New Pattern...Maddie Bee

Please welcome The Maddie Bee Pattern as the newest addition to our pattern line!

Maddie Bee - Pint sized fashion that creates a buzzzzzzz..........

The Maddie Bee girls Apron style top is the stylish solution for every little girls wardrobe! The design wears comfortably over a blouse or a simple t-shirt. Sew it up to be dressy, casual and even playful for whatever the event or daily happenings require. Then, simply slip off the Maddie Bee Top when school is over, at meal time or for rough and tumble play time if you want! It's easy to pull an outfit together that will get noticed with the Maddie Bee Top!

A HUGE shout out to my friend Susan for the yet again, FABULOUS photos!

The Maddie Bee Pattern is available for PRE-ORDER only at this time. It will be ready and available to ship in the middle of March.

This is our first girls pattern but not our last! and just WAIT until you see all the cute variations of this top that our pattern testers created! Stop back by on Monday to see those!
We'd love to hear what you think! Jot down a quick comment before you leave....

take a peek at our pattern tester photos too! here and here....

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Crafting with two is better than one....

I love to sit down and create something with my hands - it's especially fun when it has nothing to do with "work". It's great to gather a group of friends, gab, eat goodies and get crafty!

In relation to this post I did about a "crafting secret", pull creativity and ideas from your pool of friends and family and organize a craft night!

Just pick one project to do, when, where and what is needed for supplies. I charged a small fee and supplied everything for the project. Mainly because I had most of it on hand already. (back to that crafting secret......) I was able to spend an evening with people I enjoyed being around, taught them a fun new skill and everyone went home with hands full of beautiful goodies they had created! I smell a monthly get together coming on....... ;) Maybe one of the other girls will host and teach something fun! (hint, hint.....)

Fabric flowers and rosettes seem to be everywhere and they are being crafted up in all sort of materials in all sort of different ways! Our group hopped on the band wagon and we got crafting!
Remember this photo from last week?

It was a clue about the crafty girls night I was organizing! Refabulous has a great tutorial on how to create the style of flowers I love. And think outside of the box......they aren't just for hair! Clip on your handbag, cardigan, jacket, create a choker, wrist corsage and more! When wearing them in your hair I love the look of clustering them together or wearing a med-large sized one low behind my ear. They are SO fun and great for ages newborn on up! Here are a few I crafted up to help inspire you!

So get a group together and craft up something fun! and if you do, let me know!! :) Happy Crafting!!

*take a peek at a giveaway from me (girls DIY kit) on the Priddy Creations Blog*

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In the works......

So what do playing cards......

random misc. candles.....

heart picks.......

and a $1 store mop have in common??.....

They are all projects in the works here this week! Hopefully on Monday we can begin to reveal some of these projects! Until then, we will just tease you with these random photos and let your imagination roam.........

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Kindergarten.......100 days

(taking a break from business to share a bit of family news. You may like this idea!)

Does your child's Kindergarten class celebrate the 100th day of School? Ours does! Actually the 100 day was TODAY!

Last week each student was asked to bring in a collection of 100 things - string 100 cheerios on a necklace, build a tower using 100 legos, etc.....

My little guy decided he wanted to collect 100 Thumb prints from 100 different people! We crafted up a poster with 100 numbered spaces on it, bought a washable ink pad and set out to fill it up!

Of course he got to fill the first space!

Followed by several family members, friends, neighbors and classmates! We went early before school started one day and within minutes there was a LooOOOoong time of kids waiting for chance to plant their thumb print on his poster......

Our littlest thumb print from Miss M......

and our lucky #99, #100 to finish the project!

Can you get any more excited than THIS?? ha ha ha......In under 48 hours he was done! That's a lot of thumbs baby and his project was a huge hit with the class!!

There are a lot of fun and creative 100 days projects out there! If you have blogged about one, leave a link in the comments. I'd love to swing by and take a peek!

