The Girl Next Door – new ePattern

I know this new Pattern got briefly mentioned earlier this week but I wanted to give it a “proper” introduction.

Newest ePattern for GIRLS – The Girl Next Door skirt
If you love options and versatility as much as I do, you will love this skirt too! It’s REVERSIBLE with a different look/design on each side. Your little girl can wear it once, flip it over and wear a brand new skirt again!
Available in girl sizes 2 – 12. Creating matching ones for siblings. Perfect for church, special occasions/events or for the everyday! (like back to school!)
Plus created a matching Rosette Headband to match! I’ve included all the instruction in The Girl Next Door ePattern! 
 Why an ePattern? There is NO shipping charge, it’s emailed directly to you usually faster than it can be shipped, you only print out the pages you need, they are green! (saves paper and printing), and I love creating them! 
She has so much fun with the photo shoot I thought I would share some of the outtakes! 🙂

I think she got tired of always smiling or pulling “cute” faces. A girls got to relax those cheeks somehow…

Oops! Weather doesn’t always cooperate….
where did she go…??? 🙂 
 And the giggles. Pose, pose, turn, relax. Pose some more then I say something that is funny to her.
Hope you enjoy this new design!


  1. I love this skirt – I’ve been wanting one for myself – Big Girl size!
    -Alisa from

  2. Fabulous photos. Love it 🙂

  3. She is cute…a mini me of you! Love the skirts. Yes, Big Girl sizes…I’d love to make one for me!

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