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Hello, my friends!!  

My name is Alison, and my blogging home is called Oopsey Daisy
I enjoy all things creative, but I especially love to make things for the people I love. 

 In many ways, I am a crafting airhead.  I pull out a lot of stitches.  I make a lot of messes.  I scrap A LOT of projects that simply don't work.  But every once in a while I find a "daisy" among my "oopseys."

Summer is pretty chaotic at our house.  We always have BIG plans at the beginning of the summer, but it seems to fly by way too fast.  Without a bit of organization, we simply take advantage of the warm summer months.  Today I want to share a fun way for the entire family to get organized for all that summer fun!
 Introducing the Family Fun Sack!

My parents started many classic traditions, and this is another project that I owe to their genius.  At the beginning of every summer, we would have a Family Night and my Dad would introduce the Family Fun Sack--a simple brown paper bag that he had decorated in his simple "Daddy" style.

Each family member anonymously wrote down 3-4 "must-do" ideas for family summer fun.  Some ideas might include: 
Going camping, 
Going miniature golfing,
Making s'mores,
Attending a baseball game,
Etc., etc.!
As kids, we often drew pictures to accompany our ideas.  After everyone contributed their ideas, my Dad would make a calendar and map out all of our summer fun.  He made sure to include everyone's ideas!  We were so tickled to see one of our ideas on the calendar!

A few nights ago, we began this tradition in my own little family.
I started out with a simple gift bag that I already had on hand.

 I added some fun scrapbook paper to my bag and added a little tag using my scrapbook supplies.  I couldn't resist adding some fun curled ribbon to the sack's handles.

I cut up some index cards so we could jot down our ideas.

We each wrote down 4 ideas for things we wanted to do this summer.  Granted Little Man is small right now, but he still participated!  He drew some pictures on a card while my husband and I wrote down ideas geared toward a toddler!
We each wrote down some ideas, and added them to our family fun sack.  Now we are all set to sit down and map out all of our summer fun!  It was so fun for us to combine all of our ideas and anticipate lots of fun this summer!

 This family fun sack holds so many fun memories for me.  
I can't wait to continue this tradition as our family grows. 

I would LOVE to have you stop by my place any time... you're always welcome!
Happy summer!

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  1. Megan, thanks so much for having me today! I love this series!

  2. I am loving this fun series! And I love Alison - her ideas are so cute~

  3. A fun way to get everyone involved!

  4. My girls would love decorating the bag and choosing an activity out of it!! Great idea!!

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