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Hi there! I am Elizabeth from Sew Chatty and I am so excited to be visiting you all at Brassy Apple today! Like a lot of you, I am a minivan mommy :) I honestly never wanted to own a minivan. but you know what??? I LOVE my van. I have the Toyota Sienna and it’s black which makes it fancy and not so minivan-y and it holds a lot of people and stuff!
I don’t know about you, but I am ready to relax and have tons of fun this summer! I can’t wait for trips to the pool and park and beach! Part of what helps me to achieve maximum summer fun is to have our van stocked up and ready to go for whatever we feel like doing that day!
We are blessed to live in sunny southern California so really, I like to keep the van like this year round, but once spring hits, I spend an hour so one day really organizing and stocking the Swagger Wagon. Here’s how I do it…
I got this awesome vehicle organizer at the fair a few years ago and it has worked out great! It lives in the back of of the van in the well with our lawn chairs.
A closer look at what’s inside…It has 3 sections. In the first I have a first aid kit, jumper cables, and a roll of green duct tape. You never know when you’ll need green duct tape. In the next section is beach/park toys. We’ve got bubble guns and wands and a giant thing of bubble solution. There are also sand toys and one of those catching games with the velcro mitts…fun times! In the last section is our beach/picnic blanket, a ziploc full of sunblock & bug spray, and there is also a roll of paper towels and a pack of baby wipes. My little guy is six, but I still find reasons to buy baby wipes.
Still in the back of the van, but on the other side, is a little cubby that holds a fire extinguisher, water, a flashlight, some batteries, some trash bags, some bungee cords and some tie downs. I also have my reusable grocery bags hanging from a hook back there.
This is the little space in front of the center console. I have a basket there with a few odds and ends. Maybe I should have cleaned the van before taking these photos? Oh well, this is reality friends :)
A closer look at my basket…I have a book for when I have to wait somewhere, a Bible, a box of kleenex, some notepads and pens, chapstick, lotion, antibac gel, deoderant, gum…I usually have granola bars too, but I got munchy the other day and ate the last one.
Here is my lovely little collapsible trash can that hangs on a little hook. Got it at Walmart a while back and LOVE it.
And lastly, the very necessary container of Wet Ones in the door next to the little man’s seat. He is ALWAYS sticky. Why are kids always sticky?
I have had this pattern for a while now to make a few organizers. Love. Just waiting for the right fabric to come along, but I am planning on making a few of these very soon! Feel free to follow my blog so you can see how they come out!
Thanks so much to Megan for having me visit today! Happy summer friends!

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  1. great idea! I totally need to do something like this to my jeep!

    BTW- I have to same Bible! COOL! :)

  2. I have that pattern too. I made the one for the kids that hangs on the back of the driver and passenger seats. It hangs out a little far and is always knocking knees with my boys. I've been thinking about making one that is more flat.

  3. I absolutly love your idea of keeping you resuable bags in your van. I have a bunch of them and have the best of intentions of remembering to use them only to get to the store and realize I left them at home! I'm totally going to copy you...hope you don't mind :)

  4. We just got a mini van after having not had one for 5 years. Once again I am ready to outfit it for all our summer adventures. Thank-you for the great tips Elizabeth.