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The lovely people at Where Women Create ask if they could spotlight me. I was, of course, delighted to even be considered! Hop over there to take a peek and also see the loot I am offering 2 lucky readers who leave a comment on their site!

Enjoy your weekend.....

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My Photo Friday.....gone with the wind

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A week ago I had my hair colored. I had been wanting to try the "blond on top with the dark underneath" look forever so I went for it! We had such a busy weekend away at a family reunion that I didn't really get any photos of it. 

I did snap this one as we were stopped on the side of the road while one of the kids was trying to get rid of some car sickness. The wind was blowing like crazy! I snapped this photo off the reflection of the back window of the car. I liked the blond but I just didn't love it. And I think it looks fabulous in this "wind blown" look! So Monday morning I was back to a brunette! The blond came and went as fast as that wind was blowing! LOL

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GIVEAWAY......Hope Abound

Another treat this week for all our blog readers! It's GIVEAWAY time from another great sponsor - Hope Abound Boutique!!

"Hi there! My name is Kristen and I am the creator and owner of Hope Abound Boutique. The whole idea for my boutique came about when I found out I was expecting twins...twin girls at that. How could I not make my little girls their own hair bows. A better question is, How could I not share my bows with all the other little ladies out there. . So...it began.

Hope Abound Boutique is small boutique that is always changing. Some of the items that you'll find are unique and classic boutique bows, posy pop pins, slide clips, custom birp cloths and crayon rolls. I have also started taking requests for custom team bows (ie: Florida Gators) All bows and posy pop pins can be set on your choice of hardware: alligator clip, french snap barrette, or pin.

I hope that you pop in and take a look around Hope Abound Boutique. If you see a bow or pin that you like, GREAT!!! If you don't, let me know and I'll create if for you at no extra charge.

I want to thank Brassy Apple for showcasing my shop today. It's a priveledge for sure!!!"

Hope Abound Boutique is offering a set of posy pops to one lucky reader! (pictured below)

post your comment for a chance to win!
**make sure your email address is connected with your account. If not, please post it!**

1. hop over to Hope Abound Boutique and tell us 1 of your favorite items (required)
2. Follow Hope Abound on Twitter - @hopeabound
3. TWEET about the giveaway!
Posy pops giveaway from @hopeabound on the @brassyapple blog http://tinyurl.com/2d3o7zf
4. Post about it on your blog or facebook page

winner will be announced Tuesday!
thanks to Hope Abound for  sponsoring Brassy Apple and the great giveaway!

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Blog swapping with Meet VIRGINIA!

I'm lucky enough to be blog swappin' today over on Meet Virginia as part of her Summer Tour!

Pop over there and see what Tutorial I am sharing!!! But for now - take it away Morgan!
Hey Brassy Friends!

I'm Morgan!!!

A Little About Me:

~I LOVE to be creative in any shape or form! I started Meet Virginia as an outlet for being creative and to share ideas with everyone in the blogosphere!

{Plate Mural}

~I love fashion! I graduated from a Fashion Merchandising program in the fall and loved every minute of it!!

{Funky-O Scarf Tutorial HERE}

I also do a weekly posting called: Weekend Wear. It's fun, and full of great tips on current trends, and how to dress for your body type!

{Check out the latest Weekend Wear HERE}

~I am a TV fanatic! Some of my favorite shows are: Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Design Star, The Hills (it's the hubs and I's guilty pleasure!), and so on and so on! I also LOVE to crochet while I watch TV it's so relaxing to me!

{Crocheted Bib Necklace}
~I Love thrift shopping! Taking old things and revamping them is my favorite, and also saves money another one of my favorite things!!

{New Plaques with Personality!}

~I Love blogging and getting to meet new friends like Meg!! Isn't she the best!

Today am showing you how to make:
Button Tufted Canvas

Here she is:


{Fun huh!}

Want to make one of your own?

Here's what you need:

{I found mine at a thrift store for $1.50!! It measures 16x20.}
~Staple Gun or Nails
~Needle and Thread
~Batting For Fluff

This is how it's done:

1. Measure your canvas to determine how much fabric and batting you will need to cover your canvas.

2. Cut your fabric to the pre-determined measurements, making sure you have enough to completely wrap the canvas and staple it to the opposite side of the canvas.

3. Then you will upholster the canvas. Just pretend like you are wrapping a present, remember to pull tight so the fabric won't pucker. Staple on the opposite side to secure.

4. After getting the whole canvas upholstered you want to measure out where you want to place your buttons, making sure they are of equal distance. Take into consideration how many buttons you have as well and what will look pleasing to you.

5. Once you have you measurements to your liking now you want to secure them through the fabric, batting, and the canvas. Do this by simply sewing them on with a needle and thread. Knot them once you have sewn the buttons on, I also put a dab of hot glue on to secure even more. Remember to pull tight so the button sinks in creating that tufted look.

