Fairy Wings......

It's Spring Break week here and one of the things that were on our "list" was doing ART projects! We had three girls, imagination, entertainment and FUN with these Fairy wings.

Materials -
Wire hangers - 4 for 1 pair of wings
Nylons - $1 store
flowers to embellish - $1 store

I created the base shape and let the girls run wild with the rest!  They even came up with the idea to create "fairy wands" themselves with their leftover flowers, some ribbon, an unsharpened pencil and hot glue! 

After a morning of creativity these little fairies took flight!

Visit thecsiproject.com

this project made the TOP 10 in the Dollar Store Craft Challenge!

Visit thecsiproject.com

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.49 cents.......

This is what .49 cents at a second hand store bought me and it was JUST what I was looking for! No, I'm not going to be cutting this pattern out and sewing it up (*snicker*)...........no I haven't gone crazy............and no you should second guess my sense of style. But I will make you wait to see what I do with this pattern! It turned out FABULOUS! like I said, just what I was looking for......stay tuned.......

oh and it's my birthday today! so I'll have some fun photos to post later as well! :)

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Looking for a few show offs!

One of the things I really love is photos from YOU of what you've created from my patterns, ebooks, ePatterns, tutorials, DIY kits, etc. The Brassy Apple Flickr Group is a great place to share and browse these photos. We've been sending out lots of patterns and DIY kits and we'd LOVE to see how you have crafted it up for YOU! 

Hop over to the Flickr Group and upload yours! We'd love to share a few of your photos here on our blog.....and hey, maybe give away a few prizes just for sharing! :) (hint, hint......)

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My Photo Friday.....commitment

Thanks for the wonderful comments on the first "my photo friday". I think Lisa summed it up best what I was trying to say before with her comment. She said, "......I love photography, it is my escape from my normal creative "work". " YES! that's it! I love photography because it's my escape. 

This week I am sharing of photo of me and my hubby. We celebrated our 12 year anniversary this week. (aw love.....sigh......) I wanted to capture the two of us on that day so years from now we could look back and see how "young" we looked at this time in our lives.....I am glad he agreed to step in front of the camera and let the tripod capture what it did...........

(if you have a photo friday post you'd like to share, post the link in the comments section)

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Ruffle yourself with fabric flowers.......

Ruffles have been hot since last year and we helped you ruffle yourself this fall and winter with our Brassy Bunchy Scarves (and our pattern HERE!). Well....... now we are helping you wear them in a more subtle, but still hot and trendy way with our fabric flowers!

After a few requests for you to buy them from us, we decided to offer them for a limited time (snag yours for Easter!). We have a couple of different styles and colors. We love wearing them and of course we can't create anything without it being versatile!!!  You can wear these in your hair, clustered together, on a headband, clip on your jacket or purse and even on a choker!

The style of the flowers lay more flat, which I LOVE. Different than other traditional "hair flowers" that tend to extend high or far away when worn on the head, etc.

Want even more versatility for your buck? YOU can wear these and so can YOUR daughters! (or even grand daughters, nieces, etc) Perfect for all ages. So share and mix and mingle and colors and style. Check the brooch/clip version to get 1 large flowers with a hair clip and pin back in one!  See! can we do versatility or what!?!

and while we are on the subject of ruffles.......pick up an apron with some or without while they are one SALE!

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Kick start your SPRING break!

Spring break is quickly approaching in our area and we are excited! We aren't going anywhere, just kickin' it around town this time. BUT we are going to have lots of fun - planned and spontaneous - and here is how we are starting - simply spell it out! Spell out the FUN that you want to have! 

I got the idea from this post on HowDoesShe. I put each letter on it's own line and printed it. Then I got the kids together for a brainstorming session naming different activities we could do that began with those letters. Simple activities like "Playdough" to some that require a bit more planning like a day trip to the mountains to go "Swimming" in the hot pools. Now we won't do all these activities BUT we have a great resource of ideas to go to if we need an idea or a boredom buster! My kids are even MORE excited for Spring Break to arrive now and me too! and of course, I'll have oodles of pictures to share of all our fun "spelled out" activities after Spring Break is over! 

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Winner winner!

Thanks for all the entries for our Queen of Hearts jeans giveaway! We used the random number generator to pick the winner! and the winner is....................

GABRIELLE! Her comment entry said, "They would fit my daughter, so I showed her the pic and said, should I enter? Her reply..."YES...I LOVE THEM! I WANT TO WIN!" So, here's my entry and here's hoping!"

Congrats! We will be emailing you and will need your reply within 48 hours please! :)

on a different note.......we have had a few emails requesting/asking if we have or will be offering any fabric flowers for sale. Luckily, we WILL! For a limited time starting in April we will be offering these in all sorts of fun colors! Look for those soon! 

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My Photo Friday.....the dock

I love my camera. I love that it's another form of art that's completely different from sketching, sewing, etc and the other things that take up my "work" day. I love that it's another way to express my creativity. To show others how I see the world, or how I try to capture what I see........I love that's it fun...... that I look forward to taking my camera out for stroll and feeling completely rejuvenated, energized and excited when I done.

