes, but wait............why not? I took some time to consider the pros and cons and if I did, how to make the pattern the best it could be. Then the other comments started rolling in like, "If you aren't going to release a pattern I will just copy what you have done and figure it out myself."......hmmmmm..........not really what any designer wants to hear. But alas, the pattern was already in the works.

The demand for scarves was so huge I thought it would be best to share the pattern (to ease the demand) and allow you to be creative and enjoy crafting them up as much as we here have enjoyed sharing our designs with you.

The Bunchy Scarf design is a labor of love. I hope you enjoy the pattern booklet. I have truly enjoyed reading your experiences wearing them, gifting them and receiving them that have been emailed to me - thank you.......xoxo Meg

edited to add: We have been a getting a few of the same questions over and over so we wanted to address them here. :)

1. "Will you be offering this pattern in a PDF downloadable version?"
answer: As of right now we will only be offering the printed version. We will keep it in mind though!

2. "What is the sewing level for this pattern?"
answer: Great Question!!! We love projects and patterns that are easy to sew up so we try to produce patterns and tutorials in that same manner. Our estimation for sewing level would be advanced beginner - intermediate+. We chose that level because everyones idea of beginner, intermediate, etc is different. We hope that is helpful.

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New year.....new fun.....lots of NEW to come!

Oh now that the crazy "sugar haze" of the Holidays is over, things are getting back to their orderly way around here. And thank goodness too!

The studio has been buzzing with ideas. Some fun "new" designs, features, patterns, etc to come this year!

We are excited to announce a new pattern (yeah!!!), a monthly blog feature and a new change to the Brassy Apple Shop!

Stop by Wednesday to see the first "new" item of 2010 revealed!! until then........

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