My Photo Friday.....Seeing spots

(Each Friday I share a photo(s) I have taken during the week or recently. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and capturing what I see through the lens when inspired to do so. The photos can be business or family related, from my personal life or just from the everyday. Enjoy My Photo Friday)
I have been working with these.....

To make these......For all of those that have been asking and wondering, more scarves and flower brooches will be available Monday, January 10th! You can look forward to new colors and patterns.

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  1. Seeing stuff like this makes wish I would have paid closer attention in Home Ec I hope that your new year is off to a grand start!

  2. Ooh those polka-dotted flowers are so cute! And yes! Little beads really can make your eyes go nuts after a while. :)
    I absolutely love my Brassy Apple scarf. Can hardly be persuaded to take it off! And even added a few new things to the wardrobe so I can wear it even more. So soft. So pretty. :)

  3. I've chosen you as a recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award. Go here to redeem your reward:


  4. Very cute! love the polka dots :)
    Looking forward to adding a scarf to my wardrobe!!