Burner covers part 2 - Decoupage it!

Ready for more? Part 1 was revealed last week! I have loved reading your comments and emails! don't forget to share your finished projects!

This week:

Decoupage it!

Burner Covers - I buy the 2pk from the $1.00 store! (yup only .50 each for this project!!!)
Fabric or Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge

Paint the edges of the Burner Cover first if desired using spray paint. 

Turn the burner cover over and trace around the circle on the wrong side of the fabric or scrapbook paper. 

Cut out and apply Mod Podge onto the top. Let dry. 

Create magnets by using my tutorial HERE

Hang or place on a plate stand! Useful for many rooms of the house. Can be used as a magnet board to hold recipes, notes, photos, etc.

Share what you create in our Flickr group!

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I will also be blog hopping around these CRAFTY parties! 

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My Photo Friday....."Fall"ing

(For those that are new to my blog, each Friday I share a photo I have taken. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when so inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. enjoy!)

FALL is officially here! (squeal) I love this time of year. It's my absolute favorite. My husband and I took a drive up the canyon this past weekend and I was able to snap a quick photo of this gorgeous mountain side beginning to turn and show it's Autumn wardrobe....  :) 

Take time to "fall" in love again this season......This guy makes me laugh and I love him for that......have a great weekend......Meg

(candid shot)

Don't miss part 2 of what I have crafted up using Burner covers!!! (part 1 has already been revealed)

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Flickr me Happy - featuring YOU!

I love being able to share my ideas but what I LOVE more is seeing YOU create the same projects with your own taste or twist put on it and sharing the photos with me! 

Here are some photos YOU have shared in the Brassy Apple Flickr group!

she also shared it on her blog! 

A darling nursery decorating using my Fabric Wall art Tutorial:

She shared more photos on her blog too!

and she tried her hand at refashioning with my Ruffle ME UP! tutorial:

now it's your turn to upload and share YOUR photos of  how your tried patterns, ebooks, tutorials, projects, etc. I can't wait to see!!! :)

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Burner covers part 1 - paint it!

Who's ready to get crafty! I hope you will be inspired to create some of these same projects or spin offs! I LOVE to see what you have created from the ideas shared here in the Brassy Apple Flickr group!

I have several tutorials to share with ideas all centered around using Burner covers! YUP - burner covers!  In this day and age of flat top ranges and gas stoves these babies can be used in new ways! 

Paint it! 

Burner Covers - I buy the 2pk fro the $1.00 store! (yup only .50 each for this project!!!)
Spray Paint
Marker or paint pen

Cover the desired number of Burner covers with spray paint and let dry. 

Add the details as necessary with a marker or paint pen or paint brush.

Hang on your wall for a fun FUNCTIONAL art piece! Left just as it they add color and interest but they can also serve as a magnet board to display pictures, school work, photos, etc.....

Jazz up your magnets by following our tutorial HERE

EXTRA IDEAS!!! - Think of how FUN these would be too add a 3D polka dot to a child's wall or how about using it as the center of a flower on the playroom wall ( you could even use the fabric wall art technique to create the petals and stem!) 
I didn't have time to try all ideas - that where you come in! Create some, snap a pic and share it! 

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My Photo Friday.....adding in orange

I love making small changes in the main living areas of our house to reflect the seasons. Even though the weather here has been in the upper 80's all week I have started decorating for fall! Adding in the oranges, browns, mustard yellows and TEXTURE! lots of fun new textures and shapes to splash around. Have you started to decorate for fall yet? It's my favorite season......

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Hmmmm...have I got you thinking?

Just a little preview to what will be coming up! Maybe you can even start brainstorming your OWN ideas too! Can't wait to share all the tutorials! get ready to get crafty! :)

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Brassy Ruffle Top tutorial

If you are itching to get sewing again and looking for another refashion project......well I have got something for you! I recently shared this tutorial on the Tatertots and Jello Blog. If you missed it the first time around, here's your chance. 