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The Everyday Hostess......new pattern!

The pattern we have created and used for years to sew up our stylish Hostess aprons is now available to YOU! Please welcome The Everyday Hostess to our line of ePatterns!

The Everyday Hostess - be stylish everyday whether you are cooking, cleaning or hosting an event! Just be you..........

The ePattern comes complete with step by step instructions and illustrations/photos to complete 2 different styles of aprons - everyday hostess apron, the shorter market/crafter style apron and lots of design options, tips and tricks including a pattern for our 4 square design option!

The Everyday Hostess Apron is only available in ePattern form at this time. Through a series of rectangular cuts you can whip up this apron easily with a rotary cutter and mat. OR construct physical pattern pieces using lightweight paper and always have them at the ready!

You can snatch up this ePattern at Above all Fabric and through our shop as well!

Above All Fabric

If you carry downloadable patterns in your fabric/quilt shop and would like to carry some of ours, please contact us here! We would love to hear from you......

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Finding love......

We hope you find love this weekend.......just take a look.........it's all around you....Happy Valentine's Day...........xoxo Meg

Don't forget about our SALE this weekend only and a giveaway on the Girl Indie Blog (psst! there is a discount code to save even more this weekend! hop over there to snatch it)

stop by monday for the debut of a new pattern and sneak peek of one that is coming up!

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A lovey dovey sale......

With the infamous LOVE Holiday just a few days away, why not share the Love? We have marked down our aprons and DIY kits from now through Feb. 14th! and sticking with the theme, all items are 14% off! Snatch up something fun today before it's gone or the sale is over......xoxo Meg

there is also a giveaway happening on the Girl Indie blog! Hop on over and see what I am giving away!

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A Valentine quickie.......

If you are still looking for something clever to create for Vday, here are a few suggestions!

My kids created their own cards this year from this GREAT idea over on the 27-7-385 blog. A couple of alternatives to the sucker would a glow sticks, a fun themed pencil or pen, sugar daddy or even a stick of gum. ( the gum would work great if you are needing to mail some of your valentine's cards)

and what about a pocket kiss for your sweetheart or to send to someone special! Color me Katie has a darling flip book idea!

both ideas are quick and easy and there is still plenty of time to whip them up! (especially with 1 hour photo!)

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Aged/Peeling paint technique......

We all know that a new coat of paint can completely transform a good second hand find into a GREAT find! and paint is so easy too!!!

To get that old or aged look in a "newer" item, I wanted to share a little technique I learned.

If you give this technique a try share your project in the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr Group

Object to be painted
Bar of Soap - needs to be a pure soap like Dove or Ivory

Let's start!

The soap creates a "waxy" layer that helps the paint to be sanded off easier to reveal the color or material underneath of it. Normally the edges are sanded to give some contrast to an object but this technique allows you to create more interest and age in your projects.

Determine how many layers (colors) you will have and if there are certain places that you will want the paint to be sanded off.

I chose to work with 3 colors for my project. I applied a base coat (brown color) to this large wooden letter. Once it was dry I applied a thick layer of the soap in certain areas and then applied a second layer of paint (mustard color) on top of the that.

If you don't sand that layers as you go, then be sure to apply the soap in the same area on top of the new coat of paint that you did with the first layer. I wasn't sure the look I wanted and how much of each color I would use, so I sanded to my first layer (brown) through the second layer (mustard).

Then I applied the last color (blue) leaving the areas I had already sanded exposed.

When my top coat was dry I sanded over the areas I had applied the layer of soap. You can sand a little or a lot to get whatever look fits!

I furthered the aged and weathered look of my wooden letter by applying a thin layer of brown paint with a rag onto the top coat of paint. Rubbing the paint into the cracks of the peeled paint and applying more in the corners, etc. Just apply and wipe, dab - repeat to achieve the depth of colors that you like.

And that's it! A beautifully aged piece that is new but has all the character and style of a one of a kind treasure!

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