Holiday Card Holder tutorial

Tis the season for sending Holiday Cards and photos! There are many ways to display them but if you are looking for an inexpensive DIY way to do it, try this idea! 

Yet another way to craft up Burner Covers! If you have followed the series or saw the TV segment I did, then you know what I am talking about! If not, Check the sidebar of tutorials to see! Upload a picture of how your card holder turned out  into the Brassy Apple flickr group

Holiday Card Holder
4 burner covers (2pk at the $1 store)
scrapbook paper (or fabric)
mod podge/spray adhesive
hot glue

Step 1: Turn each burner cover over and trace onto the wrong side of the paper/fabric. Cut. 

Step 2: Apply mod podge or spray adhesive to the top and place the cut circle on the top of each cover. Let dry. 

Step 3: Cut 4 pieces of ribbon all the same length (determine how far apart you want each burner to hang from the next)

Connect the burner covers together using the ribbon and hot glue. Add an extra piece or loop on the top burner cover for hanging if desired. 

Hang on a door to not only add some festive Holiday spirit and color to that space but also function! Use magnets to hold the cards and pictures in place. 

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Cyber Shopping!

Today is the famous Cyber Monday Shopping day! After the Brassy Apple Shop being closed for the long holiday weekend, I am happy to say it is open and some new items have been added! 

New scarves and DIY kits! or sew up some of your own fun by snatching a pattern or ePatterns for my scarves, aprons and shaggy mosaic technique! 

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My Photo Friday.....

*don't forget - the Brassy Apple Shop will open up again on Monday with new merchandise throughout the week. First come, first served!**

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

My Thanksgiving day consisted of this scenery......literally over the river and through the woods to grandma's house!

These hanging from the house.........

 and of course a little driving too as we traveled up and down the mountain.

I hope yours was great!!!

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Giving thanks......

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this Holiday finds you happy, well, warm and surrounded with all the things that make this day special and memorable for you! 

(photo from my porch)

I love this Holiday and time of year because we all take the time reflect on all the blessings we have been given and just how good our life really is. Make the most of your Time. Here is a poem I just recently was given that helps put time in perspective and might make you reflect on our own blessings... :) 

To realize
The value of a sister/brother
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to a premature  baby..

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed  the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.
Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:

(photo from my porch)

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A little Christmas "peeper" - tradition

Winter is HERE! Since our move to Utah in late spring, this will be our first winter in this state. From what I hear, we will be getting snow for a while now. Not like where we came from where the kids had a few days here or there to actually play in the snow or go sledding. WELL - the snow has begun this weekend and we are lovin' it! There is something so fun and magical about the first snow of the Holiday season.  Ask me how magical I think the snow is in January or February.....I am SURE I will have a different opinion then - HA!

With the Holidays upon us, my kids have started to talk about the traditions our family does and one of them is the yearly visit from Mr. Peeps! If you are a long time blog reader then you already know who he is! 

Mr. Peeps is a little elf that arrives after Thanksgiving Day and watches the kids to see if they are naughty or nice. He only moves when no one is watching. My kids love to wake up and see where Mr. Peeps has moved in the night. He comes with a poem that explains all about him. This is such a fun tradition for the family and a fun gift to give too! Just snag a cute elf and attach this fun poem! 

Christmas is approaching, and this is the day
Santa has sent Mr. Peeps to your house to stay.
He send this small elf to your house and mine.
Soon after Thanksgiving, He must be on time.
Mr. Peeps has a purpose. His purpose will be,
To whisper to Santa all the good that he sees.
Soon after he gets here, he moves only at night
To high places, low places, he stays in plain sight.
In the kitchen, for instance, he sits high on a shelf.
Mr. Peeps can sit anywhere, for he is an elf.
He holds very still when he thinks you are watching.
His magic is precious, it fades with on touching.
He sits on the tree on Christmas Eve day.
He knows that Santa is soon on his way.
He waits and he waits without making a noise.
He waits until Santa arrives with the toys.
So you better be nice and mind what you say
Because Mr. Peeps will tell Santa when he comes with his sleigh.
Once Christmas is here and Santa has come,
Mr. Peeps must leave, for his job is well done.
But, he will return next year on the very same day,
To watch your behavior as you work and play.

- Sharon Reynolds

I love getting new ideas for traditions so I wanted to share THIS one with you so you still had some time to start the tradition this year if you wanted!
Is Mr. Peeps already a family tradition at your house? 

Check out my latest tutorial - a girls shrug!

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Closing down for Thanksgiving.....

Today is the last day you can snag merchandise from the Brassy Apple Shop. I am closing up shop for a few days to travel and enjoy the Holiday Weekend.

There will be a few ePatterns available for purchase throughout the weekend but all the inventory PLUS new scarves and DIY kits will be available on Monday and throughout next week!

SO - last chance! Otherwise, the shop will be back open on Monday!

I will still be blogging and have some fun traditions to share this week!

take a peek at me newest tutorial!
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Refashion - girls shrug tutorial

I first shared this project on Ucreate BUT if you didn't catch it there, here's your second chance.
I totally LOVE how easy this is and how stinkin' cute it can be!

