Jewelry organization – how do you?

I LOVE to accessorize. I had a friend ask if I had a lot of accessories. I hesitated to think about it. She quickly replied, “Yes. you do.” I guess it all depends on what “a lot” means to the individual who is asking. 
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I have realized this week that I need a better way or bigger containers to organize my jewelry and scarves. I went through my scarves and pulled 2 that I don’t wear anymore and only a few pieces of jewelry (I will be saving those for my annual Accessory Swap party in the Spring I think). I realized that I WEAR all the jewelry and accessories I have, which is good. I don’t have an excess just sitting there taking up space. 
I do have a soft spot for chunky jewelry and anything in that limey green I love so much. But again, not an excess. So how you organize your accessories? I have out grown my organizers and will be “upgrading” soon.
Here’s a few pretty pictures to taunt, tease and inspire you with their beauty, color and organization!
Love the burlap and the use of drawer pulls to hang the jewelry from
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Very neatly organized and displayed.
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Great option if you have the strip of wall for it. The photo said it was cutlery trays turned into organizers – BRILLANT! 
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and who doesn’t love a drawer that has been repurposed. Now to find one that thin….
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A simple towel bar turned scarf organizer
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And a ladder so beautifully displays that colors, textures and patterns of these great accessories (personally, I can’t see a ladder fitting into my bedroom decor). But love this idea!
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Happy accessorizing this weekend and maybe some organizing too!


  1. Love the ideas for the scarves! I made this and have been using it for jewelry most recently

  2. I don’t have many scarves… So that’s not an issue. Don’t need many in AZ! haha… But I do have three jewelry boxes my mom gave me over the years. I would like to make on of those wall hanging organizers, either a frame or something else… For my dangle earrings. 🙂

  3. I did a major jewelry organization last year as my accessories had gotten out of control 🙂 I made this for my necklaces:

    Love that one with the drawer handles-so pretty!

  4. I love the cutlery boxes! I have just the wall for that!

  5. these are great. i’ve been looking for a way to showcase my many scarves so i wouldnt forget what i have. this will work!

  6. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [23 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  7. Fabulous organizing ideas there! Couldn’t help visualizing some of these as “escort card” displays at a wedding, too!

  8. Love these ideas. My necklaces are a tangled mess. I don’t even remember which ones I have anymore. Time to get them organized!!

  9. Thanks for sharing lots of great ideas for jewelry organization.
    I found a crib bedspring that I hung on the wall behind my bedroom door. After adding a lot of s hooks I can hang up most, yep only most, of my necklaces and bracelets.

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