DIY – Burlap Rosette Bracelet

Have your ever thought to WEAR burlap? Yup I said WEAR it! I have and do! Here’s a simple and chic way to incorporate it into your wardrobe:

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Burlap Rosette Bracelet
4 or 5 – 12″ x 1.5″ strips of burlap
beige/tan/peach felt
hot glue
beads – optional
hook and eye
needle and thread

 Roll each strip into a rosette. Start by folding 1 end in half.

Roll and glue as you go to keep the burlap from unraveling.  Twist one way, then another giving each rosette a different shape. Trim any excess pieces or burlap you don’t want on your finished rosette.

Glue the end under when finished. Repeat the same process to make all your rosettes.


Sometimes it’s easier to “SHOW” you than explain through pictures. Here’s a short video I made showing the right and wrong way to roll your rosettes:

 Measure the width of your wrist and cut a piece of felt the length needed with a little extra and about an 1 inch wide

Attach a  hook & eye with a needle and thread to the middle of the felt – 1 piece on each end.

Arrange the rosettes on the felt and glue as many as needed according to your measurement. Glue in between the rosettes as well to keep the rosettes from “separating” when the bracelet is around  your wrist.

Cut away the excess felt so it doesn’t show when worn.

optional – add beading in and around the rosettes attaching with a small amount of hot glue.

Wear it and love it!


and dressy!

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  1. Super cute! I love the little beads. Looks great 🙂

    -Annie @ {PeppermintPlum}

  2. That is the cutest thing ever, can’t wait to make one! Just found your blog on twitter and now follow you!!
    Can’t wait to read more!

  3. That is soooo pretty! Love it much, and great tutorial!

  4. awww I LOVE anything burlap! I’m working on a little burlap project as I write this. I’ll have to let you know when I post about it. In the meantime you can look here
    or here
    and see how it seems that you have for sure burlap in common..among other things 🙂
    I’m following you!! 🙂

  5. Hi Megan –
    I used to live in Phoenix so I hope AZ was fun! Fun project with the burlap bracelet. I’m a new follower and hope you’ll check out my blog when you have a few minutes to look around.

  6. very cute idea!

  7. Lovely. I’m going on a trip to a gypsy community in Romania later in the year to teach the women some sewing projects they can make and sell. These might make it into the file of projects I take with me, I think!

  8. Love it! Would have never thought, we used burlap at our wedding! Althought, I am lazy and will probably never make this…I’ll have to ask my mom to do it for me!

  9. Oh I love it! Going to have to find some burlap just for this!!!

  10. Love this Megan!!! It would go with pretty much everything I own!

  11. Cuteness!!!

  12. That’s really pretty! I love the way it looks with that skirt. Thanks for the how-to, I’ll be linking.

  13. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [12 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  14. super cute DIY!

    i really enjoyed listening to you at creative estates. thanks for having such inspirational words!

  15. Super cute! And I wanted to say – a couple of the comments here are cracking me up. LOL.

  16. ooooh! im gonna have to try this – i absolutely love it!!!

    btw it was such a pleasure meeting you in person at CE – thanks again for everything!!!!

  17. Love this, so chic.

    Cha Cha

  18. I love this bracelet and I love your blog. I’m glad I found this. i found you on shabby chic cottage.

    your new follower!

  19. LOVE this!!! Thank you so much for creating this tutorial! I definitely learn better with a demo LOL I’ve always been a hand’s on person myself. I LOVE your music choices too btw. ;P) Have a great day!!

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