Beginner blogging tips

I had a question submitted last week in my Q&A post that I thought I should answer here instead of a personal email. Maybe more than 1 of you is wondering this. 
The question was: ”  Do you have any blogging tips for beginners like me?”

I certainly have some suggestions. I have been to a couple of blogging conferences lately and they all have addressed this, so I guess it’s a topic that everyone is wondering about. 

Here’s a few things I suggest and have learned along the way…..
1. It takes time – I think this topic is of interest because we all want to increase the followers on our blog, get more hits, etc. Am I right? just remember that it takes time to build these things. 
2. Be YOU!!! This is the #1 thing that gets stressed over and over when this topic is brought up. Let your blog be a reflection of the good things about you. Decide what your boundary is for sharing “personal” information or quirks about you. Remember your readers want to connect and relate with you. If they feel they get that from your blog, they will certainly be coming back. 

3. Draw them in – We have such a short attention span now with our 140 characters, facebook posts, etc and we are ALL short on time. I know I am more willing to read on or find out more when my eye catches a great photo and is drawn in. Now, you don’t have to have an expensive camera or a fancy editing program, just make sure your photos are clear and shot in good lighting. Also, size them well for your blog. I love a big photo – but that’s me. Just like a store window display that draws the customer inside – make sure your blog had great photos and/or a great header.

4. Find your niche – What sets your blog apart? What are you blogging about that is unique or different than other blogs that are similar?
5. Get involved – Get out in the blogging community. Visit and comment around on other blogs that you enjoy. Make sure your blogging profile is linked up to your email address so if someone wants to directly respond to you – they can! Or if they want to check out your blog they can do that to. Also participating in LINK UP parties around the web can help you gain exposure and also meet some really cool bloggers! There are link up parties for photos, recipes, cooking, home decor, etc. Get involved in social media too! Between twitter and facebook you can connect with more readers and also participate in some “twitter parties” where you can ask questions, get some good info, meet people, etc. Reach out and enjoying building some relationships. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. you are welcome Ginger!

  3. Great tips Megan! Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for the tips and the willingness to share! And yes… big pictures are big tickets 🙂

  5. snap…I learned something new! There are tons of communities and other net works to connect on. Do you try to connect on all or do you have a few select few that you stick with?

  6. HI Jennylynn!

    There are ALOT of communities and networks to connect on. I just stick with a few that I feel are beneficial for me. There is only so much time in a day! and that changes too. Sometimes I find that one network is more beneficial and then later that switches.

  7. great tips! thank you! i just started my blog and am always looking for tips on how to make it better! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tips. It helps to start out the new year refreshed and armed with a good plan.

  9. Hi Megan,
    I really like your blog, and I’m happy you are sharing so many crafty ideas AND some blogging tips.
    Did you have any problems w/ people not being able to leave comments on your blog? I’m also using Blogger and a Simple Template like you, but people say they have to sign in with a profile, and I don’t understand that. Any ideas?
    Hugs, Shannon

  10. HI Shannon! if you go to your dashboard or design area click on the settings tab at the top. the second area down you are able to play around with and choose the type of profiles/ID you want to allow to be able to leave comments. 🙂

    hope that helps. It’s also a good idea to link your email to your blogger ID. Then when you post a comment with a question in it the person can respond directly to you! 🙂 you can do that by going into edit your profile and click the little box that says “show my email address” then there is a box a bit further down you can choose which email it will be linked to! 🙂

  11. Thanks Megan! As a new blogger, I’ll take all the help I can get.

    Thanks for sharing,

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