*and now that the weather has turned colder (at least here), this is easily created with a long sleeved tee instead of a short sleeved tee!

As always - I want to see how you got our craft on with my tutorial! Please upload and share your photos HERE

Girls rosette shrug

 Materials needed:
T-shirt (long or short sleeved)
Fabric Marker (optional)
Measuring Tape
Needle & thread

Step 1: Lay the tshirt flat. Cut up the center of the front only cutting through the top layer.

Step 2: Measure 3" in from the center line you just cut, 2" down from the bottom of the arm sleeve and 1" in from the center line at the bottom hem. Connect from the markings to create lines as shown below.

Repeat measurements and markings on the other side.
Step 4: Cut through both layers along the vertical diagonal line and across. Repeat on the other side. The tshirt should then look like this:

Step 5: Turn the tshirt over and cut a straight line across the back layer matching it up with the sides that are cut.

Step 6: Turn the tshirt back over to the front. Draw a diagonal line from the edge of the neckline to the center or middle about where the back hemline has been cut. See picture below.

Repeat the opposite side. Cut along the line and around the back of the neckline hem. The basic shape of the shrug has now been created!

Step 7: Embellish!!! Using the extra tshirt fabric that was cut away, embellish the shrug by creating rosettes, layered flowers, etc. Handstitch onto the shrug in any pattern/design/quantity you like!

Slip it on  your little cutie, tie it on the front and wear it out! (this design can easily be made in any size! Just increase the length of the measurement under the arm from step 2 as needed)

and if there are any scraps left over, why not create a matching hair accessory?

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My Photo Friday.....transforming

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

I thrifted this large beauty last weekend and am transforming it to use in my home for the Holidays! This brown and gold frame is going glossy RED! don't you just love the details - squeal!!!

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Lemon Squeezy Giveaway.....

The Holiday Season is here!!! yeah! that means shopping, baking and layering up in fun fall and winter fashions! Scarves are always in season and if haven't snatched up my 2 scarf pattern booklets yet here is chance to win the set for FREE!

Christie over at A Lemon Squeezy Home is running a giveaway for a free set of my scarf patterns!

Pop over there for a chance to win before the giveaway ends! (psst! the scarves make great gifts too!!!)

PLUS my limited inventory of ready made scarves this season is thinning out. I did just upload some cream bunchy scarves to the shop if you wanted one..... or snag the pattern or ePattern to sew up some yourselves!

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Mad Libs & Mad about Burner Covers!

Emily over at Is this is Really my Life? has a FUN post every Monday. It's called Mad Libs Monday and she asked me to be her Mad Libs guest today! ha ha ha. Pop over there and see how my Mad Libs turned out! Emily has her hand in many things including being a contributor on Today's Mama, Boutique Cafe and she is Sassy Scoops girl too! I even got to meet her 3 years ago at a conference. And can I just say, I love her hair!!

Studio 5 was kind enough to ask me back for another TV segment and share some of my Burner Cover ideas. At the end of the segment Brooke, the host said, "We are mad about Burner Covers now!" I thought it fit in with this "MAD" monday theme. Here is the TV segment if you didn't catch it and wanted to see!

The free owl pattern and full tutorial that was featured in the TV segment is HERE

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What a HOOT!......DIY owl decor tutorial

Just a quick shout out to any new blog readers who are stoping by from my appearance on Studio 5. Hello!!! :) 

Continuing on with my "What can you do with burner covers?", I am totally twitterpated with this owl! and if you saw the TV segment this morning you saw this little cutie and know I have a pattern to share!

Let's get started:
OWL magnet/chalkboard decor

10 inch burner cover
chalkboard paint
My owl pattern template (download it here)
scrapbook paper
glue (hot glue, craft glue, pick your favorite)
rhinestones or buttons

(**REMEMBER - if you craft one up please share your photo in the Brassy Apple Flickr GROUP!**)

Step 1: Spray the burner cover with chalkboard paint. Let dry. 

Step 2: Print out the owl template and trace the pieces onto the scrapbook paper. Cut out 1 head, 1 beak, 2 eyes and 2 wings. **When cutting the wings, flip the template over to trace the 2nd wing**

Step 3: Eyes - Fold the circle into quarters. Cut a small wedge off each side edge and 2 wedges across the rounded top. Unfold. Add a 2nd smaller circle to the middle if desired. Add buttons or rhinestones to the center for an added pop! 

Step 4: Use your dry cover as a guide and position it over the owl head. Lightly trace outline for re-positioning later. Make a few slits in the paper from the bottom edge to the traced line. 

Step 5: Put glue underneath the upper lip where the owl head will go. Line up the cover and the head with the traced line and press the paper into the glue folding and creasing the paper as needed. 

Step 6: Glue on the eyes. Glue the wings on the sides positioning them to hang off as desired. Glue the beak onto the top of cover in between the eyes. (this creates a fun 3D look)

Hang on the wall for all to see! Create chalk pictures, add messages for whatever you like. And remember because it's metal it doubles as a magnet board too! 

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