ANNOUNCEMENT! new project...

Today is the "debut" of a new project I have been working on. It's completely different and holds a special place in my heart. I hope you will see and feel the message of it.

If you really want to know the full story go here and here:

If you want the jist of what it's all about go here:

If you don't really care about either, but still want to see what it is, go here:

 and if you want to JUMP in and participate, run here 
(and then let me give you a big hug for doing so!)

Ready or not....here we go!

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  1. So excited to be joining you on your new project!

  2. I too am excited! Love this idea!

  3. So great. Good luck with your new adventure. :)

  4. Great idea Megan! Sounds like fun :).