My Photo Friday.....Color your Winter

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

If you hadn't noticed my header take a look! :)  
I thought for this weeks "photo friday" it would be fun to share a few of the outtakes. 
From looking bored......

To a knee slapping good time!
And every model must be aware of her accessories if she wants to attempt a "throwing snow" shot and not catch her scarf on the way up! Whoops!

You can catch my top 10 favorite projects from 2010 and also my latest tutorial!

Happy NEW Year!!!

looking ahead: I will be sharing pictures of how I have re-decorated my mantel after the Holidays and a tutorial on how I refashioned.......well you will just have to stop by and see!

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Looking back....favorite projects from 2010

There were so many to choose from by I narrowed it down to my top 10 favorites tutorials that I created and shared with you this past year! It's been a great 2010. Wishing you and your families a wonderful New Year! 
(now go get crafting!! - tee hee hee)

Refashioned Corporate ZIP top

Creating a Headboard

I am looking forward to crafting and sewing with YOU in 2011! More tutorials and patterns to share and inspire! Happy New YEAR!!! ~ Megan

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Burner Covers - Photo display

(background info: I love crafting and repurposing. I gave myself a challenge this fall to create a series of useful items very inexpensively with a material that could be easily found. I came across a 2pk of Burner Covers at the $1 store and said "That's it!" And since then I have ran with it having more ideas than time to create. You can see several of my ideas HERE in a TV segment I did or check the right sidebar for the links.)

I thought I would sneak in 1 last burner cover tutorial before the New Year rang in! By now you pretty much now the basics and probably have ideas of your own! Here is a fun way to display photos in a ROUND way instead of the typical square or rectangular frames available at the store. 


1 burner cover (8" or 10")
spray paint or chalkboard paint
scrapbook paper
mod podge
clothespins (can be purchased at the $1 store as well)
Hot glue gun

(if you give this a try you KNOW I would LOVE to see how you craft it up! Share your photo HERE)

Step 1: Choose to cover the burner cover with paint or paper. 
Paint - Spray and cover the entire top of the burner cover with any color spray paint desired or even chalkboard paint. Let dry between coats and repeat as necessary.
Paper: Turn the burner cover over, trace and cut the circle out. Apply mod podge to the paper and adhere to the right side of the burner cover. Let dry. 

Step 2: Clothespins: These can be spray painted but I usually cut strips of coordinating patterned scrapbook paper and apply to the tops of the clothespins with mod podge. 

Step 3: Position the clothespins around the burner cover using a hot glue gun. These photo holders can be created in ANY theme. Create one for the nursery, create one to hold notes or family photos for any room of the house! 

This one I created using chalkboard paint so I could write in the middle of it and/OR create a magnet to put in the middle for different themes or seasons of the year. 

Don't be afraid to layer! I layered 2 different papers into the middle to reinforce the saying and add a touch of whimsy for the nursery.

Have fun and don't forget to share your photos with me! 
< -------------I will be linking up with the crafty parties listed on the left sidebar

A Crafty Soiree
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I must admit.....

Confession #1- Our Christmas Decorations are already down and put away :) I like to ring in the new year having it all put away and my home feeling "put back together" and redecorated for the remainder of the winter season. I had enough energy to put it all away but am still trying to muster up enough to redecorate - ha ha ha. My mantel currently looks like this:
Awwwww - a clean slate. Don't you love that? Have you taken yours down as well?

Confession #2 - I am really enjoying the Christmas break with my family. It's great to be able to sleep in, hang out in our p.j's and for me - not be so worried about all the packages I need to send out, emails to answer, etc. So please excuse me while I take at least 1 step back this week ;) I will still be around (especially on twitter) but for now I'm enjoying lots of these moments:

That's what an eskimo kiss looks like when you try to capture one while holding your camera at arms length - LOL!

Confession #3 - As the New Year gets closer, the more I start to think about the changes I'd like to make and which directions I will be going with the Brassy Apple Shop and Blog. I have also been thinking about restocking in January with more scarves and flower brooches. I couldn't keep them in stock in the shopping rush before Christmas but unsure if a restocking will be worth it after the Holidays....thinking.......thinking......any opinions? 