Brassy Ruffle Top

2 matching T-shirts (1 needs to be your size)
measuring tape
sewing machine
optional: rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Step 1: Rounded Neck line - cut out the neck hole
V-neck - Leave the neck alone

Step 2: Leave the sleeves on or cut them at an angle for cap sleeves (1st photo) or cut them all the way off (2nd photo) for a sleeveless look following the diagrams below

Step 3: Using your scissors, cut up the middle of the top layer of the t-shirt.

Step 4: Fold back and under the neckline so the point is in the middle of your chest or lower if you want a deeper V. Taper from the middle point up each side through the neckline.

Pin into place. Repeat on the opposite side. Sew  and trim the excess fabric from the underside. Set aside.

Step 5: Creating the ruffles - Take the 2nd t-shirt and square off the bottom hemline if necessary. Cut three 5" wide strips (1st photo). Cut each piece at the side seams creating 2 separate pieces (2nd photo). 

Cut a 1/2" wide strip. Cut at the side seams creating 2 pieces the same length. Gently pull on each end to make the knit roll into a "tube". These will the front ties.

Step 6: Using a basting stitch - sew along the top edge of each strip. Do not backstitch at either end. 

Step 7: Gently pulling the thread from the underside of the strip, gather or ruffle each strip. 

Step 8: Lay out your t-shirt flat working on one side of the front. Starting at the bottom, place a ruffled strip matching it up with the bottom hemline. Adjust the ruffle to fit between the side seam and the inside cut edge. Pin in place

Step 9: Place 2nd ruffled strip above the 1st and overlap bottom of the ruffle 1/4 - 1/2" to the top of the 1st ruffle. Pin and repeat with the 3rd strip. Follow the same steps to place the ruffled strips on the opposide side. 

Step 10: Place 1 end of the 1 of the ties at the inside edge of the top 3rd ruffled strip. Pin.

Step 11: Stitch each ruffled layer into place by using a straight or zig zag stitch and sewing over the gathering thread line. 

Step 12: Repeat on the other side. And you are done!!! Dress it up or down - just have fun wearing it! 

*If you give this refashion a try strut your stuff and share a photo in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group! *
I will be sharing this project in several linky parties! check them out! :) 

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My Photo Friday.....Labor Day

It's well known that Labor day signifies the unofficial end of Summer..... *sigh*.......We took full advantage and played the entire weekend soaking up the perfect weather and sunshine. 

Goodbye swimming.......

Goodbye laying in the sun.....

Goodbye swinging and all the summer fun....

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Groopdealz WINNER!

Thanks to GroopDealz for the fantastic $25 Target gift card GIVEAWAY!

The winner is ....................GINA!


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Paper Plate Masks - DIY kids craft

Paper plate masks!
(I recently shared this tutorial on the 30 days blog. Here it is on my blog in case you didn't catch it)

Let the imagination run wild!!! With a few supplies and A LOT of fun, your entire family or all the neighborhood kids can put on a circus show, blast off into space, act as their favorite character or just play!!

Paper plates
Elastic thread
Optional: construction paper, feathers, yarn, beads, stickers, felt, etc

Step 1: If your kids are too little to use the scissors, help them out some eyes holes and a mouth. I also like to cut a place for the nose. (Follow the diagram below)

Step 2: Color, draw, cut and glue! Add a hat, hair, beard, fur, antenna, spots, etc. Whatever you or your childs character is going to be! It’s easiest to create your mask on the bottom side of the paper plate. This way the edges will “round” against your face when it’s done.

Step 3: When the mask is done punch or cut 2 small holes on each side. Thread your elastic thread in 1 hole, tie and measure the length and tension needed around the head to the other hole. Tie.

Step 4: Slip it on and PLAY!!!

Have fun crafting up some fun characters! share your silly photos in the Brassy Apple Flickr group. I'd love to see them!

I will be linking up with several linky parties over the next week! Check them out here!

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