Embellished Arm Warmers.....DIY tutorial

I have shared this project before but now I am taking it to the next level with.....Embellishments!

The basic shape and construction are SUPER easy to do and anybody can do it! See my tutorial with all the how to's here. Remember you can do them full length, 3/4 or even some funky wrist cuffs! 

I was able to share this idea on Studio 5 last week! Take a peek for lots of ideas!!! 

Here is a typed out list of ideas to use for embellishments:

scrapbooking brads
ribbons - all different widths
rep gathered ruffles
ric rac
pre-made appliques
faux fur
jingle bells
snaps (if you want to change out your embellishments)
etc., etc., etc.
You can add embellishments to any part of the arm warmers you'd like to - the top, the bottom, along the top or all over!!! Just have fun with it! This is a great project to do with your girls or a group of girls too! 

Here are photos of some I created to give you a jump start with your own ideas! As always - please upload and share your photos into the Brassy Apple Flickr Group! I'd love to see how your crafted them up and how you wear them!

Don't forget you can throw them on as baby leg warmers too!

Let your girls be the "trend setters" in their class! Gather a group together and craft some up, great as stocking stuffers, or a stylish party favor! Just have fun!

Take a look at these darling cuties....

I will be linking up with these CRAFTY parties this WEEK! :)

They are talking about me at CraftGossip.com


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My Photo Friday.....Trick and Treats

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

I am sure your weekend will be full of Tricks and Treats! Here is how my fearless duo will be haunting it up this year  - How to Train your Dragon style! 

and if you want a little "treat" tune into Studio 5 this morning and catch the latest project I am sharing!  

Don't forget to check out the giveaway from The Vintage Pearl
the AD special I am running! 

Have a great weekend! I will be posting new tutorials next week! 

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Handmade Holiday advertising....

Hello Hand-"made"ns! With the Holiday season approaching and the craft-iness welling up inside you to create or buy unique handmade items for gifts I WOULD love to promote your handmade business for the next two months! :) 

If you would like to promote your business on our left sidebar during the months of November and December I am offering a rate of only $10.00 a month through the end of the year IF you purchase before November 1st! 

Grab your AD space today and EMAIL me for details - hurry, hurry! Please put ADVERTISING in the subject line. 

- enter this weeks giveaway from The Vintage Pearl -
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The Vintage Pearl.....GIVEAWAY!

**GIVEAWAY is now closed**

I am very excited to be able to host this giveaway for YOU! 
--- The Vintage Pearl is giving away a $75.00 gift certificate to their shop! ---

I have "known" Erin of The Vintage Pearl and her work for many years. She started out stamping on her kitchen counter and now she has her own website and a newly opened retail brick and mortar shop! Plus she is an extraordinary mom to boot!

I would describe her pieces as timeless, evoke emotion and prick the tender part of my heart. You really can't go wrong with any piece!

Erin sent me the Vintage Lovebirds necklace and I gasped when I saw the tiny "m+s" stamped in a small heart. Perfect right? Such a fun way to wear your "love"! Instead of sharing some pictures of it hanging around my neck I captured this piece in another fun way.....

So if you are swooning over The Vintage Pearl too, here's how to enter the giveaway!

**WIN a $75.00 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl**

Leave a separate entry for each comment (make sure your email address is attached to your blog ID)

1. Tell me what you love about The Vintage Pearl - a specific piece, their style, etc

2. Blog, tweet or post on facebook about this giveaway (@brassyapple & @thevintagepearl)

3. Follow them on twitter - @thevintagepearl

4. Follow their blog

Winner will be announced on November 2nd

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My Photo Friday.....1, 2, 3 JUMP!

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

I had a really fun shoot with this giggly and DARLING group of girls this week! I just had to share one of the "outtakes." Fun right? I needed some shots for my next appearance on Studio 5. If you are local to the area and want to catch the segment it will be live on Friday, October 29th!
Watch for these little cuties!