I will have 1 more tutorial to post this Year! Check back this week!
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My Photo Friday......Merry Christmas!

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

Merry Christmas from me to you! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

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Magnetic Snowman Tutorial

This "frosty" fun is great for the whole winter season and your hands won't get to cold making him either! 

Magnetic Snowman
1 - 8in. burner cover
1 - 10in. burner cover (come in a 2 pk at the $1 store)
magnets - round/flat/or strip
hot glue
scrapbook paper
glossy white spray paint
wire - 1 yd of 12 gauge

Step 1: Spray the tops of both covers with spray paint. Let dry. 

Step 2: Turn the 10" cover over. Stretch wire across the middle of the top half. Bend over the edges. 

Shape each end like a branch for the arms.....

Step 3: Create an assortment of accessories. Buttons with magnets on the back for mouth, eyes, etc. Use googley eyes if desired. Cut out a Hat, Scarf and Nose. Laminate or cover with contact paper. Attach a strip of flat magnet to the back. Create several different hats and accessories to create different looks - ex. Sunglasses, corn cob pipe, hair wigs, etc.

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My Photo Friday.....joy

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)

After some early snow in the season,  it had all melted away until we got a small storm the other night. My little guy LOVES the snow so I took him out to play in it and enjoy the BRIGHT sunshine. He was so Happy! You can literally see pure JOY on his face. I hope you are finding, creating and giving  joy this holiday season.

And if you have tried to grab a scarf this week you will jump for JOY because there are more available today but it really is first come first served! (merchandise will go live at 10am mtn time) Thanks Nie Nie for the shout out! There will also be some flower brooches available too!

Brassy Bunchy Scarf - White
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Needing a home......

Whew! I am feeling the Christmas rush around here! But in a good way. I SOOooo appreciate all the scarf orders and requests that have come pouring in! There are going to be so many Stylish gifts given and worn this season! Thank you thank you!!! (I am doing my best to restock but am VERY limited with fabric- pop into the shop today and tomorrow to snag one!)

BUT I wanted really wanted to post about was I have 2 DIY kits that need a home ASAP! This cutie girls DIY kit is ripe and ready for this Holiday! Perfect to sew up for your own daughter or give as a gift OR save it for next year too! Just 1 left!!!

And if you are looking for something for YOU that is less Red and Green (*snicker*) and more versatile snatch up the LAST Winter Blues Womens DIY kit

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neighbor gifts

As we get further into the season the more busy or "merry" our lives become! (ha ha) If you need a gift on the fly try one of these! They are ready made items with a personal touch. 

#1 - a little bubbly is always appreciated.

A bottle of Sprite
Red paper
Black paper (I used black glitter paper for a fun add touch of sparkle)
Tulle or ribbon
A printed or handwritten tag that says: May your days be merry and "SPRITE"

The How to: Take your sprite bottle and cut a strip or two of red paper for the belt. Create a buckle from the black paper and glue to the red strip. Place the red strip around the bottle and tape or hot glue on. 

Take your printed or handwritten tag and attach to the top with ribbon or tulle. You are done! 

#2 - Taking a simple candy to the next level, but quick and easily! 

A bag of red Twizzlers
White Almond Bark - melting chocolate
wax paper
sprinkles (optional)
printed or handwritten tag - "TWIZZ" the season to be jolly

The How to: Melt 6 squares of the chocolate in a bowl (I did this in the microwave). Stir. Dip the licorice in the chocolate halfway and place on a large piece of wax paper to harden (GREAT project for the whole family to get involved in). Before they harden is the perfect time to add sprinkles or crushed candy cane, etc. if you want to make it more festive or dress it up. 

Wrap them, bag them or place them on a plate. Include your tag - "TWIZZ the season to be jolly - and you are done! (WARNING - little helpers love to try and sneak these fun treats - hence the tiny finger sneaking into my photo in the top right)

Enjoy your Holidays! xoxo Megan

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