6. You're all done! ENJOY!!

So what do you guys think??? Super easy and looks great! Wouldn't this look totally awesome if you did several of them to create a headboard? It seems a lot easier than using wood and having to drill through that to secure the buttons...well to me anyways I have never upholstered something that way ;).
Thank you Meg for letting me swap with you today girl! I had such a blast posting for you guys and can't wait to get to know you better! If you have any questions about anything or just for fun please let me know I am more than happy to help! Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks again! Love, love.

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DIY chair makeover - look at the "bones"

One of the great secrets to being successful at finding and making over a yard sale or thift store find is being able to see past the outdated color, funky painting, etc and seeing the "bones" of the piece. 

Does it have a great shape but just needs an updated paint color? Is it in good condition and just needs a fresh modern fabric pattern on it? Look at the "bones" and maybe you will start to find more diamonds in the rough out there! 

Here is a chair I spotted at a second hand store.

My daughter was like, "UGH mom!" but after a quick investigation the chair was in perfect condition - just outdated. Great shape, good condition, CHEAP price - bad color, bad fabric, some chipping.

After the chair was washed and stripped of it's BRIGHT orange fabric, I starting painting. I used a damp rag and some black paint to mix the wood grain and stain with a black "wash".
(and yes I know I should have worn gloves! I was cleaning black paint out of my nails for days! LOL)

another photo to show the contrast between the chair before and the black paint wash technique I was applying. Once the paint was dry I applied a good, thick clear coat on it to give it a HIGH gloss shine!

A little zebra type fabric, time with my sewing machine and the chair was done!

not bad  for $8.00!
I'll be linking up here......

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winner....giveaway from *Shey*[B]

I hope everyone loved browsing around and shopping in the *Shey*[B] store. She does a beautiful job of creating stylish accessories for your camera and more! 

The lucky winner of the Pleated Sage Camera Strap Slipcover is......

Audrey's Attic !!! congrats!!! 


another giveaway coming this week and check out our latest "look at the BONES" tutorial!

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My Photo Friday...stacks

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Let's just say the studio is getting a bit "hairy". I am prepping for a TV segment coming up, trying to wrap up the next pattern booklet and design some new ready made scarves for the shop! (plus all the other 100's of things we do as wives and mothers right?) I just might get buried under all the fabric and project stacks that are piled around in here! LOL! enjoy your weekend....

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Brassy Neck Scarves Pattern

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You said what you wanted and I listened! 

Brassy Neck Scarves Pattern Booklet - 10 scarf designs to layer on the lovely! 

This Pattern Booklet will show you how to create 10 different scarves using knit and polar fleece fabrics. From casual to dressy, to warm and light and airy, these designs will take you through the year in style! Layer on the lovely and quickly add color, pattern and texture to your everyday wear. 

A 20 page full color booklet with over 80 photos and illustrations to guide you step by step. Plus, extra design ideas and tips to inspire you even further!

*Interested in carrying Brassy Apple patterns wholesale? We would love to have you as a client. Simply visit our wholesale area*

want it now??? it's also available in an ePattern!

We will be offering a few ready made scarves later this season for those who don't want to create any themselves! But - they will be on a very limited basis! :) 

There will be a follow up pattern booklet with 10 NEW designs using cotton fabric! look for that one soon!!!

And because so many of you were kind enough to share your opinion with me I am going to give away 5 ePattern booklets! (that way you can get started right away!)
The winners ARE: (chosen at random)


congrats! and thank you! 
Now - go create yourself some lovely scarves! 

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This girl is on FIRE with her business and her designs! I am very excited to feature this wonderful sponsor today and host a GIVEWAY! 

It's my pleasure to introduce *Shey*[B]...

In 2008, *Shey*[B] was born on a whim after struggling with her uncomfortable camera strap during long photo shoots. She needed a solution - and, that solution would lead to what *Shey*[B] is today.

 Her business has grown leaps and bounds since then - and she's excited to continue to add fresh, new designs and products to her ever growing line. She's Shey. The camera-strap-girl...transforming DSLR camera straps from blah to beautiful - each camera-strap-slipcover is handmade to-order - providing you comfort and style.  

" *Shey*[B] has also begun expanding!  We are now offering iSleeves for the iPad, iPockets and Cell Phone Clutches for your cell phones, laptop bags, iPad messenger bags (coming soon) + more!"   


*Shey*[B] is offering one lucky person a The Pleated Sage Slipcover - (*swoon*) pictured below

how to enter? (you know the drill! leave a separate comment for each)

1. required - Pop into the *Shey*[B] Shop and tell us a favorite item

2. Follow their Blog (she's got a really fun photo contest going on too!)

3. Follow @SheyB on twitter

4. Tweet about this giveaway! @sheyb giveaway on the @brassyapple blog http://tinyurl.com/23l5dmg 

5. Post about the giveaway on Facebook or your blog!
5 ways to enter! Good luck!
and if you can't wait, use the code BRASSYAPPLE for 10% off your purchase!

winner will be announced on Monday July 26th!

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