I feel like I could have a completely separate blog just for my random photos.....heck I could have one just for my tutorials and craft stuff too! BUT really, one only has so much time for blog hopping in a day right? and  I only have so much time to devote to blogging. SO, to get to my point ( I do have one), I think I going to post a picture once a week and call it - My Photo Friday. Just something I want to share that I have captured  peering through my lens that week........so throw that in the mix of the hodge podge craftiness and creativity that gets posted here........I hope you will enjoy them......xo Meg

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It's My Party with Blossom Street Boutique

If you have never checked out the Custom children's boutique clothing and accessories on Ebay than you are missing out!

I once sold my custom creations on ebay waaaay back in the day and met some AMAZING talented designers there. Allison of Blossom Street Boutique tipped me off to their "It's my PARTY" launch their group is having this week.

check out a few of the fun items that are being offered! Can you say CUTE!?
Good luck with your auctions ladies! You are definitely a talented group!

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"Queenly" giveaway.......

edited: *GIVEAWAY has now CLOSED* thank you! 

Has Spring arrived where you live? It has here and we couldn't be happier! With spring though comes spring cleaning right?? The first item we are cleaning out is this modeled pair of "Queen of Hearts" shaggy mosaic jeans. They were created just for the photo session and only worn one. 

We would love to give these away to a fellow little "queen" that would fit into them! 

SO - if you have a little girl that fits these requirements (size 8 circo jeans) leave us a comment with a valid email address. We will pick a winner on Monday, March 22nd.

If you'd like additional entries:
follow our blog (leave a separate comment)
follow us on twitter or twitter about the giveaway (leave a separate comment)
join our mailing list (guess what? leave a separate comment!)

That's it! good luck! 

You can create your own pair of have a pair custom made too! 

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Spring/Easter nesting....quick DIY tutorial

I love sweeping away the dull drums of winter and welcoming in SPRING! I also love to bring natural elements into my decor (aka - use what's in your backyard), here's a quick DIY project for your Spring parties, get togethers, dinners, Easter, etc..........create your own nest.

Step1 - Bag of Spanish Moss from the $1 store (yup it's cheap! I liked the look/color of the spanish moss)

Step 2 - Separate a good handful. The larger the handful, the bigger the nest. 

Step 3 - Create a hole in the middle

Step 4 - Using both hands, twist one sides of the nest up while you twist/turn the other side down
Continue twisting all around the sides This will help the moss to keep the nest shape and help it from shedding moss pieces. 

Step 5 - Decorate! Use them for Easter Dinner filled with Candy eggs....

or to hold the name cards.......

or even as a napkin ring! 

These are darling set on a mantle as well with your spring decor, put into a large vase or even on a door wreath! Get creative and have fun! Be sure to share how/where you set your little nests in the Brassy apple Flickr group!


I Made It Blog Party

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Patterns are here!

just a quick hello to spread the word that our Maddie Bee Patterns are now in STOCK and shipping out fast! PLUS our Shaggy Mosaic Pattern Booklet arrived today as well!

You can already buy the Maddie Bee at Venezie designs on etsy!

Want to carry our patterns wholesale? we can do that.......

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She needs a scepter!......DIY idea

Ok, ok.....I know. More queen of hearts photos! LOL.....But seriously we have been having A LOT of fun around here playing up the theme and planning activities with the kids. You should too! We posted some random photos last month, remember? Well we didn't want to leave you hanging.....

We took a package of $1 store heart picks.....

a $1 store mop (pulled off the handle)......

a package of red playing cards from the $1 store......

Mixed those supplies together with some black spray paint for the handle, arranged the heart picks in the top opening of the handle, a hot glue gun to hold the hearts, tulle and ribbons in place and we created a royal scepter!! 

Think of all the fun your little darling could have playing dress up, hosting a tea party or attending an Alice in Wonderland themed party this year!

So where did we use the playing cards you ask??.... Well they were just a prop for photos! but a fun prop none the less!

model is wearing the Maddie Bee Top and Shaggy Mosaic Jeans

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New DIY kits and custom jeans......Queen of Hearts......

*edited - the MADDIE BEE PATTERN is now in stock!*
New item in the Brassy Apple Shop this month are these darling Queen of Hearts DIY girls Shaggy Mosaic Jeans kits! A whimsical combination of reds, pinks, fun playing cards and bold large Alice in Wonderland images. These are show stoppers for every fairy tale fan! 

Create a pair of jeans for now or capri's for spring and summer! and snatch up the new Shaggy Mosaic Jeans Pattern booklet in printed or downloadable format

Don't want to create them yourself? Snag a pair of custom jeans HERE for your little Queen of Hearts...

Custom or DIY, let her rule the kingdom with a pair of Queen of Hearts jeans....

paired with the apron top: Maddie Bee Pattern

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The secrets are OUT.....Shaggy Mosaic Jeans Pattern Booklet

Dress them up or dress them down, Shaggy mosaic jeans attract attention no matter how you wear them! This pattern booklet gives you 9 pages of step by step instructions, 42 full color photos, all the extra tips and design ideas we could think of plus all the secrets to creating this signature look!

Perfect for women, girls and boys of all ages, sizes and great for all seasons too! Transform new or well worn jeans and fabric scraps into eye catching fashion! 

*Interested in carrying Brassy Apple patterns wholesale? We would love to have you as a client. Simply visit our wholesale area*

and if you are thinking themes......create a pair of Queen of Hearts shaggy mosaic jeans! 

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