Parade and Patriotism

Happy July!!!! I had a great 4th of July weekend away and spending time with family! I hope you did too! As with any trip, you get a bit behind in all things when you take a break and leave home. Having said that, I am playing catch up! I am getting orders shipped out and making it through my inbox as quickly as I can. Plus sharing a few photos from my weekend!

Thank you for the Q&A questions/comments. I thought I would answer them in a blog post so everyone who was wondering the same thing will know the answer! 🙂 first one will go up tomorrow!

July has just begun but I am already really enjoying YOUR Summertime shots you have submitted for my I AM MORE blog. They are fabulous! Take a peek if you haven’t already! and YES – there is still time to submit yours! I would love it! 
(photo below)
I love it when I find fabric/design when I am out or better yet – away from home. Makes me giddy. Silly I know, but I love it. This was a parade float that was covered with quilts that had been made and donated to given out to those in need. Don’t you love that? Just had to share! 
Hope you enjoyed the Holiday weekend! Now it’s back to business! 🙂


  1. your pictures are awesome! how cute was that float! so very clever that they used quilts!

  2. Yeah use my pic and link my bracelet! Thanks M!

  3. i recognize that float! i was at the same parade.

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