Color your Winter.....with scarves & accessories!

You've asked. You've emailed. And now they are here! 
New Scarves and Flower Brooches are available in the SHOP today! 

Due to the high demand over the Christmas Holiday I know not everyone was able to snatch one up. Bunchy Scarves are great for the Fall and Winter and season BUT because they are so light and flouncy in design they can be worn year round. That was my inspiration the newest batch, bold colors and fun patterns.  

 What hue will you "Color your Winter" with? ( my recent love? this orange scarf!) 

 (and if you are in Utah you can catch me "blogspotted" on Studio 5 today @ 11am)

A peek into other blog posts coming this week:

1. What I've learned about .......
2. Corsets and Queens

stay tuned! 

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  1. I wish I could watch you this morning, I will be working. Maybe I can get on their web site and catch a glimpse.

  2. Wore mine yesterday and got a BAZILLION compliments on it again!!