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Burner covers part 4 - Road Trip it!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Road Trip is part 4!

The purpose of these projects was to take a very inexpensive material (.50 each - that's cheap!) and challenge myself to see how many ways I think up to use a burner cover creatively! I hope you being inspired to create these same projects or possibly your own! 

My next idea: Road Trip! 

Burner cover
chalkboard paint
spray paint
permanent marker

For this "Road Trip" edition I created a fun lap game for kids (or adults!) of any age - Chalkboard and Tic Tac Toe!

Step 1: Paint the underside of 1 burner cover with chalkboard paint. Let dry. 
Step 2: Turn over and paint the top side in any color desired. Let dry. Using a paint pen or permanent marker draw a Tic Tac Toe grid. 
Step 3: Draw X's and O's on the top of some magnets. 

and YOU are DONE! The lip of the underside will help the chalk piece from rolling away while in the car. Have fun, play and they easily stow it away in a seat pocket when not in use!

Crafty Party link up! Check them out! 

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Creative Estates....won't you be my neighbor?

I am giddy with excitement to share the news! If you haven't heard of Creative Estates yet let me introduce you! 

You can find out more details about tickets, the handmade market, who is speaking, what classes are offered, etc on their SITE! There are even some free tickets being given away around blog land!

Soooooo - will I see you there?

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Above all Fabric giveaway - WINNER!

Thanks to Above all Fabric for hosting a giveaway to their site. I know many of you were excited about the opportunity to win some free fabric! 

without further ado......the Winner of the $25.00 Gift Certificate to Above All Fabric is......

Debbie White! 

She tweeted, liked them on facebook and posted her favorite selection too! 

Congrats and Happy Shopping!!!! 

I have another giveaway to tempt you with next week! so exciting! Just WAIT until you see!!!

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My Photo Friday......Tatertots, crafty & girl talk OH MY!

(For those that are new to my blog, each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

OH lucky am I! I had a girls lunch out with some local "talent and friends" :) 
After tweeting about it late this summer we finally got schedules to meet up.

 from left to right - Joanna, Jen, Wendy, Kari, Tauni and ME

 We had a great time meeting each other and talking about topics from A to Z! 

Me and Kari - she is just darling! we drove together and hit it off right away! 

and who doesn't know Jen! Miss tatertots herself ;) She is really sweet and genuine

SO - we'd love to lunch again and meet up with other local blogger/crafters/tweeters :) I'm always up for some girl time!

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don't forget to enter the Above All Fabric giveaway!

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Burner Covers part 3......Autumn Wreath

Part 1, Part 2 and now Part 3!
If nothing else, these burner covers are a CHEAP craft supply when you need something round. (cheaper than buying wood right? at least I think......hmmmm)
 So that was the focus! and with the Fall season in full swing, I crafted up and quick, inexpensive project! 

~Autumn Wreath~

Supplies needed:
Artificial leaves in autumn colors (I bought 2 swag type and 1 packet of loose)
2 moss rolls
glue gun
burner cover (size?)
spray paint
fabric, paint or vinyl
(remember I said it was inexpensive. Most of these materials are easily found at the Dollar Store)

Step 1: Loosely wrap the wreath form with the moss roll. Use hot glue to hold it into place as needed.

Step 2: Add floral embellishment in between the moss to make the wreath more full

Step 3: Spray paint a burner cover in the color desired and add an Initial, a Holiday saying or silhouette, etc. using vinyl, scrapbook paper, paint or fabric.
(I cut a "P" out of burlap to add to mine)
HOW cute would it be to create a Jack o' lantern face with the burner cover to hang in the center?! :)

Step 4:  Cut enough ribbon for your burner cover to hang in the center of the wreath. Fold it in half an glue the center under the lip at the top. Tie the 2 loose ends around the wreath and you are DONE!

I will be visiting these linky parties this week!

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